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5:56pm Earthen Sea - "Window, Skin, and Mirror" - Grass and Trees (Kranky)
5:51pm Sunn O))) - "Aurora" - Life Metal (Southern Lord)
5:46pm Bailter Space - "Now I Will Live" - Nelsh Bailter Space (Flying Nun)
5:43pm T. Rex - "Life's a Gas" - Electric Warrior (Reprise)
5:40pm Kate Bush - "Kite" - The Kick Inside (EMI)
5:36pm Baby - "Life's What You Make It" - Baby (Mercury)
5:29pm Unamused - "Welcome to Amerikkka" - Haven't You Been Deceived (Allied)
5:26pm Uncle Wiggly - "Golden Moss" - There was an Elk (Shimmy-Disc)
5:22pm U.S. Girls - "Rage of Plastics" - In a Poem Unlimited (4AD)
5:17pm Scorpions - "Action" - Lonesome Crow (Brain)
5:06pm Chilliwack - "Something Better" - Dreams, Dreams, Dreams (Mushroom)
5:04pm Julian Leal - "Catch Her Thrill" - Julian Leal (Hozac)
5:00pm Badfinger - "Know One Knows" - Wish You Were Here (Warner Bros.)
4:57pm Six Organs of Admittance - "The Six Stations" - The Manifestation (Strange Attractors Audio House)
4:54pm Cucina Povera - "ZOOM001" - Zoom (Night School)
4:52pm Karen Dalton - "While You're On Your Way" - 1966 (Delmore)
4:46pm Angel'In Heavy Syrup - "I Got You Babe" - II (Alchemy)
4:44pm Bevis Frond - "Hey Joe" - Triptych (Rubric)
4:43pm Headboggle - "O'Shaughnessy Blvd" - Polyphonic Demo (Ratskin)
4:39pm End Time - "Empty Spaces" - End Time (Fullyintercoastal)
4:34pm Stooges - "1970" - Fun House (Elektra)
4:25pm Death and Vanilla - "Nothing is Real" - Are You a Dreamer? (Fire)
4:22pm Cleaners from Venus - "Marilyn on a Train" - On Any Normal Monday (Captured Tracks)
4:18pm Body Type - "Palms" - EP1 & EP2 (Partisan)
4:14pm Julian Cope - "Double Vegetation" - Peggy Suicide (Island)
4:05pm I.D. Under - "Question Everything" - Genericide (Walk Thru Fyre)
4:03pm Brain Dead - "What Is It You Want?" - The Brighter Side of Life (Rain of Beer)
4:00pm Bags - "Flying Low" - Rock Starve (Restless)
3:52pm Byron Black & Living Objects - "Ghost Mall" - The Unexpected (Broken)
3:46pm Gnoomes - "Sine Waves are Good for Your Health" - Mu! (Rocket)
3:39pm K. Roukounas, Samiotakis - "The Dervish's Broad" - Mourmourika: Songs of the Greek Underworld 1930-1955 (Rounder)
3:35pm Butthole Surfers - "Rocky" - Hairway to Steven (Touch and Go)
3:32pm Cindy Kallet - "Far Off of the Mountains" - Working on Wings to Fly (Folk-Legacy)
5:57pm Pearls Before Swine - "Bird on a Wire" - Beautiful Lies You Could Live In (Water)
5:47pm Nico Georis - "Shirley's Temple" - Shirley Shirley Shirley! (Psychic Arts)
5:43pm Drugstore - "Gravity" - Alive / Gravity (Honey)
5:38pm Bevis Frond - "I Eat the Air" - Miasma (Rubric)
5:35pm Iasos - "Formentera Sunset Clouds" - Inter-Dimensional Music (Wild Sages)
5:28pm Neal Creque - "All This World Has To Offer" - Contrast! (Cobblestone)
5:18pm Black Mountain - "Future Shade" - Destroyer (Jagjaguwar)
5:14pm Thad Anderson - "By-And-By" - Lines & Spaces (Ravello)
5:13pm Joel Chadabe - "Carnival" - Rhythms (Lovely Music)
5:10pm Comets on Fire - "Holy Teeth" - Avatar (Sub Pop)
5:08pm Anemic Boyfriends - "Fake I.D." - Fake I.D. (Hozac)
5:06pm Wretched - "Solo Guerra" - In Nome Del Loro Potere Tutto E' Stato Fatto... (S/R)
5:03pm X-Iles - "Dreamin'-No!" - Dreamin'-No! / Indecision (SR)
4:53pm Hannah Wilke - "Stand Up" - Revolutions Per Minute (The Art Record) (Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, Inc.)
4:50pm Ron Davies - "Change" - Silent Song Through the Land (A&M)
4:46pm A. Kostis - "In the Basement" - Mourmourika: Songs of the Greek Underworld 1930-1955 (Rounder)
4:43pm Somnambulists - "Circular Ruins" - From the Field to the Factory (Zum Audio)