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Saturday, May 11, 2019 - 6:30pm to 9:00pm

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8:22pm Moss Lime - "I Always Get What I Want" - Typical Girls Volume 2 (Emotional Response)
8:21pm Midnite Snaxxx - "Rule The World" - Chew on This! (Pelican Pow Wow)
8:10pm Boss Hog - "Black Eyes" - Brood X (In the Red)
8:06pm Feelies - "Flag Days" - In Between (Bar/None)
8:04pm Wilma Goich - "Come Un Anno Fa" - Ciao Bella (Ace)
7:59pm John Cage - "Slowly Rocking" - Composer-Critics of the New York Herald Tribune (Other Minds)
7:56pm Delroy Wilson - "Rascal Man" - White Man In The Hammersmith Palais EP (Greensleeves)
7:53pm Sneaks - "PBNJ" - It's A Myth (Merge)
7:48pm Stupidity - "OK" - 10 Years Of Stupidity (Go Fast)
7:46pm Jimmie Rodgers - "Oh-Oh, I'm Falling In Love Again" - The Best Of Jimmie Rodgers (Rhino)
7:43pm Carter Family - "Bury Me Under the Weeping Willow" - Their Complete Victor Recordings (Rounder)
7:41pm Sunnygirls - "What's The Reason" - The Girls Want the Boys! (Ace)
7:39pm Standells - "Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White" - Nuggets (Rhino)
7:36pm Thee Commons - "Demolicion" - Demolicion (Heavy Dose Records)
7:26pm Pow! - "Back On the Grid" - Crack An Egg (Castle Face)
7:23pm Blockhead - "Cheer Up, You're Not Dead Yet" - Uncle Tony's Coloring Book (Young Heavy Souls)
7:18pm Paris - "Outta My Life" - Outta My Life (Priority)
7:15pm Negativland - "The Man From The World" - The Chopping Channel (Seeland)
7:12pm Tonight - "Money That's Your Problem" - Money That's Your Problem (TDS Records)
7:10pm Royal Headache - "Back And Forth" - Royal Headache (RIP Society)
7:08pm feedtime - "Any Good Thing" - Gas (In The Red)
7:02pm Jesus And The Mary Chain - "Presidici et Chappaquiditch" - Damage and Joy (Artificial Plastic)
6:59pm Box Tops - "Choo Choo Train" - Best of The Box Tops (Artista)
6:56pm Eldridge Holmes - "Pop, Popcorn Children" - New Orleans Funk Vol. 4 (Soul Jazz)
6:53pm Otzi - "Gong Show" - Gong Show (Long Way To Go)
6:50pm The Courtneys - "Minnesota" - II (Flying Nun)
6:41pm Green Magnet School - "Windshield" - Bloodmusic (Genius Records)
6:37pm Brainiac - "Hot Metal Doberman's" - Bonsai Superstar (Grass Records)
6:35pm Pop-O-Pies - "Truckin'" - The White EP (415 Records)
8:56pm Proletariat - "Decorations" - Soma Holiday (S-S)
8:52pm CTMF - "Painting In An Exhibition" - Thank You San Francisco (Smart Guy)
8:49pm Sueves - "Dudes In Suits" - Change Your Life (Hozac)
8:47pm Mr. Science - "Hey Mr. Science" - 1978-1979 (Family Vineyard)
8:44pm Punk Group - "Are You Stupid For A Living?" - Fruition (Reload)
8:41pm The Lopez - "Sea Babies" - Kill Yr Selfie (S/R)
8:39pm Miami Dolphins - "Disconnected" - Perlite (FPE)
8:34pm The Ogres - "(Do The) Grouch" - (Do The) Crouch (Hillsdale)
8:31pm The King Khan & BBQ Show - "Fish Fight" - The King Khan & BBQ Show (Goner)
8:29pm Esquerita - "I Got A Lot To Learn" - Vintage Voola (Norton)
8:24pm Hank Williams - "Cool Water" - The Ultimate Collection (Mercury)
8:20pm Tad - "Pork Chop" - God's Balls (Sub Pop)
8:17pm Ty Segall - "The Only One" - Ty Segall (Drag City)
8:05pm Le Almeida - "Rolezin" - Todas As Brisas (Transfusa Noise)
8:03pm Nouvelle Vague - "Love Comes In Spurts" - I Could Be Happy (Kwaidan)
8:00pm Yvonne and The No Regrets - "Adam (Part 3)" - Communicating Through Postal Service (S/R)
7:55pm Pierre & Bastien - "Baskets" - Musique Grecque (SDZ)
7:49pm Priests - "Pink White House" - Nothing Feels Natural (Sister Polygon)
7:46pm Intended - "The Ineffable" - Time Will Tell (In The Red)
7:43pm Cheap Nasties - "Hit And Run" - 53rd and 3rd (Numero Group)
7:40pm Alan Vega - "Rebel" - Collision Drive (Celluloid)