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Sunday, December 4, 2022 - 3:30pm to 6:00pm

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6:48am Fatty Cakes and The Puff Pastries - "Grrrl Gang" - S/T (Emotional Response)
6:45am Digital Underground - "DoWutChyaLike" - Sex Packets (Tommy BOy)
6:40am Busdriver - "Get On The Bus" - Get On The Bus (Massmen)
6:35am Fucked Up - "None Of Your Business Man" - Dose Your Dreams (Merge)
6:29am Mudhoney - "Nerve Attack" - Digital Garbage (Sub Pop)
6:27am Raymarks - "Feelin' No Good" - The Northwest Battle Of The Bands Vol. 3 (Beat Rocket)
6:23am Ar-Kaics - "She's Obsessed With Herself" - In This Time (Wick)
6:20am Beths - "Happy Unhappy" - Future Me Hates Me (Carpark)
6:16am Warm Drag - "Sleepover" - Warm Drag (In The Red)
6:12am Juliette Seizure and The Tremor Dolls - "Get Straight" - Seizure Salad (Off The Hip)
6:10am Trashmen - "Surfin' Bird" - Bird Call (Sundazed)
6:06am Nots - "Reactor" - We Are Nots (Goner)
6:01am Green Magnet School - "Windshield" - Bloodmusic (Genius)
8:57pm Mystic Bowie - "Psycho Killer" - Mystic Bowie's Talking Dreads (MTMB)
8:51pm Daytime Drugs - "Space Station Blues" - Space Station Blues (Eastern Prawn)
8:48pm Monoshock - "Soledad" - Runnin' Ape-like From The Backwards Superman (S S Records)
8:46pm Big Star - "I'm In Love With A Girl" - Radio City (Ardent)
8:43pm Swiftumz - "Game Six" - Game Six (Fruits & Flowers)
8:40pm Greg Ashley - "The Thick Red Line" - Fiction is Non-Fiction (Dusty Medical)
8:33pm Reverend Beat-Man And The New Wave - "I'm Not Going To Tell You" - Blues Trash (Voodoo Rhythm)
8:30pm Los Sospechos - "Las Sospechas (Night Theme)" - Postales (Colemine)
8:27pm Sammy Davis Jr. - "What Kind Of Fool Am I?" - The Sounds Of '66 (Reprise)
8:24pm Paul Revere & the Raiders - "Doggone" - Just Like Us! (Columbia)
8:22pm Teutonics - "Hofbrau" - Tittys On A Tiger (Repent)
8:19pm Strypes - "Behind Closed Doors" - Spitting Image (Planetary Group)
8:12pm Bad Times - "Streets Of Fire" - Bad Times (Goner)
8:10pm Miss Destiny - "Law & Order" - Miss Destiny (Aarght!)
8:06pm Pandoras - "It Felt Alright" - Hey! It's The Pandoras (Burger)
8:03pm Casual Hex - "Fool's Paradise" - Zig Zag lady Illusion (WaterWing)
7:57pm Dark Blue - "Fight To Love" - Fight For Love (12XU)
7:54pm Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - "This Today" - Talk About The Weather (Red Rhino)
7:50pm Ceramic Dog - "Agnes" - YRU Still Here? (Northern Spy)
7:44pm Gallery Night - "Watching Black & White On The Color TV" - Watching Black & White On The Color TV (Dusty Medical)
7:42pm Guitar Wolf - "All Through The Night Buttobase!" - Golden Black (Narnack)
7:39pm Food & Money - "Someboys" - 1979-1982 (Aloha's Dream)
7:37pm F.U.K. - "Road Kill" - Road Kill (Hozac)
7:34pm Lithics - "Still Forms" - Mating Surfaces (Kill Rock Stars)
7:26pm Bed Wettin' Bad Boys - "Stunned" - Rot (What's Yr Rupture)
7:21pm Kitten Forever - "Chores" - Semi-Permanent (Rat Queen)
7:18pm Great Plains - "Letter To A Fanzine" - Wailing Ultimate (Homestead)
7:12pm Crazy Doberman - "Free LSD Pt. 1" - Free LSD (Radical Docments)
7:08pm Lost Sounds - "Reasons To Kill" - Black-Wave (Empty)
7:04pm Shark Toys - "No Escape" - Labyrinths (In the Red)
7:00pm Czarface & MF Doom - "Meddle With Metal" - Czarface Meets Meta Face (Silver Age)
6:55pm Heat Exchange - "Inferene" - Brown Acid The Sixth Trip (Riding Easy)
6:53pm Subsonics - "My Popular Boy In Town" - Flesh Colored Paint (Slovenly)
6:51pm Amy Rigby - "Are We Still There Yet" - The Old Guys (S/R)
6:46pm Liquids - "Zilch" - Heart Beats True (Digital Regress)
6:43pm Devo - "GirlUWant" - Freedom Of Choice (Warer Bros.)
6:39pm Falco - "Der Kommissar" - Einzelhaft (A&M)