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6:35am Video - "Out Of My Hands" - The Entertainers (Third Man)
6:22am Sun Ra - "Worlds Approaching" - Strange Strings (Atavistic)
6:19am Albert King - "Laundromat Blues" - Born Under A Bad Sign (Sndzaed)
6:16am Childbirth - "Nasty Girls" - Women's Rights (Suicide Squeeze Records)
6:14am Hierophants - "Stress" - Parallax Error (Goner)
6:10am Lame Drivers - "Frozen Egg" - Chosen Era (Jigsaw)
6:08am Nerves - "When You Find Out" - The Nerves (The Nerves)
6:05am Subtractions - "Fresno's Dead" - It's Exposed (HoZac)
6:03am Rings - "I Wanna Be Free" - I Wanna Be Free (Chiswick)
6:01am Flipper - "Ha Ha Ha" - Sex Bomb Baby! (Water Records)
8:56pm Needs - "Rescue Don" - Needs (File Under: Music)
8:54pm Pronto - "Cool Kids" - Pronto (Slovenly)
8:49pm Ian Dury & The Blockheads - "Wake Up And Make Love To Me" - Jukebox Dury (Stiff)
8:45pm Cold Beat - "Cracks" - Into The Air (Crime On The Moon)
8:42pm Jobriath - "Love Spoils Everything" - Jobriath AD (Factory 25)
8:39pm Chaparrels - "I Tried So Hard" - Never Ever Land (Charly)
8:36pm Tijuana Panthers - "Send Down The Bombs" - Posters (Innovative Leisure)
8:31pm Sorry, Not Sorry - "Headcoatees" - Teenage Tea Cake (s/r)
8:28pm Ye Nuns - "Higgledy Piggledy" - Nun More Black ()
8:26pm White Heat - "Nervous Breakdown" - Shake Some Action Vol. 5 (SSA)
8:24pm Reatards - "Sick When I See Her" - Grown Up Fucked Up (Goner)
8:20pm Gizmos - "Human Garbage Disposal" - The Gizmos World Tour 2014 (Glucher)
8:17pm Swiftumz - "Creepy Eyed Girls" - Everybody Loves Chris (Melters)
8:11pm Francis Bebey - "Bissau" - Psychedelic Sanza (Born Bad)
8:02pm The Quintet - "Hot House" - Jazz at Massey Hall (Decca)
7:59pm Brown Spiders - "It's Something To Do" - It's Something To Do (Hozac)
7:56pm Screature - "Down Boys" - Four Columns (SsT)
7:51pm Clayton Love - "Mistreated" - Condition Your Heart (Red Lightnin')
7:48pm Fred McDowell - "Shake "em Down" - The First Recordings (Rounder)
7:45pm James Bond and The Agents - "Wild Angel" - Back From The Grave Volume 10 (Crypt)
7:42pm The Shakles - "Whizz #7" - Back From The Grave Vol. 9 (Crypt)
7:38pm Destination Lonely - "Mud" - No One Can Save Me (Voodoo Rhytm)
7:25pm David Bowie - "My Death" - Ziggy Stardust: The Motion Picture (Ryko)
7:23pm Chameleons UK - "John I'm Only Dancing" - Strange Times (Geffen)
7:18pm Royal Headache - "My Own Fantasy" - High (What's Your Rupture?)
7:15pm Pretty Flowers - "Panama" - My Alchemist (Clear As Mud)
7:10pm Eddy Current Suppression Ring - "Turn Your Page" - Eddy Current Suppression Ring (Goner)
7:08pm Public Enemy - "Lost In Space Music" - Man Plans God Laiughs (Spitdigital)
7:04pm NWA - "Straight Outta Compton" - Straight Outta Compton (Priority)
6:59pm Resineators - "Underage Girl Get Out" - Don't ____ With The Fantasy (Siltbreeze)
6:53pm Tough Age - "Guilt" - I Get the Feeling Central (Mint)
6:50pm Jacuzzi Boys - "Happy Damage" - Happy Damage (Mag Mag)
6:45pm Vexx - "Black /White" - ()
6:43pm Drop Outs - "Don't Know" - We're Loud: 90s Cassette Punk Unknowns (Slovenly)
6:40pm Niet - "Ritem Clovestva" - Srecna Mladina (Ne Records)
6:38pm Nun - "Terrormaze" - Nun (Hozac)
6:35pm Mary Bell - "Vultures" - Vultures (Danger)
6:29pm Kim & Leanne - "Dead Flowers" - True West (Hozac)
6:25pm Odisee - "Counter-Clockwise" - The Good Fight (Mello Music Group)
6:21pm Scientist - "Prince's Wrath" - Scientist Encounters Pac-Man At Channel One (Greensleeves)