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3:19pm Shelly y Nueva Generacion - "La Mujer Diablo" - Melenudos! (Gorilla)
3:14pm FM - "Aldeberan" - Black Noise (Visa)
3:10pm Swelele - "A Place in the Sun" - Feel the Vibes of Love (Out-A-Grass)
3:07pm Part Time - "Shattered Love" - Spell #6 (Burger)
3:03pm Lou Reed - "Caroline Says I" - Berlin (RCA)
6:20pm Cluster - "In Ewigkeit" - Sowiesoso (Water)
6:14pm Tom Rapp - "Space" - A Journal of the Plague Year (Rubric)
6:11pm Zelia Barbosa - "Pedro Pedreiro" - Brazil: Songs of Protest (Monitor)
6:07pm Chrisma - "Mandoia" - Chinese Restaurant (Polydor)
6:01pm Secret Machines - "You Are Chains" - Now Here is Nowhere (Reprise)
5:54pm Gnoomes - "How Do You" - Mu! (Rocket)
5:48pm England's Glory - "Shattered Illusions" - City of Fun / Shattered Illusions (Hozac)
5:45pm Steve Roach - "Worlds" - Traveler (Domino)
5:41pm Bandulu - "Guidance" - Guidance (Infonet)
5:36pm Brothers Johnson - "Strawberry Letter 23" - Right On Time (A&M)
5:27pm Belle & Sebastian - "Judy and the Dream of Horses" - If You're Feeling Sinister (Jeepster)
5:25pm Reptaliens - "Venetian Blinds" - Valis (Captured Tracks)
5:21pm Tamaryn - "Terrified" - Dreaming the Dark (DERO Arcade)
5:19pm Androidss - "Auckland Tonight" - Unexplored (Strange Weekend)
5:16pm Sidewalks - "Let Me Out" - Rhythm Kids (Rave Up)
5:12pm Byron Black & Living Objects - "Carpool Love" - The Unexpected (Broken)
4:56pm Stooges - "Fun House (Take 3)" - Fun House (Elektra)
4:53pm Si Kahn & the Looping Brothers - "It's a Dog's Life" - It's a Dog's Life (Strictly Country)
4:50pm Sir Douglas Quintet - "Me and My Destiny" - The Return of Doug Saldana (Philips)
4:46pm Variations - "I Got Stronger" - A Woman's Blues (Amour)
4:37pm Night Ranger - "Chippin' Away" - Midnight Madness (MCA)
4:33pm Brain Dead - "Insincerity" - The Brain That Wouldn't Die! (Rain of Beer)
4:30pm Bomb Squad - "Question Authority" - Children of War EP (Bouncing Betty)
4:29pm Boards of Canada - "One Very Important Thought" - Music Has the Right to Children (Warp/Skam)
4:26pm Noriko Kodama - "Prayer" - Abyss (Accretions)
4:22pm Luka Productions - "Foret" - Falaw (Sahel Sounds)
4:14pm Pow! - "Dream Decay" - Shift (Castle Face)
4:13pm Spiral Electric - "Episode II" - The Spiral Electric (S/R)
4:11pm Slapp Happy / Henry Cow - "Excerpt from the Messiah" - Desperate Straights (Virgin)
4:08pm Sign Language - "Release" - Belief and Other Propaganda... (Fire)
4:04pm Bill Nelson - "Flaming Desire" - The Love that Whirls (Diary of a Thinking Heart) (Cocteau)
4:01pm Baby Bleu - "Sympathy for the Devil" - Sympathy for the Devil / Sugar Shaker (Company)
3:57pm Priscilla Ermel - "Americua" - Outro Tempo II: Electronic and Contemporary Music from Brazil, 1984-1996 (Music from Memory)
3:49pm Attentat - "Svarta Faret" - Born To Be Malaj (Rykkman)
3:46pm Motorhead - "City Kids" - Motorhead (Road Racer)
3:43pm Greys - "These Things Happen" - Age Hasn't Spoiled You (Carpark)
3:40pm Alan Vega - "Goodbye Darling" - Saturn Strip (Elektra)
3:37pm Reptile Ranch - "Saying Goodbye" - Reptile Ranch (C/Site)
3:33pm Drab Majesty - "Unknown to the I" - Completely Careless (2012-2015) (Dais)
3:21pm French Vanilla - "All the Time" - How Am I Not Myself? (Danger Collective)
3:17pm Bolero Lava - "Inevitable" - Inevitable (MO DA MU)
3:12pm Charanjit Singh - "Raga: Kalavati" - Synthesizing - Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat (Bombay Connection)
3:07pm Einzelganger - "Untergang (Ruin)" - Einzelganger (Oasis)
3:03pm Richie Havens - "Wear Your Love Like Heaven" - Richard P. Havens, 1983 (Verve)
3:00pm Quilapayun - "Plegaria A Un Labrador" - El Pueblo Unido (Monitor)