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11:53pm Steve Roden + Mem 1 - "The Uncertainties of Movement I" - A Floating Wave of Air (Estuaries)
11:48pm Of - "The Paper Raft" - Rocks Will Open (Digitalis)
11:46pm Vulcanus 68 - "The Monochrome Canon III" - Contours and Colours (Gigante Sound)
11:40pm Nurse With Wound - "Lonely Poisonous Mushroom" - Automating Volume 2 (United Dairies)
11:28pm Chelsea Wolfe - "Dragged Out" - Abyss (Sargent House)
11:24pm Giulio Aldinucci - "Camino" - Spazio Sacro (Time Released Sound)
11:19pm Nordic Affect - "2 Circles" - Clockworking (Sono Luminus)
11:02pm Fire On Fire - "Amnesia" - Fire On Fire (Young God)
10:58pm 3 Leafs - "You Will Be Mist" - More Tomorrow (s/r)
10:46pm OOIOO - "UJA" - Taiga (Rhythm Rock)
10:43pm Foot Village - "Comparable Love in the Time of Development" - Fuck the Future (Gilgongo)
10:40pm Oscar Young - "Sun Tee Ching Guh" - Damp Circuits (Sham Palagg)
10:35pm Adam Sliwinski - "Marbles" - Nostalgic Synchronica (New Amsterdam)
10:15pm Magma - "De Futura" - Udu Wudu (Charly)
10:14pm USA Is A Monster - "Hobocon" - Wohaw (Load)
10:09pm San Kazakgascar - "First Nation Spy" - First Nation Spy (Lather)
10:08pm Sandy Bull - "Carmina Burana Fantasy" - Fantasias (Vanguard)
10:06pm Jandek - "The Times" - Chair Beside a Window (Corwood)
10:04pm Suzanne Languille & Neel Murgai - "Child" - Wild and Foolish Hearts (Family Vineyard)
10:00pm Cheryl E Leonard - "Himo" - Outsound New Music Summit (s/r)
9:55pm Meg Baird - "Don't Weigh Down the Light" - Don't Weigh Down the Light (Drag City)
9:51pm Tom Beaulieu - "Waiting In the Window" - The Laughing Vase (s/r)
9:45pm Mirel Wagner - "Dreams" - Mirel Wagner (Friendly Fire)
9:44pm Round Eye - "Street Light B" - Round Eye (Ripping)
9:40pm Silertron Youth Choir - "Spaceship Sunlight" - Our God Is a Possum God (Ten Dollar)
9:36pm Oneida - "Spirits" - The Wedding (Jagjagwar)
9:29pm White Magic - "Song of Solomon" - Dat Rosa Mei Apidus (Drag City)
9:26pm Hums and Haws - "Yesterday" - Wondering Home (1980)
9:22pm Repairs - "Cycle" - Decay (Hozac)
9:20pm Goblin - "Suspiria Narration" - Suspiria (Cinevox)
9:18pm Mike Oldfield - "Red Dawn" - Tubular Bells 2 (Reprise)
9:13pm Valerie Project - "Burned At the Stake" - Valerie Project (Drag City)
9:09pm Scott Amendola & Henry Kaiser - "Sproing" - Leaps (Fractal)
9:04pm This Heat - "Radio Prague" - Deciet (Rough Trade)
9:00pm Captain Beefheart - "Brickbats" - Doc At the Radar Station (Virgin)
8:44am Lona Kozik and Chris Golinski - "Descent" - Speleology (Edgetone)
8:33am Jenny Hval - "White Underground" - Apocalypse Girl (Sacred Bones)
8:29am Niton - "Joule" - Tiresias (Pulver and Asche)
8:24am Angel In Heavy Syrup - "A Series of Water Mind--Rudens and the Cathedral" - Angel In Heavy Syrup (Monotremata)
8:23am Crawl Space - "Fifteenth Cup Off the Same Old Teabag" - Blink Once For Yes (Gulcher)
8:14am Carlton Melton - "Diamond In the Rough" - Out To Sea (Agitated)
8:10am Robert Crouch - "The Propaganda of History" - Organs (Dragon's Eye)
8:00am Caethua - "Part 1: IN the wake of March Where we begin the winter ends" - Wrecks and Rescues/ Tube Mind (Saxwand)
8:00am Worm Ouroboros - "Goldeneye" - Worm Ouroboros (Profound Lore)
7:57am Leonard Cohen - "Story of Isaac" - Songs From a Room (Columbia)
7:53am Linda Perhacs - "Parallelogram" - Parallelograms (The Wild Places)
7:50am Sun Ra featuring Nu Sound - "Stranger In Paradise" - Spaceship Lullaby (Atavistic)
7:46am Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - "Stunts" - Euclid (Western Vinyl)
7:41am German Army - "Clan Bride" - In Transit (Dub Ditch)
7:38am Coil - "Various Hands" - Unnatural History (Threshold House)