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2:16pm Anna Burch - "Yeah You Know" - Quit the Curse (Polyvinyl)
2:15pm Peter Garland - "Living Alone in the Woods" - Moon Viewing Music (Cold Blue)
2:13pm Lixian Hantover - "Dynamite" - Verdrup (S/R)
2:11pm Carousel - "Locks and Bolts" - Our Floating Images of Youth (Vinyl Japan)
2:06pm Robert Gorl - "Mit Dir" - Mit Dir/Beruhrt Verfuhrt (Mute)
2:03pm E. Myers - "Hate" - Love/Hate (Dark Entries)
1:57pm Leon Thomas - "Just in Time to See the Sun" - Full Circle (Flying Dutchman)
1:54pm Status Quo - "Technicolour Dreams" - Picturesque Matchstickable Messages from the Status Quo (Castle)
1:50pm Window Pain - "Mind Bender" - Window Pain (Nuclear Waste)
1:46pm Acme Sewage Co. - "I Can See You" - Raw Deal! (Creole)
1:37pm Dream Wife - "Love Without Reason" - Dream Wife (Lucky Number)
1:34pm Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Hysteric" - It's Blitz! (Interscope)
1:31pm Matchess - "The Cold Dream" - Somnaphoria (Trouble in Mind)
1:29pm Scriabin (performed by Hilde Somer) - "Guirlandes (Op. 73 No. 1)" - Alpha Omega (Mercury)
1:24pm John Cale - "The Endless Plain of Fortune" - Paris 1919 (Reprise)
1:19pm Krakatau - "Kuriere" - Water Near a Bridge (Trouble in Mind)
1:10pm Tor Lundvall - "The Next World" - A Dark Place (Dais)
1:07pm Solid Space - "Tenth Planet" - Space Museum (Dark Entries)
1:04pm Research Library - "Alien Love" - Red Spot (Subterranean)
12:57pm Hugh Masekela - "Gold" - Still Grazing (Blue Thumb)
12:54pm Mischief Brew - "Departure Arrival" - Smash the Windows (Fistolo)
12:50pm Steve Warner - "Cement River" - Follow the Sun (Kemado)
12:47pm Little Mazarn - "White Fang" - Little Mazarn (Self Sabotaged)
12:40pm Vistas - "Ghost Wave" - New Wave Surf Party! (Ostrich)
12:36pm Damned - "Smash It Up Parts 1 & 2" - Machine Gun Etiquette (Chiswick)
12:33pm Oi Polloi - "Clachan Chalanais" - In Defence of Our Earth (Words of Warning)
12:31pm KWE - "Meditation Guide" - The Wellness Guide (S/R)
12:30pm Dang Olsen Dream Tape - "Smokey Ruxpin" - Just Roll (Constellation Tatsu)
2:57pm Valerio Cosi - "Silver Stars and Golden Moon" - Collected Works (Porter)
2:52pm Piero Milesi - "Graffiti" - The Nuclear Observatory of Mr. Nanof (Cuneiform)
2:45pm PBK - "Vachez 1919" - Objekt No. 4 (Ladd-Frith)
2:43pm Synthetic Sox - "Sea of Mellichis/Investigating Tornadoes" - Shadow Mouth: Compilation One (Shadow Mouth)
2:40pm Nomads - "Downbound Train" - Where the Wolf Bane Blooms (Amigo)
2:36pm Superchunk - "Erasure" - What a Time to Be Alive (Merge)
2:29pm Twink - "Goldfish Prize" - Wide Eyed Wild Ride (S/R)
2:25pm Mighty Clouds of Joy - "Mighty High" - Kickin' (ABC)
2:24pm Toychestra - "Twinkle" - Sassy Pony (S.K.)
2:20pm Ink Bats - "Living vs. Dead" - Loss (S/R)
2:16pm Kate Bush - "Leave It Open" - The Dreaming (EMI)
2:13pm Group Rhoda - "Mexi Meri" - Wilderless (Dark Entries)
2:07pm T. Rex - "Jupiter Liar" - Futuristic Dragon (Demon)
2:04pm Go-Betweens - "Bachelor Kisses" - Spring Hill Fair (Sire)
2:00pm Joel Gion - "The Nihilist" - Joel Gion (Beyond Beyond is Beyond)
1:51pm Nice Strong Arm - "Cloud Machine" - Cloud Machine EP (Homestead)
1:48pm Colin Newman - "& Just" - A-Z (Beggars Banquet)
1:46pm Der Plan - "Da Vorne Steht Ne Ampel" - Deutschland (Cachalot)
1:43pm sick to the back teeth - "Scene From The Hotel Room Dream" - Cold When Blue (S/R)
1:40pm Playground - "Knife Called Virtue" - Sleeping Dogs (Fourth Dimension)
1:35pm Hollie Cook - "Survive" - Vessel of Love (Merge)
1:30pm Krakatau - "Riddells Creek (excerpt)" - Water Near a Bridge (Trouble in Mind)