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8:35am Fire Retarded - "Taking Advantage Of Me" - Scroggz Manor (Big Neck)
8:29am Heavy Cream - "Toasted" - Forever Singles (Suicide Squeeze)
8:27am The Kinks - "I Gotta Move" - A Compleat Collection (Pye)
8:24am Meercaz - "Brainscanning" - Never Too Late To Learn (Sweet Rot)
8:19am Spider Bags - "We Got Problems" - Frozen Letter (Merge)
8:16am The Frolics - "Sippin' Lemonade" - Sippin' Lemonade (s/r)
8:12am Nots - "Fix" - Fix (Goner)
8:10am Tweens - "Be Mean" - s/t (French Kiss)
8:07am Crime - "Rockin' Weird" - Murder By Guitar (Superior Viaduct)
8:04am Del Fuegos - "I Always Call her Back" - I Always Call Her Back (Czech)
8:01am Blotto - "Lightning Strikes" - Hudson Rock (MCE)
7:57am Reigning Sound - "My My" - Shattered (Merge)
7:54am Carolyn - "--" - -- (--)
7:52am The Man - "TV On" - TV On (Hozac)
7:49am Soggy - "Waiting For The Wr" - Paink: French Punk Anthems (Born Bad)
7:46am Tito Puente - "Dance Of the Headhunter" - King Of Kings (BMG Classics)
7:42am Ini Kamoze - "Cool It Off" - Reggae Jamdown (Rykodisc)
7:37am The Wild Bunch - "Freedom Fighters" - s/t (Ariwa Sounds)
7:33am Eastlink - "Gina" - s/t (In The Red)
7:26am Cretin Stompers - "The Only One" - Looking Forward To Being Attacked (Hozac)
7:25am Giorgio Murderer - "Nobody Likes You" - Primitive World (Goner)
7:21am Dan Melchior Und Das Menace - "Her Incredible Shoes" - Hunger (Castle Face)
7:15am Tijuana Panthers - "Money Jar" - Wayne Interest (Innovative Leisure)
7:11am Mission Of Burma - "Dead Pool" - Vs. (Matador)
7:09am DMZ - "Mighty Idy" - s/t (Sire)
7:06am Chyldren - "Cut Your Lawn" - She's A Pest (Teenage Shutdown)
7:05am Mummies - "Just One More Dance" - Just One More Dance (Pre-BS)
7:03am X-Rays - "Jameson Shot" - Jameson Shot (Big Neck)
7:00am 1-800-Band - "Diver Blue" - Diver Blue (Almost Ready)
6:53am Meatbodies - "Wahoo" - Wahoo (In the Red)
6:51am The Furys - "I'm Satisfied With You" - Wigan Casino (Charly)
6:48am Albert King - "Don't Throw Your Love On Me So Strong" - Let's Have A Natural Ball (Modern Blues)
6:46am True Believers - "Gusto Hungry" - (Hozac)
6:40am Unholy Two - "Muta Scale" - Talk About Hardcore (12XU)
6:39am Watery Love - "I Don't Care" - Sick People (In the Red)
6:33am Shonen Knife - "Dance To The Rock" - Overdrive (Good Charamel)
6:29am Mr. Scruff - "Friendly Bacteria" - Friendly Bacteria (Ninja Tune)
6:27am Ice Cream Mission To Mars - "Ice Cream Mission To Mars" - s/t (Toy Moon)
6:24am Stalins Of Sound - "Monkeys Attack" - Tank Tracks (Slovenly)
6:22am Carolyn - "--" - -- (--)
6:19am Cousins - "Phone" - The Halls Of Wickwire (Ba Da Bing)
6:17am Larry And The Blue Notes - "In And Out" - Teenage Shutdown (Teenage Shutdown)
6:13am Boomtown Rats - "Up All Night" - Mondo Bongo (Columbia)
6:10am The Only Ones - "Lovers Of Today" - The Only Ones (Columbia)
6:04am The Saints - "Night In Venice" - (I'm) Stranded (EMI)
8:56am Screaming Trees - "Flashes" - Change Has Come (Sub Pop)
8:52am The Man - "I Don't Care" - TV On (Hozac)
8:48am Cousins - "Phone" - Halls Of Wickwire (Ba Da Bing)
8:47am Childbirth - "How Do Girls Even Do It?" - It's A Girl (Help Yourself)
8:44am Tweens - "Be Mean" - s/t (Frenchkiss)