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6:36pm Styrenes - "Heavy Streets" - We Care So You Don't Have To (Scat)
6:29pm Carlton Melton - "Keeping On" - Always Even (Agitated)
6:23pm Simple Circuit - "Loose Tooth" - s/t ()
6:17pm Linton Kwesi Johnson - "Bass Culture" - Bass Culture (Mango)
6:14pm Shoes This High - "Ain't Half Right" - Straight To Hell (Siltbreeze)
6:11pm Gross Ghost - "Memory Screen" - Public Housing (Odessa)
6:09pm The Amputees - "Holden" - Scream ()
6:04pm Shadows Of Knight with Elan Portnoy - "I Never Knew" - In Fuzz We Trust (Stag-O-Lee)
6:00pm The Strangeloves - "Just the Way You Are" - I Want Candy (Legacy)
5:58pm Cocktails - "Let It Come Down" - Friday (Grazer)
5:56pm Psychotic Pineapple - "I Want Her So Bad" - I Want Her So Bad (Pynotic)
5:50pm Cheap Time - "Modern Taste" - Exit Smiles (In the Red)
5:43pm Pack AD - "Animal" - Do Not Engage (Nettwerk)
5:42pm The DHDFD's - "Pessimist" - French Fries (Bomb Shop)
5:40pm Statics - "Sold My Soul" - Punk Rock And Roll (Rip Off)
5:37pm CJ Ramone - "Shut Up" - Reconquista (Pirates Press)
5:34pm PyPy - "Molly" - Pagan Day (Black Gladiator)
5:29pm Bavaria - "Delicate Destroyer" - We'll Take A Dive (N5MD)
5:25pm R. Stevie Moore - "Man Without Purpose" - Personal Appeal (Care In the Community)
5:21pm Oscar Isaac - "Green, Green Rocky Road" - Inside Llewyn Davis (Noensuch)
5:19pm Nox Boys - "Take My Heart and Break It" - s/t (Get Hip)
5:13pm The Traps - "Beer Pinata" - Boom Pow Awesome Now (Castle Face)
5:11pm Phantom Surfers - "Death Of A Rookie" - The Exciting Sounds Of Model Road Racing (Lookout)
5:09pm Oblivians - "Sunday You Need Love" - Soul Food (Crypt)
5:05pm Electric Eels - "Accident" - God Says Fuck You (Homestead)
5:01pm Scientists - "Human Jukebox" - Absolute (Sub Pop)
12:56am Cheater Slicks - "Please Give Me Something" - Skidmarks (In The Red)
12:53am The Undertones - "More Songs About Chocolate and Girls" - Hypnotized (Rykodisc)
12:51am The Mummies - "Stronger Than Dirt" - Fuck CDs It's the Mummies (Hangman)
12:48am Nightmare Boyzzz - "Holdin' Out" - Bad Patterns (Slovenly)
12:43am Gories - "Hate" - The Shaw Tapes (Third Man)
12:41am Thee Milkshakes - "Let Me Love You" - Missing Links (Damaged Goods)
12:38am The Renegades - "Thirteen Women" - Thirteen Women (Norton)
12:34am Guinea Worms - "Box Of Records" - Box Of Record ()
12:32am The Jewws - "I Need Your Lovin' (But I Don't Need You)" - I Need Your Lovin' (Alien Snatch)
12:29am Simple Circuit - "Loose Tooth" - s/t ()
12:24am Dancer - "Do Ya Blame Me" - My Car Drives Fast (Guitars and Bongos)
12:23am The Damned - "Love Song" - Machine Gun Etiqut (EMI)
12:19am Bongwater - "Free Love Messes Up My Life" - The Big Sell Out (Shimmy Disc)
12:15am Chocolate Dandies - "I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me" - Chocolate Dandies ()
12:11am Life Stinks - "Endless Drag" - s/t (SS)
12:07am Pampers - "T.H.T.F." - s/t (In The Red)
12:04am The Brats - "Be A Man" - Be A Man (Hozac)
12:00am Crime - "Hotwire My Heart" - Hotwire My Heart (Kitten Charmer)
11:58pm Slushy - "Pocket" - Candy (Randy)
11:53pm Household - "Calculations" - Elaines ()
11:49pm The Cramps - "Lonesome Town" - Gravest Hits (International Record Syndicate)
11:45pm Comptons Righteous - "Eargasmick Vibes (Real Hip Hop)" - s/t (Iration)
11:41pm Division Four - "Kamikarzi" - 1983 Demo Cassette (Smart Guy)
11:39pm Plateaus - "Wasting Time" - Wasting Time (Mt. St. Mtn.)