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Tuesday, June 25, 2019 - 3:00pm to 5:30pm

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5:04pm Arp - "Fiji" - Zebra (Mexican Summer)
4:57pm Skorpio - "Keresem, Keresem..." - A Rohanas (Hungaroton)
4:53pm Slough Feg - "New Organon" - New Organon (Berrysausage)
4:44pm Bloodrock - "Breach of Lease" - Bloodrock 3 (Capitol)
4:36pm 3 Leafs - "Theme from Suspirinesse" - Four Blind Men (S/R)
4:34pm Sshe Retina Stimulants - "Hadaka" - Hadaka (Ant-Zen)
4:29pm Turning Jewels into Water - "Warm Winds of Jaipur" - Map of Absences (For Practically Everyone)
4:28pm Twisted Science - "Kola Nutt" - Freedom of Noise (Leaf)
4:23pm Drab Majesty - "Ellipsis" - Modern Mirror (Dais)
4:14pm Alan Vega - "Every 1's a Winner" - Saturn Strip (Elektra)
4:11pm Lack of Knowledge - "We're Looking for People" - Grey (Crass)
4:09pm Cheap Nasties - "Dancing" - Cheap Nasties (Hozac)
4:04pm Earth Quake - "Head Held High" - Rocking the World (Beserkley)
3:59pm Creative Source - "Pass the Feelin' On" - Pass the Feelin' On (Polydor)
3:52pm Chris Stamey and the dB's - "If And When" - (I Thought) You Wanted to Know b/w If And When (Car)
3:49pm Cleaners from Venus - "Balloon Drop Shadow" - In the Golden Autumn (Captured Tracks)
3:47pm Shana Cleveland - "Night of the Worm Moon" - Night of the Worm Moon (Hardly Art)
3:44pm Michael O'Shea - "Guitar No. 1" - Michael O'Shea (Allchival)
3:42pm Bleechers - "Send Me the Pillow that You Dream On" - Trojan Country Reggae Box Set (Trojan)
3:40pm Stuart Chalmers - "Celestial" - Imaginary Musicks Vol. 5 (Invisible City)
3:38pm Leathercoated Minds - "Eight Miles High" - Ain't It Hard (Sundazed)
3:35pm Flowers in the Dustbin - "True Courage" - Always Another Door (S/R)
3:28pm Triptic of a Pastel Fern - "Shiny Things" - The Cassette Mythos Audio Alchemy CD (What Next?)
3:23pm Pearl Harbor and the Explosions - "Drivin'" - Pearl Harbor and the Explosions (Blixa Sounds)
3:15pm Moving Panoramas - "Dance Floor" - In Two (Modern Outsider)
3:11pm Sick to the Back Teeth - "Similar Faces" - Eternal Bars and Bolts (S/R)
3:06pm Roky Erickson and the Aliens - "Sputnik" - The Evil One (Pink Dust)
3:00pm Savoire Faire - "Talkin' to the Stars" - Talkin' to the Stars (Squish)
5:57pm Kate Bush - "Hammer Horror" - Lionheart (EMI)
5:50pm Hala Strana - "Cutting Durmast" - The Jewelled Antler Library (Porter)
5:49pm Alastair Galbraith - "Thoar" - Runner (NBWay)
5:45pm Redd Kross - "Love is Not Love" - Third Eye (Atlantic)
5:43pm Silver - "Do You Wanna Dance" - Do You Wanna Dance 7" (Pop Con)
5:40pm Caitlin Jemma - "Postcard from Wichita" - Love Notes (S/R)
5:37pm Scott Dunbar - "Who's Been Foolin' You" - From Lake Mary (Ahura Mazda)
5:20pm Eric Dolphy - "G.W." - Outward Bound (Prestige)
5:16pm Roksonaki - "Qaraqurt" - Dala (S/R)
5:07pm Places - "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" - Fawns With Fangs (High Plains Sigh)
5:04pm Raxola - "Who Do You Think You Are" - Raxola (Radio Heartbeat)
5:00pm Sr. Chinarro - "Helado" - Pequeno Circo EP (Acuarela)
4:55pm Roxy Music - "2 H.B." - Roxy Music (Atco)
4:54pm Son Volt - "Truth to Power Blues" - Union (Transmit)
4:49pm Channelers - "Deep Time" - Entrance to the Next (Inner Islands)
4:38pm Uke of Spaces Corners - "Knowing Well" - Uke of Spaces Corners/Justin Rhody Split 7" (Isle of Man/War On)
4:35pm Chris Bell - "You and Your Sister" - I Am The Cosmos (Rykodisc)
4:33pm Dale Miller - "Tight Arrangements, Loose Fingers, and a Warm Place to Practice" - Fingers, Don't Fail Me Now (Kicking Mule)
4:29pm Art of Flying - "End of Side B" - Escort Mission (Throatculture)
4:25pm Robyn Hitchcock - "Eight Miles High" - Greatest Hits (A&M)
4:21pm Dexter Story - "Chemin De Fer" - Bahir (Soundway)
4:15pm Imparcial - "De Noche (Se Nos Mete El Diablo)" - Imaginando Lo Sucedido (Del Corazon)