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Monday, May 17, 2021 - 3:00pm to 6:00pm

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1:35am Fogcity - "Daybreak" - Monster Magnet (Mighty Force)
1:29am Schizophrenia - "My Splendid Idea featuring MC Musclehead and Crystal Tips" - My Splendid Idea (Mighty Force)
1:25am Aphex Twin with Schizophrenia - "En Trance To Exit" - Analogue Bubblebath (Mighty Force)
1:16am Auscultation - "Tied" - Auscultation (1080p)
1:09am Gescom - "Go Sumo" - The Sounds of Machines Our Parents Used (Clear)
12:52am Coil - "How To Destroy Angels" - Unnatural History: Compilation Tracks Compiled (Threshold House)
12:46am V/Vm - "PIGEOn BiTS" - Mouldy Dough **the Official V/Vm Anthem** (V/Vm Test)
12:41am The Haxan Cloak - "Miste" - Excavation (Triangle)
12:39am V/Vm - "Asymetric" - 0161 (Skam / V/Vm Test / Public)
12:35am AFX - "[Analogue Bubblebath Vol. 3 CD track 11]" - Analogue Bubblebath Vol. 3 (Rephlex)
12:29am Tod Dockstader - "Super Choral" - From The Archives (Starkland)
12:24am Terre Thaemlitz - "TSR7 Still Life Electroacoustic Composition" - Trans-Sister Radio (Grain of Sound/Base)
12:10am Karlheinz Stockhausen/Bass Communion vs. Muslimgauze - "Gesang Der Jungling/Seven" - Elektronische Musik 1959-60/Bass Communion vs. Muslimgauze (s/r / Soleilmoon)
12:04am SPK - "Berufsverbot" - Information Overload Unit (Side Effects)
12:02am Ween - "Poop Ship Destroyer" - Pure Guava (Elektra)
3:25am Tin Tin - "Hold It (Extended)" - Hold It (Sire)
3:19am MNLTH - "111Pad" - Laser 80 (Organic Analogue)
3:14am EOD - "CLK" - EODS (WeMe)
3:10am A Shoreline Dream & Ulrich Schnauss - "NeverChanger" - NeverChanger (Latenight Weekend)
3:08am Philip Perkins - "egg3" - It Gets The Corners (Fun)
3:07am Band Aparte - "Pastic Face" - Memory On Trial (Manifesto)
3:02am Yagya - "Substorms On A Winter Night" - Stars And Dust (Deslin)
2:56am Push Button Objects - "A Day In A Life" - A Day In A Life (Skam)
2:47am 2814 - "Sorrow" - Birth Of A New Day (Dream Catalogue)
2:41am Sotokanda Deepspace - "Shinjuku Stasis" - Rainforest LP (Coastal Haze)
2:38am Autolux - "Hamster Suite" - Live At Third Man Records (Third Man)
2:25am Mark Pritchard - "Beautiful People feat. Thom Yorke" - Under The Sun (Warp)
2:17am Mark Lanegan Band - "Floor Of The Ocean (Pye Corner Audio Remix)" - A Thousand Miles Of Midnight: Phantom Radio Remixes (Heavenly)
2:14am Chasms - "More Love To Be Found" - On The Legs Of Love Purified (Felte)
2:09am The Orb - "9 Elms Over River Eno (Channel 9)" - COW/Chill Out, World! (Kompakt)
2:06am A Winged Victory For The Sullen - "Fantasme" - Iris (soundtrack) (Erased Tapes)
1:56am As One - "Amalia" - Applied Rhythmic Technology (Applied Rhythmic Technology)
1:52am Angel Olson - "Give It Up" - My Woman (JagJaguwar)
1:51am Odi Me - "Unlocked" - Line Cook Music (Jacktone)
1:47am Trypheme - "Away From Prying Eyes" - Online Dating (Central Processing Unit)
1:35am Bezier - "Cosmos" - Cosmologist EP (Honey Soundsystem)
1:33am Patten - "Pixacao" - Phi (Warp)
1:28am Superstructure - "Tre 2 Tre" - Superposition (Omega Supreme)
1:17am Soit-P.P. - "n.IASP" - The Philosophy of Sound and Machine (Applied Rhythmic Technology/Rephlex)
1:07am Aphex Twin - "No Stillson 6 Cirk" - No Stillson 6 Cirk (Warp)
12:56pm Yagya - "Rigning Atta" - Rigning (Sending Orbs)
12:51pm Tod Dockstader - "Anat Loop" - From The Archives (Starkland)
12:49pm EOD - "00H" - EODS (WeMe)
12:42pm Larry Heard - "The Dance Of Planet X" - Alien (Alleviated)
12:38pm Golden Donna - "Poison Dart" - Golden Donna/Lake Daggers (Sacred Phrases)
12:30am Ethereal 77 - "Open Skiez" - Unpleasant Poems - A Compilation (Ground Liftaz)
12:21am The Extremist - "Ascent From The Circle" - Ascent From The Circle (Tanjobi)
12:12am Cherushii - "Sunburst In My Sequencer" - House, Disco, Boogie, and Other Oddities (Easy Bay)
12:07am Underground Resistance - "Jupiter Jazz" - World 2 World (Underground Resistance)
12:03am Superstructure - "Issues" - Superposition (Omega Surpeme)