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Tuesday, June 25, 2019 - 3:00pm to 5:30pm

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2:07pm Giuda - "Space Walk" - E.V.A. (Burger)
2:04pm Baby Grande - "Going There and Back" - Baby Grande (Hozac)
2:00pm Can - "Outside My Door" - Monster Movie (Spoon)
1:57pm Altin Gun - "Leyla" - Gece (ATO)
1:54pm Status Quo - "When My Mind Is Not Live" - Picturesque Matchstickable Messages from the Status Quo (Castle Classics)
1:50pm Frankie & the Witch Fingers - "Pleasure" - ZAM (Greenway)
1:44pm Ex Hex - "Diamond Drive" - It's Real (Merge)
1:38pm Roxy Music - "The Bob (Medley)" - Roxy Music (Reprise)
1:31pm IE - "Moon Shot" - Pome (Moon Glyph/Ish)
1:25pm Sir Richard Bishop & W. David Oliphant - "Dharmakaya" - Beyond All Defects (Twenty One Eighty Two)
1:12pm Gordons - "Coalminer's Song" - The Gordons (Flying Nun)
1:07pm pHoaming Edison - "Longwind" - Happy Nap Casino (Dark Beloved Cloud)
5:55am Nico Georis - "The Greenhouse Reel" - Shirley Shirley Shirley! (Psychic Arts)
5:42am B-Movie - "Nowhere Girl (Long Version)" - Nowhere Girl (Sire)
5:39am Brian Keane - "Sky" - Ansel Adams OST (Green Linnet)
5:34am Lara Sarkissian - "Greeted By Tir" - Disruption (Club Chai)
5:32am Matt Baldwin - "Waltz" - Berkeley Guitar (Tompkins Square)
5:29am Amede Ardoin - "Les Blues De Crowley" - I'm Never Comin' Back (Arhoolie)
5:26am 14 Iced Bears - "Train Song" - Let the Breeze Open Our Hearts (Overground)
5:23am Ups and Downs - "Neverending" - The Perfect Crime b/w Neverending (Waterfront)
5:13am Bollmann / Kappelhoff - "Invocationes" - Vor Der Flut (Eigelstein Musikproduktion)
5:12am Third Coast Percussion - "The Other Side of the River (by Gavin Bryars)" - Perpetulum (Orange Mountain)
5:10am Big Star - "The India Song" - #1 Record (Ardent)
5:07am Paul Bowles - "The Circular Valley" - Baptism of Solitude (Meta)
5:03am Silver Machine - "Color of the Sun" - Standing on the Bare Ground (Alternative Tentacles)
4:58am Hidden Hand - "The Lesson" - The Resurrection of Whiskey Foote (Southern Lord)
4:49am Wellwater Conspiracy - "Of Dreams" - Of Dreams b/w Hal McBlaine (TVT)
4:46am Vocokesh - "Still Standing in the Same Garden" - Still Standing in the Same Garden (Drag City)
4:43am Kelly Finnigan - "I'll Never Love Again" - The Tales People Tell (Colemine)
4:41am Box Tops - "The Letter" - Best of the Box Tops - Soul Deep (Arista)
4:36am Todd Dillingham - "Reality" - Woronzoid (Woronzow)
4:34am Chris Cohen - "What Can I Do?" - Chris Cohen (Captured Tracks)
4:27am Sissy Spacek - "Council-Manager" - Pitched Intervention (Helicopter)
4:24am John Bender - "36A3" - I Don't Remember Now / I Don't Want To Talk About It (Record Sluts)
4:20am Kompromat - "Niemand" - Traum Und Existenz (Citizen)
4:14am March Violets - "Snake Dance" - Electric Shades (Relativity)
4:10am Glorious Din - "Leading Stolen Horses" - Leading Stolen Horses (Insight)
4:07am Kelley Stoltz - "Pyramid of Time" - In Triangle Time (Castle Face)
3:57am Moving Panoramas - "Dance Floor" - In Two (Modern Outsider)
3:52am Asteroids Galaxy Tour - "Navigator" - Bring Us Together (Hot Bus/Rough Trade)
3:46am Spiral Electric - "Swamp Type Thing" - The Spiral Electric (S/R)
3:42am Strum Dummy - "Bevy" - Strum Dummy (Black Cottage)
3:39am Gori Women's Choir - "Khsovna (Memory) - comp. Djemal Beglarishvili" - Archaica (Modern Georgian Choir Music) (Sony)
3:26am 3 Leafs - "Chandelier" - Four Blind Men (S/R)
3:25am Catheads - "Purple Haze" - At Dianne's Place (Penultimate/Empty)
3:20am Longmont Potion Castle - "Side D (Excerpt)" - LPC 9 (D.U.)
3:15am Ulla Straus - "House" - Big Room (Quiet Time Tapes)
3:12am Lee Fields and the Expressions - "Will I Get Off Easy" - It Rains Love (Big Crown)
2:59am Hades - "The Leaders?/On to Iliad" - Resisting Success (Torrid)
2:54am Annihilator - "The Fun Palace" - Never, Neverland (Roadracer)