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4:49pm Eight Eyed Spy - "(Swamp) Run Through the Jungle" - Eight Eyed Spy (Fetish)
4:45pm Snakefinger - "Trashing All the Lovers of History" - Live In Melbourne (Secret)
4:43pm Preening - "Work Policy" - Gang Laughter (Digital Regress)
4:35pm Big Blood - "the grove is hotter than the ocean's oven" - The Grove (Don't Trust the Ruin)
4:24pm Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice - "The Flood" - The Flood (Trouble Man)
5:45pm Norman Westberg - "On, To Another; The Further Adventures; It's the Journey; Bubbling Under the Surface; It is Not the Water; Something from far Away; A Life Begins; Retreat Was Never An Option; Silver Side" - Bedroom Off (Secret)
5:36pm Joanna Newsom - "Cosmia" - Ys (Drag City)
5:29pm Matt Davignon - "Lepidoptera" - Pink Earth (Ribosome)
5:26pm Hardy Fox - "The Bather" - Hardy Fox (Secretly Canadian)
5:22pm SPF - "Mandate" - Paul's Mccartney (Digital Regress)
5:18pm Bafus / Brewer / Raskin - "Queasy" - Hornets/ Queasy (Lather)
5:14pm John Zorn - "The Big Gundown" - The Big Gundown (Zorn plays the music of Ennio Morricone) (Icon)
5:11pm Buck Young - "Long Distance Phone Call" - Buck II Where Do You Want It? (No Rent)
5:00pm Derva Yildirim & Grup Simsek - "Kurk" - Kar Yagar (Bongo Joe)
4:56pm Electric Prunes - "Wind Up Toys" - Underground (Reprise)
4:53pm Los Piranas - "Espirit de los seres humanos" - Historia Natural (Glitterbeat)
4:49pm Lucifer Was - "Tarabas" - Underground and Beyond (Sommor)
4:42pm USA/ Mexico - "Eric Carr T Shirt" - Matamoros (12XU)
4:35pm Harvey Milk - "Sunshine (no sun) Into the Sun" - Courtesy and Good Will Toward Men (tUMULt)
4:30pm Stinking Lizaveta - "Over the Edge" - Caught Between Worlds (At a Loss)
4:25pm Colin Stetson - "Won't Be A Thing To Become" - Never Were the Way She Was (Constellation)
4:22pm Bastarda - "Libera Me Domine de Morte Aeterna" - Ars Moriendi (Time Released Sound)
4:19pm Shirley & Dolly Collins - "Salisbury Plain" - Love, Death, and the Lady (BGO)
4:16pm Laura Cannell - "Landmark" - The Sky Untuned (Brawl)
4:10pm Maxine Funke - "Mink Horn" - Lace (Digital Regress)
4:06pm Sarah Pagé - "Stasis" - Dose Curves (Backward)
3:59pm Louise Bock - "Oolite" - Abyss: For Cello (Geographic North)
5:58pm Essi - "Pads" - Vital Creatures (Ramp Local)
5:48pm SPF - "Tango" - Paul's Mccartney (Digital Regress)
5:45pm Hardy Fox - "Christ" - Hardy Fox (Secret)
5:42pm Negativeland - "One Bee At a Time" - TrueFalse (Seeland)
5:21pm Norman Westberg - "Side 2: Name withheld by request; moon; When Peter met Vincent; The ride goes aground; Too brief a time together; Fast and frightening" - Bedroom Off (Secret)
5:16pm Larkin Grimm - "The Goddamn String" - The Moons of June (Self Released)
5:10pm Blaine Todd - "Beat Up Little Seagull" - Every Road Is a Good Road (Debacle)
5:06pm Emily Jane White - "Washed Away" - Immanent Fire (Talitres)
5:55pm Tapes and Topographies - "waterbury clock company" - ubiquitous clouds (Simulacra)
5:40pm Thomas Carnacki - "Fur and Fuzz It" - Museum of Lost Species (Alethiometer)
5:30pm Saariselka - "Into the Wind" - The Ground Our Sky (Temporary Residence)
5:27pm Suss - "The Walk Home" - High Line (Northern Spy)
5:24pm Bill Orcutt - "The Sun and Its Horizon" - Odds Against Tomorrow (Palilalia)
5:14pm Dire Wolves - "I Control the Weather" - Grow Toward the Light (Beyond Beyond Beyond)
5:07pm Land of Kush - "Safe Space" - Sand Enigma (Constellation)
4:58pm Matana Roberts - "trail of the smiling sphinx" - Coin Coin, Chapter Four: Memphis (Constellation)
4:49pm Pharmakon - "Self Regulating Systems" - Devour (Sacred Bones)
4:46pm Hide - "Hell Is Here" - Hell Is Here (Dais)
4:43pm Somnambulists - "Poem of Struggle" - From the Field to the Factory (Zum Audio)
4:34pm Kim Gordon - "Get Your Life Back" - No Home Record (Matador)
4:31pm Cube - "Word Church" - Decoy Street (W.25TH/ Superior Viaduct)
4:27pm SPF - "Mixed Use" - Paul's Mccartney (Digital Regress)
4:23pm Buck Young - "Reclusive Kingdom" - Buck II: Where Do You Want It? (No Rent)