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11:55am Stereo - "No More (Remix)" - Somewhere in the Night (Minimal Wave)
11:48am Collision Stories - "Excerpt 2" - Those Missing Will Complete Us (Public Eyesore)
11:43am Collectif Nox - "Chantzado" - Dry Lungs III (Placebo)
11:39am Compound - "Torture With the Best" - Turn of the Grindstone (All of the Above)
11:35am Passage - "Dark Times" - BBC Sessions (LTM)
11:33am Adrenalin O.D. - "Suburbia" - 1982 Demos (Munster Records)
11:32am Boikottz - "Sixpack" - Fun's Not Dead (More Fun)
11:26am Flowers in the Dustbin - "Stuck on a Stick" - Freaks Run Wild in the Disco (All the Madmen)
11:21am Boyracer - "Since Yesterday" - Girlracer/I Do (555 Recordings)
11:17am Voice Farm - "Double Garage" - The World We Live In (Optional)
11:14am Captain Sensible - "It's Hard to Believe I'm Not" - A Day in the Life of Captain Sensible (A&M)
11:13am Drab Majesty - "A Spire Points at the Heavens" - The Demonstration (Dais)
11:10am Eurythmics - "Never Gonna Cry Again" - In the Garden (RCA)
11:07am Los Chiriguanos - "Pajaro Campana" - The Pulsating Sounds of Paraguay (Elektra)
11:03am Au.Ra - "Above the Triangle (ii)" - Cultivations (Felte)
10:50am Victrola - "Maritime Tatami" - Maritime Tatami 12" (Dark Entries)
10:46am Susumu Yokota - "Judgment Day" - The F-T Connection (Harthouse)
10:44am Edwin Schlossberg - "Vibrations/Metaphors" - Revolutions Per Minute (The Art Record) (Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, Inc.)
10:41am C.L.A.W.S. - "Far From the Eyes of Heaven" - Stygian Morass (Left Hand Path)
10:32am Host - "Fattig Men Fri" - Pa Sterke Vinger (Pan)
10:30am Eartha Kitt - "Hurdy Gurdy Man" - Hurdy Gurdy Man 7" (Spark)
10:25am Kacy & Clayton - "Just Like a Summer Cloud" - Siren's Song (New West)
10:23am Full Fathom Five - "Why Their Faces Are So Worn" - The Iowa Compilation (Southeast Records)
10:20am Plus - "Gluttony (Something is Threatening Your Family)" - The Seven Deadly Sins (Sagara)
10:17am Cold Beat - "Ivory Tower" - Chaos By Invitation (Crime on the Moon)
10:12am East Wall - "Ice of Fire" - Silence (Dark Entries)
10:05am Fleetwood Mac - "Before the Beginning" - Then Play On (Reprise)
10:01am EMA - "Receive Love" - Exile in the Outer Ring (City Slang)
9:58am Minimal Man - "Touch" - Sex Teacher EP (Fundamental Music)
9:54am Chica and the Folder - "I'll Come Running" - 42 Madchen (Monika Enterprise)
9:49am Randy Greif - "Abeam Jidda Socotra" - Testament (RRRecords)
9:43am Rubber Band Gun - "Hurricane Horace" - Making a Fool of Myself EP (s/r)
9:39am Makthaverskan - "Vienna" - III (Run for Cover)
9:35am Severed Heads - "Alaskan Polar Bear Heater" - Clifford Darling, Please Don't Live in the Past (Dark Entries)
9:34am Savoire Faire - "Talkin' to the Stars" - Talkin' to the Stars 12" (Squish)
9:30am Toxicomane - "This Nice World" - South Specific (P&C)
2:55pm Colleen - "Separating" - A Flame My Love, A Frequency (Thrill Jockey)
2:49pm Sudden Sway - "Let's Evolve" - Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit)
2:46pm Joel Graham - "Geomancy" - Geomancy EP (Music from Memory)
2:40pm Hate from Ignorance - "Instrumental" - Mixed Nuts Don't Crack (Outside Records)
2:38pm Half Man Half Biscuit - "Arthur's Farm" - Ways to Wear Coats (Vulcan)
2:36pm Veronika Dolina - "We Won't Get Off..." - A Child With Matches (Melodiya)
2:34pm M. Finnkrieg - "Stop at the Beginning" - Down the Poppy Stairs of Heaven (Deaf Eye)
2:32pm Secret Machines - "The Road Leads Where It's Led" - Now Here is Nowhere (Reprise)
2:28pm Motorhead - "Rockaway Beach" - Under Cover (Silver Lining)
2:24pm Sloan - "Keep Swinging (Downtown)" - Commonwealth (Yep Roc)
2:15pm Silver Apples - "I Have Known Love" - Contact (Kapp)
2:13pm Jazz Spastiks - "Marshmallow (Mystery Tour)" - Scratch & Sniff (Jazz Plastik)
2:11pm Ka Baird & John Saint-Pelvyn - "Year One (Excerpt)" - Five Years Inside the Sun (Tools in Common)
2:08pm Severed Heads - "Twenty Deadly Diseases" - Come Visit the Big Bigot (Nettwerk)