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2:44pm Aphex Twin - "[Cliffs]" - Selected Ambient Works Volume II (Warp)
2:40pm Daphne Oram - "Phensic" - The Oram Tapes: Vol. 1 (Young Americans)
2:36pm Heroin in Tahiti - "Campomorto" - Death Surf (Boring Machines)
2:31pm Secret Machines - "Pharaoh’s Daughter" - Now Here is Nowhere (Reprise)
2:24pm My Bloody Valentine - "Soon" - Loveless (Sire)
2:20pm Tapes and Topographies - "Theory of Impossible Shapes" - Fathoms (Simulacra)
2:13pm Eric Mercury - "Hurdy Gurdy Man" - Electric Black Man (AVCO Embassy)
2:09pm Darto - "Guiding Light" - Human Giving (Aagoo)
2:07pm Pathogens - "Never Say Die" - Patient Zero (1986’d)
2:04pm Die Doraus Und Die Marinas - "Die Welt Ist Schlecht" - Die Doraus Und Die Marinas Geben Offenherzige Antworten Auf Brennende Fragen (Bureau B)
2:00pm Juliana Hatfield - "A Little More Love" - Juliana Hatfield Sings Olivia Newton-John (American Laundromat)
1:53pm Joni Mitchell - "The Last Time I Saw Richard" - Blue (Reprise)
1:48pm Philip Glass & Foday Musa Suso - "Long Life (Live)" - The Music of Philip Glass and Foday Musa Suso (Orange Mountain)
1:46pm Sufis - "Take Care of Yourself" - After Hours (Burger)
1:42pm Oneohtrix Point Never - "Russian Mind" - Russian Mind (Software)
1:34pm John Cale - "Andalucia" - Paris 1919 (Reprise)
1:31pm Mata Hari - "Easy" - Follow the Sun (Kemado)
1:29pm Seth Graham - "My Desire for You is to Stop Being a Fuck Wad" - Gasp (Orange Milk)
1:25pm Grotus - "Complications" - Slow Motion Apocalypse (Alternative Tentacles)
1:22pm Roland Young - "Go Away" - Hearsay I-Land (Palto Flats)
1:18pm Renata Zeiguer - "Dreambone" - Old Ghost (Northern Spy/Double Denim)
1:12pm Negative Element - "Just Be Yourself" - Yes, We Have No Bananas! (Version Sound)
12:56pm Steve Reich - "Four Organs" - Four Organs/Phase Patterns (Superior Viaduct)
12:49pm Hollie Cook - "Freefalling" - Vessel of Love (Merge)
12:46pm Roy Ayers - "Everybody Loves the Sunshine (Demo)" - The Art of Customization (BBE)
12:41pm The V Project - "First Hand Experience in Second Hand Love" - First Hand Experience in Second Hand Love (Power)
12:40pm Bevis and Twink - "Gryke" - Magic Eye (Woronzow)
12:34pm Dead Meadow - "Nobody Home" - The Nothing They Need (Xemu)
12:30pm Nominal State - "Destiny" - Street Scene/Destiny 7" (Blunt)
2:55pm Robert Haigh - "Sunken Pavilions" - Creatures of the Deep (Unseen Worlds)
2:46pm Thin Lizzy - "Mama Nature Said" - Vagabonds of the Western World (Decca)
2:41pm Joan La Barbara - "The Solar Wind" - The Art of Joan La Barbara (Nonesuch)
2:39pm Rich La Bonte - "Show Me Pictures" - Mayan Canals (Dark Entries)
2:29pm Arthur C. Clarke - "The Star (Excerpt)" - The Arthur C. Clarke Soundbook (Caedmon)
2:25pm Michal Turtle - "Are You Psychic?" - Are You Psychic? (Music From Memory)
2:23pm Tapes and Topographies - "Lifted" - Fathoms (Simulacra)
2:19pm Tim Buckley - "I Never Asked to Be Your Mountain" - Live at the Folklore Center, NYC March 6, 1967 (Tompkins Square)
2:12pm Batang Frisco - "Care/Know" - Batang Frisco (S/R)
2:06pm Ben Frost - "Eurydice’s Heel (Hades)" - Threshold of Faith (Mute)
2:03pm Blissed Out Fatalists - "Spiral" - Blissed Out Fatalists (Motiv Communications)
2:00pm Velvet Underground - "Head Held High" - Loaded (Cotillion)
1:56pm Wooing - "In Colour" - Daydream Time (Ba Da Bing)
1:52pm Psyclones - "The Embalmer’s Incision" - Greatest Hits 1981-1991 (Ladd-Frith)
1:47pm X Ray Pop/Red Axes - "La Machine a Rever (Red Axes Edit)" - Nyx Tape (Dark Entries)
1:40pm Severed Heads - "Goodbye Tonsils" - City Slab Horror (Ink)
1:32pm Bevis and Twink - "She Darks the Sun" - Magic Eye (Woronzow)
1:30pm Gunter Hampel - "Orientation According to a Dream About Freedom" - Flying Carpet (Kharma)
1:25pm Brothers Johnson - "Strawberry Letter 23" - Right On Time (A&M)
1:20pm C.L.A.W.S. - "An Idea of Being" - Stygian Morass (Left Hand Path)
1:11pm Ed Schrader’s Music Beat - "Wave to the Water" - Riddles (Carpark)