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Monday, July 22, 2019 - 12:00pm to 3:00pm

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10:30am Damned - "Grimly Fiendish (Bad Trip Mix)" - The Light at the End of the Tunnel (MCA)
10:26am Thomas Shannon - "Smashing Beauty" - Revolutions Per Minute (The Art Record) (Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, Inc.)
10:24am Biff Bang Pow! - "Jean Michel Pow" - American Pensioners on Ecstasy (Creation)
10:17am Love - "You Set the Scene" - Forever Changes (Elektra)
10:08am Jeriko - "Hey Joe" - Peru Bravo (Tiger's Milk)
10:04am Jeff and Jane Hudson - "Fat of the Land" - Flesh (J&J Records)
9:59am Gelatinous Citizen - "Fighting the World" - Turn of the Grindstone (Gelatinous Records)
9:54am Batang Frisco - "Sewing Machine" - Batang Frisco (s/r)
9:43am China White - "Addiction" - Danger Zone (Frontier)
9:39am T.S.O.L. - "Forever Old" - Beneath the Shadows (Alternative Tentacles)
9:37am Zelia Barbosa - "Pau de Arara" - Brazil: Songs of Protest (Monitor)
9:32am Le Orme - "Ad Gloriam" - Ad Gloriam (Akarma)
9:28am Eleven Pond - "Watching Trees" - Bas Relief (s/r)
9:15am Indoor Life - "Gilmore of the Fillmore" - BART Vol. 1 & 2 (Dark Entries)
9:13am Minimal Man - "To Hold You" - Sex With God (Dossier)
9:10am Severed Heads - "A Million Angels" - Since the Accident (Ink)
9:10am Robert Redford - "The Wolf You Never Knew" - The Language and Music of the Wolves (Tonsil)
9:05am Space Lady - "Major Tom" - Space Lady's Greatest Hits (Night School)
2:55pm Larry Polansky - "ii-v-i" - freeHorn (Code Blue)
2:49pm Rich La Bonte - "Bright Yellow Star" - Mayan Canals (Flatdisk)
2:46pm England's Glory - "City of Fun" - Legendary Lost Album (Anagram)
2:42pm UK Subs - "Limo Life" - Radio Active (Fall Out)
2:37pm Residents - "The Walrus Hunt" - Eskimo (Ralph)
2:31pm Drab Majesty - "Dot in the Sky" - The Demonstration (Dais)
2:24pm Patrick Cowley - "I Wanna Take You Home" - Menergy (Polydor)
2:21pm Blackbyrds - "Wilford's Gone" - Jazz Dance Classics Vol. 1 (Luv n' Haight)
2:17pm Remulak - "Highlife" - Earth (Village Live)
2:07pm Clean - "Point That Thing Somewhere Else" - Boodle Boodle Boodle (Flying Nun)
2:02pm White Hills - "A Trick of the Mind" - Stop Mute Defeat (Thrill Jockey)
1:59pm Unit 4 - "Hidden Faces" - Fm-BX Society Tape (S.S.)
1:55pm Fist - "Throwing in the Towel" - Lead Weight (Neat)
1:47pm Gabby Pahinui - "Mauna Loa" - I Just Play the Way I Feel (Hula)
1:43pm Karen Dalton - "Something on Your Mind" - In My Own Time (Paramount)
1:41pm William C. Beeley - "Walk" - Gallivantin' (Tompkins Square)
1:36pm Timmy Spence - "Brand New Dance" - Bay Area Retrograde Vol. 1 & 2 (Dark Entries)
1:28pm Psychedelic Furs - "Heartbeat (NY Remix)" - The Ghost in You 12" (Columbia)
1:23pm Residual Echoes - "Lorelei" - Phoenician Flu & Ancient Ocean (Holy Mountain)
1:18pm Circa Tapes - "Walk" - Love and Venom (Medical)
1:09pm Friendly Fires - "Arkansas" - The Friendly Fires (Deadbug)
1:07pm Midnight Sister - "Canary" - Saturn Over Sunset (Jagjaguwar)
1:01pm Todd Rundgren - "Don't You Ever Learn?" - Todd (Bearsville)
12:59pm Chrisma - "Wanderlust" - Chinese Restaurant (Polydor)
12:56pm HOM - "XYN" - A$X (Isounderscore)
12:47pm Ballet School - "All Things Return at Night" - The Dew Lasts an Hour (Bella Union)
12:42pm Woolen Men - "Psycho Mafia" - Lucky Box (s/r)
12:35pm Big Black and His Congregation - "Long Hair" - Diggin' What You're Doin' (UNI)
12:32pm Ray Cash - "Livin' My Life" - Cash on Delivery (Columbia)
11:55am Ben Frost - "Mere Anarchy" - Threshold of Faith (Mute)
11:50am Scott Calhoun - "I Like to Drive" - Unexplored: A Compilation of New Zealand Recordings 1982-1986 (Strange Weekend)
11:47am Keggs - "Girl" - To Find Out/Girl 7" (Priority Male)