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1:00am Canned Heat - "That's All Right Mama" - Live in Europe (United Artists)
5:56pm Elvis Costello - "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding" - Armed Forces (Columbia)
5:47pm Brian Eno - "Here He Comes" - Before and After Science (EG)
5:44pm Blissed Out Fatalists - "Fatalator" - Blissed Out Fatalists (Motiv Communications)
5:38pm Alan Vega - "Wipeout Beat" - Saturn Strip (Elektra)
5:36pm Eyeless in Gaza - "A Keepsake" - Photographs as Memories (Cherry Red)
5:30pm Short Wave Mystery - "Pilots" - Pilots (Good)
5:21pm Telescopes - "Ocean Drive" - The Telescopes (Creation)
5:18pm Wellwater Conspiracy - "Of Dreams" - Of Dreams/Hal McBlaine (TVT)
5:14pm Kate Bush - "Sat in Your Lap" - The Dreaming (EMI)
5:10pm Uke of Spaces Corners - "Highway (Knowing Well)" - Flowers in the Night (Corleone)
5:08pm Steven R. Smith - "A Series of Courtyards Reversed" - A Sketchbook of Endings (Soft Abuse)
5:00pm Solar Wind - "Back to Richmond" - Back to Richmond/Solar Wind (S/R)
4:53pm Rheingold - "Triad Dimensions" - Fan Fan Fanatic (Harvest)
4:49pm Julian Cope - "Sunspots" - Fried (Mercury)
4:45pm Finsta Bundy - "Don't Stress Tomorrow" - Don't Stress Tomorrow b/w Feel the High Pt. II (Tape Kingz)
4:42pm Peter Perrett - "The Power is in You" - Humanworld (Domino)
4:34pm Family - "Face in the Cloud" - Family Entertainment (Reprise)
4:31pm Alison Statton & Spike - "A Greater Notion" - Tidal Blues (Vinyl Japan)
4:28pm Creedence Clearwater Revival - "Lookin' Out My Back Door" - Cosmo's Factory (Fantasy)
4:21pm Scott Dunbar - "Easy Rider" - From Lake Mary (Ahura Mazda)
4:18pm Damon & Naomi & Batoh & Kurihara - "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue/Yoo Doo Right (Grimsey)
4:08pm The Fall - "Slang King 2" - Slang King 2 7" (Beggars Banquet)
4:04pm Positive Noise - "Energy" - Positive Negative (Statik)
4:02pm Terminals - "(What I've Heard of) Wyoming" - Touch (Raffmond/Sound & Fury)
3:59pm Cosmic Psychos - "Down on the Farm" - Down on the Farm (Mr. Spaceman)
3:54pm Steel Pole Bath Tub - "Borstal" - Bozeman (Boner)
3:46pm Gang Starr - "Above the Clouds (feat. Inspectah Deck)" - Moment of Truth (Noo Trybe)
3:42pm FM - "Journey" - Black Noise (Visa)
3:36pm Viv Akauldren - "Inn'er Current" - I'll Call You Sometime (Akashic)
3:33pm Devo - "Time Out for Fun" - Oh No! It's Devo (Infinite Zero/American)
3:26pm Faction - "Running Amok" - No Hidden Messages (I M)
3:23pm D.A.F. - "Side B (Excerpt)" - Die Kleinen und Die Bosen (Mute)
3:14pm Experimental Products - "Clear Image" - Prototype (Short Circuit)
3:08pm John Bender - "33A1" - I Don't Remember Now/I Don't Want to Talk About It (Record Sluts)
3:04pm Creative Source - "Rainbow on the Ground" - Pass the Feelin' On (Polydor)
3:01pm XTC - "Season Cycle" - Skylarking (Geffen)
2:56pm McCoy Tyner - "Search for Peace" - The Real McCoy (Blue Note)
2:48pm Thin Lizzy - "Mama Nature Said" - Vagabonds of the Western World (Decca)
2:44pm Purling Hiss - "The Harrowing Wind" - Water on Mars (Drag City)
2:40pm Fortschreitende Angstzustande - "Mastering Your Mind" - What Doesn't Hurt Us Makes Us Stronger (Destiny)
2:35pm Eleven Pond - "Portugal" - Bas Relief (Game Hen)
2:31pm Kaminumada Yohji - "Sword in My Heart" - Katana (Aether)
2:19pm Sonic's Rendezvous Band - "Sweet Nuthin' (Instrumental)" - Destroy All Monsters/Sonic's Rendezvous Band (Revenge)
2:16pm Richie Havens - "The Makings of You" - Mixed Bag II (Stormy Forest)
2:12pm Serpent Power - "Open House" - The Serpent Power (Vanguard)
2:07pm Flamin' Groovies - "Road House" - Flamingo (Buddha)
1:57pm Inutili - "Fry Your Brain" - Music to Watch the Clouds on a Sunny Day (Aagoo)
1:52pm Can - "The Empress & the Ukraine King" - Unlimited Edition (Spoon)
1:49pm Shoes This High - "The Nose One" - Straight to Hell (Siltbreeze)