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4:44pm Svarte Greiner - "The Black Dress" - Knive (Type)
4:37pm Wreckmeister Harmonies - "Covered In Blood From Invisible Wounds" - The Alone Rush (Thrill Jockey)
4:33pm Tapes and Topographies - "the angel heurtebise" - Ubiquitous Clouds (Simulacra)
4:30pm Amber Asylum - "Looking Glass" - The Natural Philosophy of Love (Release)
4:26pm Nico - "Facing the Wind" - The Marble Index (Elektra)
4:24pm Jose Soberanes - "Transformacion" - Luz (Faint)
4:15pm Silver Apples - "Misty Mountains" - Silver Apples (TRC)
4:10pm Lightning Bolt - "Halloween" - Sonic Citadel (Thrill Jockey)
4:07pm Dan Friel - "Scavengers" - Total folklore (Thrill Jockey)
4:05pm Healers - "Outside" - Time Is a Vulture That Is Always Circling/ And/ Street Sweeping (Black Mold Tape and Dumpster Fire Records)
4:00pm Buck Young - "Woke Up In Reno" - Buck II: Where Do You Want It? (No Rent)
3:49pm Desolate Moon Phases - "The Doubting Men" - Heathenstones (Stick Figure)
3:44pm Yek Koo - "Oh Woman" - Oh Woman/ Flame Creation (Emerald Cocoon)
3:37pm Women - "Eyesore" - Public Strain (Jagjaguwar)
3:36pm Slapp Happy - "I'm All Alone" - Sort Of (Voiceprint)
3:23pm Anais Maviel - "Listening" - In the Garden (Gold Bolus)
3:14pm Kyle Gann - "Star Dance" - Hyperchromatica (Other Minds)
3:10pm Ka Baird - "The Orion Arm" - Respires (RVNG Intl)
3:05pm Kim Gordon - "Get Your Life Back" - No Home Record (Matador)
3:00pm EMA - "Neuromancer" - The Future's Void (Matador)
5:52pm Loscil - "Equivalent 2" - Equivalents (Kranky)
5:45pm Panteleimon - "Summer Reigns" - The Butterfly Ate the Pearl (Grass Girl Music)
5:39pm Fire On Fire - "To Knight" - The Orchard (Young God)
5:30pm Saariselka - "Into the Wind" - The Ground Our Sky (Temporary Residence)
5:27pm Bill Orcutt - "The Sun and its Horizon" - Odds Against Tomorrow (Palilalia)
5:20pm Somnambulists - "The Streets Were Paved With the Blood of Saints" - From the Field to the Factory (Zum Audio)
5:10pm Pharmakon - "Self Regulating Systems" - Devour (Sacred Bones)
5:09pm Behead the Prophet N.L.S.L. - "Lewd Lewd Lewd Lewd" - I Am That Great And Fiery Force (K)
5:04pm Lightning Bolt - "USA Is A Psycho" - Sonic Citadel (Thrill Jockey)
5:00pm Circuit Des Yeux - "Paper Bag" - Reaching For Indigo (Drag City)
4:54pm Hale Zukas - "Virus" - Hale Zukas (S/R)
4:49pm Alexander Tucker - "Montag" - Guild of the Asbestos Weaver (Thrill Jockey)
4:44pm Oh Sees - "Psy-ops" - Face Stabber (Castle Face)
4:35pm White Magic - "Runaway" - I'm Hiding My Nightingale (Leaving)
4:32pm Aviva LeFay - "Bite My Tongue" - Lovesick (Long Road Soaciety)
4:28pm Cindy Lee - "A New Love Is Believing" - Act of Tenderness (CCQSK)
4:25pm Karen Dalton - "Little Bit of Rain" - It's So Hard To Tell Who's Going To Love You The Best (Koch)
4:22pm Auto Da Fe - "Phoenix Soaring" - Hither and Thon (S/R)
4:15pm Robbie Basho - "Night Way" - Visions of the Country (Windham Hill)
4:10pm Fountainsun - "Garden Gate I" - Music Today (Gnome Life)
4:05pm Larkin Grimm - "Harpoon Baptism" - Harpoon (Secret Eye)
3:57pm Eyvind Kang - "Maybe I'll Kiss and Die a Fool" - Chirality (I Dischi Angelica)
3:50pm Spires That In the Sunset Rise - "Ancient Drains" - Ancient Patience Wills It Again (Hairy Spider Legs)
3:45pm Land of Kush - "Recuerdo" - Sand Enigma (Constellation)
3:38pm Tom Kovacevic - "Universe Thin As Skin" - Universe Thin As Skin (Immune)
3:33pm Volcano the Bear - "all the paint i can breathe" - Guess the Birds (beta Lactum Ring)
3:21pm Kali Malone - "Fifth Worship ll" - The Sacrificial Code (iDeaL Recordingsl)
3:14pm Thor and Friends - "Standing Rock" - The Subservise Nature of Kindness (LM Duplications)
3:10pm Evangelista - "Artificial Lamb" - In Animal Tongue (Constellation)
3:07pm Matana Roberts - "in the fold" - Coin Coin Chapter Four: Memphis (Constellation)