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Monday, September 28, 2020 - 9:00pm to 11:59pm

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10:19pm Lives of Angels - "Call Moscow" - Hole in the Sky (Dark Entries)
10:17pm Sufis - "Take Care of Yourself" - After Hours (Burger)
10:13pm Roxy Music - "Ladytron" - Roxy Music (Atco)
10:08pm Blissed Out Fatalists - "Last Song" - Blissed Out Fatalists (Motiv Communications)
10:06pm Tense Experts - "The Suicide's House" - Tense Experts/Three Snake Leaves (After Music Recordings)
10:03pm Prettiest Eyes - "Mira Nena" - Pools (Castle Face)
9:57pm Lumerians - "Olive Alley" - Lumerians EP (Subterranean Elephants)
9:47pm Coloured Balls - "That's What Mama Said" - Ball Power (Aztec)
9:44pm Megan Sue Hicks - "Hey, Can You Come Out and Play" - Follow the Sun (Kemado)
9:36pm Woolly Bushmen - "I Don't Want You" - Arduino (Pig Baby)
9:32pm Soft Walls - "All the Same" - No Time (Trouble in Mind)
9:28pm Lude & Die Astros - "No Expectations" - The Ghost of Brian: The Brian Jones Memorial Album (Black Fantasy)
9:26pm Stu Kidd - "If Fingers Were Xylophones" - The Hills are Alive With the Sound of Prin (Recordiau Prin)
9:22pm Boards of Canada - "Kid for Today" - In a Beautiful Place Out in the Coumtry (Music70)
9:19pm Ueno Takashi - "Track 1" - Smoke Under the Water (Room 40)
9:10pm Gaye Su Akyol - "Berdus" - Hologram Imparatorlugu (Glitterbeat)
9:06pm Phil Lynott - "The Man's a Fool" - The Philip Lynott Album (Warner Bros.)
9:04pm Bubbi & Das Kapital - "Svartur Guitar" - Geyser (Enigma)
9:00pm Blue Daisies - "Everything and Nothing At All" - Wilt (Iridescence Recordings)
8:57pm Amebix - "Beginning of the End" - No Sanctuary (Alternative Tentacles)
8:54pm Video Rouge - "Little Red Book" - Total Destruction (Richmond)
8:49pm Black Future - "Eu Sou O Rio" - Nao Wave (Man Recordings)
8:43pm Gel Set - "Puercos" - Body Copy (2MR)
8:38pm Drab Majesty - "Oak Wood" - Oak Wood (Dais)
8:36pm Sound of Ceres - "The Trance" - The Twin (Joyful Noise)
8:33pm Datblygu - "Ond Nawr Mae Hyn" - Porwr Trallod (Ankst)
8:21pm Frankie and the Witch Fingers - "Mother's Mirror" - Brain Telephone (Permanent)
8:14pm Purling Hiss - "Water on Mars" - Water on Mars (Drag City)
8:10pm Patti Smith - "After the Gold Rush" - Banga (Columbia)
2:58pm Lindstrom - "Tensions" - It's Alright Between Us As It Is (Smalltown Supersound)
2:50pm The Fall - "Just Step S'ways" - Hex Enduction Hour (Kamera)
2:47pm Hannah Wilke - "Stand Up" - Revolutions Per Minute (The Art Record) (Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, Inc.)
2:45pm Ail Symudiad - "Garej Paradwys" - Yr Oes Ail (Fflach)
2:41pm Vocokesh - "End of Side A" - Still Standing in the Same Garden (Drag City)
2:35pm Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras - "Hurdy Gurdy Man" - Catholic (Dark Entries)
2:31pm John Lennon - "Mind Games" - Mind Games (Capitol)
2:25pm Ink Bats - "Arrival/Departure" - Loss (S/R)
2:21pm Little Nemo - "Empty House" - Past and Future (Domestica)
2:17pm Eliana Cuevas - "El Manantial" - Golpes y Flores (Alma)
2:14pm School of Seven Bells - "White Elephant Coat" - Alpinisms (Ghostly International)
2:08pm Ral Pheno with Psycotic Pineapple - "Let's Get Stupid" - On the Ward Again (Richmond)
2:04pm Paradoxical Babel - "Middle Class" - Swamp Surfing in Memphis (Frenzi)
1:58pm Group Doueh - "Sabah Lala" - Guitar Music from the Western Sahara (Sublime Frequencies)
1:56pm Blissed Out Fatalists - "Fatalator" - Blissed Out Fatalists (Motiv Communications)
1:47pm Brian Eno - "Here He Comes" - Before and After Science (EG Records)
1:43pm Malalche - "Quilleihue" - Invenciones (La Otra Vanguardia Musical en Latinoamerica 1976-1988) (Munster)
1:40pm Black Bug - "Threads" - Reflecting the Light (Hozac)
1:36pm Gel Set - "Down Along" - Body Copy (2MR)
1:30pm Third World War - "A Little Bit of Urban Rock" - A Little Bit of Urban Rock (Just Add Water)
1:21pm Aquelarre - "Iluminen La Tierra" - Candiles (Acqua)