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Tuesday, June 25, 2019 - 3:00pm to 5:30pm

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12:00pm Paul Bowles - "Up Above the World" - Baptism of Solitude (Meta)
5:56pm Blank Tapes - "Everything Will Fall In Place" - Candy (Piaptk/Universal Western Attractions)
5:48pm Comus - "Diana" - First Utterance (BGO)
5:44pm Frantic Elevators - "Production Prevention" - You Know What You Told Me b/w Production Prevention (Eric's)
5:41pm Stalworth - "TSPS" - TSPS b/w She's Got Everything (Sun Spectrum)
5:25pm Hitmakers - "Everything is Getting Better" - It's Only Sad (Mirror)
5:21pm Loading Zone - "One for All" - One for All (Umbrella)
5:18pm Icewater - "All I See Is You" - Thank You Friends: The Ardent Records Story (Big Beat)
5:14pm Michael Chapman - "It's Too Late" - True North (Paradise of Bachelors)
5:12pm Kinloch Nelson - "Lazin' In My Sleep" - Partly On Time: Recordings 1968-1970 (Tompkins Square)
5:05pm Kompromat - "De Mon Ame A Ton Ame" - Traum Und Existenz (Citizen)
5:01pm Severed Heads - "Seven Miles" - Rotund for Success (Nettwerk)
4:57pm Roadmaster - "Someday" - Fortress (Mercury)
4:53pm Corpus Delicti - "Why's It Like This?" - The Joy of Living (Mystic)
4:49pm Triumph - "24 Hours A Day" - Triumph (Attic)
4:40pm Mekons - "In the Sun/The Galaxy Explodes" - Deserted (Bloodshot)
4:35pm Chris Wilson & Friends - "Sympathy for the Devil" - Back on the Barbary Coast (Marilyn)
4:33pm Declino - "Troppo Facile Morire" - Eresia (Belfagor)
4:31pm Crucifucks - "Marching for Trash" - The Crucifucks (Alternative Tentacles)
4:27pm Moving Panoramas - "Add Heart" - In Two (Modern Outsider)
4:23pm Nazareth - "Somebody to Roll" - Play'n' the Game (A&M)
4:15pm Fixed Up - "Purple Flashes" - One Night Stand (Spend It) b/w Purple Flashes (Citadel)
4:12pm Mommyheads - "Between The Moon & Sun" - Acorn (Fang)
4:09pm Mike Cooper - "Goodtimes" - Trout Steel (Paradise of Bachelors)
4:07pm Flibbertigibbet - "The Blackcap" - Whistling Jigs to the Moon (Sommar)
4:05pm Music for a While - "Invidia Nimica (comp. Guillaume Dufay)" - Transformations (1750 Arch)
4:01pm Kayak - "Bury the World" - Royal Bed Bouncer (Janus)
3:54pm Yola - "Shady Grove" - Walk Through Fire (Easy Eye)
3:52pm Rickey Starr - "Mr. Astrologer" - Mr. Astrologer (J-Rad)
3:50pm John McCutcheon - "The Spider's Web" - To Everyone in All the World (Appalsongs)
3:47pm Robert Poss - "Ribbon Candy Colors" - Frozen Flowers Curse the Day (Trace Elements)
3:41pm Ayub Ogada - "Obiero" - En Mana Kuoyo (Caroline)
3:35pm Arp - "Folding Water" - Zebra (Mexican Summer)
3:28pm Alice Cooper - "Caught in a Dream" - The Life and Crimes of Alice Cooper (Rhino)
3:24pm Perhapsy - "The Curse (Is Getting Worse)" - Kingdom Starlight Bliss (Porch Party)
3:16pm Jade - "Amongst Anemones" - Fly on Strangewings (Lightning Tree)
3:14pm Pearl Harbor and the Explosions - "You Got It (Release It)" - Pearl Harbor and the Explosions (Blixa Sounds)
3:09pm Doucette - "Someday" - The Douce is Loose (Mushroom)
3:05pm High Tide - "Pushed, But Not Forgotten" - Sea Shanties (Repertoire)
3:00pm Savage Resurrection - "Expectations" - The Savage Resurrection (Mercury)
5:55pm Flamin' Groovies - "Headin' for the Texas Border" - Flamingo (Kama Sutra/Buddah)
5:49pm Raxola - "Wait for the War" - Raxola (Radio Heartbeat)
5:45pm White Hills - "Pads of Light" - Frying On This Rock (Thrill Jockey)
5:41pm Ex Hex - "Radiate" - It's Real (Merge)
5:37pm Savage Resurrection - "Appeal to the Happy" - The Savage Resurrection (Mercury)
5:24pm Art of Flying - "Hey! Here Comes the Light" - Escort Mission (Throatculture)
5:19pm Todd Rundgren - "Healing Part III" - Healing (Bearsville)
5:16pm Alice Clark - "Looking at Life" - Alice Clark (We Want Sounds)
5:14pm Mommyheads - "Would He Know?" - The Mommyheads (Geffen)
5:11pm Pioneers - "Live to Love" - I Believe in Love (Trojan)