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Tuesday, April 23, 2019 - 3:00pm to 5:30pm

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4:55pm Morrissey - "Sing Your Life" - Kill Uncle (Sire/Reprise)
4:52pm Meade Lux Lewis - "Medium Blues" - (1939-1954) (RST)
4:49pm Georgia White - "Ain't Nobody's Fault But Yours" - Sings & Plays the Blues (Rosetta)
4:47pm Spies - "Keeper of the Flame" - The Battle of Bosworth Terrace (Siltbreeze)
4:42pm Minx/Zimmerman - "Dreams That Money Can Buy" - Minx/Zimmerman (Espacial Discos)
4:35pm Rolling Stones - "I Just Want to See His Face" - Exile On Main Street (Virgin)
4:32pm Lightnin' Hopkins - "Easy On Your Heels" - California Mudslide (and Earthquake) (Modern Harmonic)
4:29pm Mercy Dee - "Trailing My Baby" - Oakland Blues (Arhoolie)
4:26pm Flamin' Groovies - "Golden Clouds" - Sneakers (Line)
4:20pm Rheingold - "Triad Dimensions" - Fan Fan Fanatic (Harvest)
4:17pm Moles - "Riptide" - Code Word (Super Secret)
4:09pm Flying Saucer Attack - "Make Me Dream" - Flying Saucer Attack (FSA)
4:06pm Czarface & Ghostface Killah - "Powers and Stuff" - Czarface Meets Ghostface (Silver Age)
3:58pm Bloodrock - "D.O.A." - Bloodrock 2 (Capitol)
3:54pm William Tyler - "Rebecca" - Goes West (Merge)
3:48pm Strum Dummy - "Svava" - Strum Dummy (Black Cottage)
3:45pm Look Blue Go Purple - "As Does the Sun" - Bewitched (Flying Nun)
3:43pm Fatal Flowers - "Gimme Some Truth" - Younger Days (Atlantic)
3:39pm Baby Grande - "Zephyr" - Baby Grande (Hozac)
3:35pm Redd Kross - "McKenzie" - Neurotica (Big Time)
3:26pm Pretty Boy Walker - "The Breaks I'm Gettin'" - Good Time Blues! (Mamlish)
3:23pm Fifty Foot Hose - "Fly Free" - Bad Trips (Modern Harmonic)
3:15pm Tripping Daisy - "Community Mantra" - Tripping Daisy (Sugar Fix)
3:12pm Homegas - "Tired" - Homegas (Takoma)
3:09pm Fields Brothers - "Fields Have Turned Brown" - Waiting and Wondering (Jessup)
3:04pm Harmonica Williams with Little Freddie King - "Juke Boy" - Harmonica Williams with Little Freddie King (Ahura Mazda)
3:02pm Triffids - "Only One Life" - In the Pines (Domino)
5:55pm Michele Walther - "Big Island" - Colibri (S/R)
5:46pm Tuxedomoon - "Desire" - Desire (Ralph)
5:43pm R. Dean Taylor - "There's a Ghost in My House" - Best Northern Soul All-Nighter... Ever! (Virgin)
5:39pm Uncle Wiggly - "Sunny Afternoon in the Forest" - There Was An Elk (Shimmy-Disc)
5:25pm Hardfloor - "Beavis at Bat (Swag Remix)" - Good Records (Harthouse)
5:21pm Joel Chadabe - "Solo" - Settings for Spirituals (Lovely Music)
5:19pm Georges I. Gurdjieff & Thomas De Hartmann (perf. Cecil Lytle) - "Seekers of the Truth - Part 2" - Seekers of the Truth (Celestial Harmonies)
5:14pm Brian Eno - "Fickle Sun (iii) I'm Set Free" - The Ship (Warp)
5:10pm Minx/Zimmerman - "Tearoom in the Rain" - Minx/Zimmerman (Espacial Discos)
5:04pm Patti - "Snowball" - Bad Back (Erste Theke Tontraeger)
5:01pm Lost Cherrees - "You Didn't Care" - All Part of Growing Up (Fight Back)
4:56pm Motorhead - "Sympathy for the Devil" - Under Cover (Silver Lining)
4:51pm Mmph - "Sun God" - Dear God (Tri-Angle)
4:47pm Kassem Mosse - "Molecular Memories" - Disclosure (Honest Jon's)
4:41pm La Dee Da - "Winterlude" - Under Weather (S/R)
4:35pm Love - "Gather Round" - Out Here (Blue Thumb)
4:31pm Caethua - "In the Wake of March/Where We Begin the Winter Ends" - Tube-Mind/Wrecks & Rescues (Saxwand)
4:27pm Leon Thomas - "The Creator Has a Master Plan (Peace)" - Flying Groove (Bluebird)
4:13pm Bass Clef - "Let's Meet on Astral Dancefloors" - 111 Angelic MIDI Cascade (Slip)
4:09pm Quiet Room - "She Sits Alone" - She Sits Alone b/w Pictures in the Attic (Win)
4:07pm Negative Scanner - "History Lesson" - Nose Picker (Trouble in Mind)
4:05pm Dumb - "Barnyard" - Seeing Green (Mint)
4:01pm Redd Kross - "Zira (Call Out My Name)" - Third Eye (Atlantic)