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3:27am Mission Of Burma - "Laugh the World Away" - Vs. (Matador)
3:23am Earth Heart - "Demons" - Homesick (S/R)
3:19am The Splits - "Belgrade" - Typical Girls (Emotional Response)
3:17am Miss Destiny - "Law and Order" - Miss Destiny (RIP Society)
3:14am My Name Is Joe - "Too Blue To Wait" - Stories Of Our Cities (MNIJ)
3:08am Cosmonauts - "Caroline, No" - A Tribute To Pet Sounds (The Reverberation Appreciation Society)
3:04am Psychedelic Furs - "Flowers" - Psychedelic Furs (CBS)
3:00am Martin Mull - "Normal" - Normal (Capricorn)
2:58am Razz - "We Complain" - No Time (Warm wet)
2:55am Los Gritos - "Veo Visiones" - Algo Salvaje Vol. 2 (Munster)
2:53am Annie Philippe - "Pour La Gloire" - Toujours Chic! (Ace)
2:51am Half Japanese - "Shhh/Shhh/Shhh" - 1/2 Gentlemen/ Not Beasts (T.E.C.)
2:48am Useless Eaters - "Motorway" - Relaxing Death (Castle Face)
2:42am Os Courettes - "Boom! Dynamite!" - Introducing The Selvagem (Bacheleor)
2:38am Jay Anthony Gach - "Gangsta" - Sparks: Miniature Works For Orchestra (Navona)
2:35am Oddisee - "The Breakthrough" - The Odd Tape (Mello Music)
2:32am Lady Of Rage - "Get With The Wickedness" - Get With The Wickedness (Death Row)
2:24am Kid Congo & The Pink Monkeybirds - "Coyote Conundrum" - La Arana Es La Vida (In he Red)
2:19am Heavy Times - "Black Sunglasses" - Black Sunglasses (Hozac)
2:17am OBNIIIS - "Rich Old White Men" - Rich Old White Men (12XU)
2:15am Subtractions - "Social Rules" - It's Exposed (Hozac)
2:14am Super Unison - "On Repeat" - Walk Away (S/R)
2:10am Phantom Fifth - "Real Future" - Real Future (S/R)
2:04am DJ Shadow - "The Sideshow" - The Mountain Will Fall (Mass Appeal)
2:00am Art Of Noise - "Peter Gunn Theme" - The Best of The Art Of Noise (Polydor)
2:00am Intoxicated - "Toxic Shock" - Subnormal Girls (Waiting Room)
2:00am Shark Toys - "Something Something Else" - Outsider Sect (Mt St Mtn)
1:56am Angry Angles - "Set In Stone" - Angry Angles (Goner)
1:51am CCR Headcleaner - "Moonsnow" - Tear Down The Wall (In The Red)
1:47am The Monkees - "Whatever's Right" - Good Times! (Rhino)
1:45am Punkles - "Drive My Car" - Punk! (Bitzcore)
1:42am The Hunches - "Razor Eyes" - The Hunches (Almost Ready)
1:35am Mountains And Rainbows - "Sycamore Tree" - Particles (Castle Face)
1:32am Twinkeyz - "Wild Love" - Alpha Jerk (S-S)
1:23am Chet Baker and The Lighthouse All-Stars - "Pirouette" - Witch Doctor (Contemporary)
1:20am Ennio Morricone - "Un Salotto Borghese" - Morricone Bossa (Aarikord)
1:17am Ravi Shavi - "Device" - Independent (Almost Ready)
1:12am Sonny & The Sunmsets - "Reject Of The Lowest Planet" - Moods Baby Moods (Polyvinyl)
1:08am Wimple Witch - "Save My Soul" - Nuggets II (Rhino)
1:05am Guitar Wolf - "Devil Stomp" - Missile Me (Matador)
1:02am Avengers - "American In Me" - Avengers (Superior Viaduct)
1:00am Dead Kennedys - "We've Got A Bigger Problem Now" - In God We Trust (Alternative Tentacles)
3:27am Iggy Pop - "In the Lobby" - Post Pop Depression (Loma Vista)
3:22am The Coathangers - "Watch Your Back" - Nosebleed Weeekend (Suicide Squeeze)
3:19am Agency Operative - "War On the Middle Class" - Episode 2 - Agent On A Mission (S/R)
3:15am LL Cool J - "Get Down" - Bigger And Deffer (Def Jam)
3:11am D-Town Brass - "Slippery Monkeys" - Golden Belt (S/R)
3:08am CFM - "Lunar Heroine" - Sill Life Of Citrus and Slime (In The Red Records)
3:04am Heavy Times - "Black Sunglasses" - Black Sunglasses (Hozac)
3:00am The Neighborhoods - "Prettiest Girl" - 12 Classic 45s (Ace Of Hearts)