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3:37pm Robbie Basho - "Dravidian Sunday" - The Seal of the Blue Lotus (Takoma)
3:34pm Jackson C Frank - "Just Like Anything" - The Complete Recordings (Ba Da Bing)
3:27pm Esmerine - "Funambule (Deux Pas de Serein)" - Lost Voices (Constellation)
3:23pm International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) with Anna Thorvalsdottir - "Existence" - In the Light of Air (Sono Luminus)
3:20pm Ghedelia Tazartes, Jac Berrocal, David Fenech - "Jac's Theme" - Superdisque (SubRosa)
3:13pm White Out with Nels Cline - "Under a Void Moon" - Accidental Sky (Northern Spy)
3:05pm Sun Ra - "Love In Outer Space" - Calling Planet Earth (Freedom)
3:00pm Circle - "Understanding New Age" - Catapult (No Quarter)
11:55pm Village of Spaces - "Ovum's Influence" - Alchemy and Trust (Turned Word)
11:49pm Cluster - "Hollywood" - Zuckerzeit (Brain)
11:44pm The Residents - "The Ship's Going Down" - Not Available (Ralph)
11:37pm Larkin Grimm - "My Justine" - Parplar (Young God)
11:35pm Sophie Dickinson - "Blueberry Pancake" - Cucanandy (White Haus)
11:29pm Ancestral Diet - "Water Buries" - Official Waste (Torrid Orb/ Saxwand)
11:23pm Guilio Aldinucci - "The Hermit" - Spazio Sacro (Time Released Sound)
11:14pm Popol Vuh - "Aguirre" - Aguirre II (Spalax)
11:05pm International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) with Anna Thorvalsdottir - "Luminance" - In the Light of Air (Sono Luminus)
10:59pm Common Eider King Eider - "As the Soil Rises Up Past Our Bodies" - Taaleg Uksor (Pesanta)
10:54pm Dungen - "Akt Dit" - Allas Sak (Kemado)
10:48pm Circle - "Skelator Highway" - Katapult (No Quarter)
10:47pm Anthony Cedric Buagniaux - "L'infirmiere et L'explorateur" - L Virago (Plombage)
10:44pm The Magnificent Pigtail Shadow - "The Dull Earth" - The Magnificent Pigtail Shadow (Wow Cool)
10:42pm Jackson C Frank - "The Spectre" - The Complete Recordings (Ba Da Bing)
10:37pm Soft Machine - "Clarence in Wonderland" - Middle Earth Masters (Cuneiform)
10:31pm Meg Baird - "Counterfeiters" - Don't Weigh Down the Light (Drag City)
10:22pm Primitive Language - "Canopy 2" - Primitive Language (S/R)
10:16pm Vocokesh - "Desert Song (Zabriskie Point)" - The Tenth Corner (Strange Attractors Audio House)
10:05pm Social Junk - "It Just Isn't the Same" - Born Into It (Digitalis)
10:02pm Slant 6 - "What Kind of Monster Are You?" - Soda Pop Rip Off (Dischord)
10:00pm Men's Recovery Project - "Normal Man" - The very best of the Men's Recovery Project (Ger)
9:58pm Head of David - "Grand Rift Faultline" - Dustbowl (Dutch East India Trading)
9:51pm Zeni Geva - "Bigman Death" - Total Castration (Public Bath)
9:42pm Voicehandler - "I am a recording instrument" - Song Cycle (Humbler)
9:36pm Amber Asylum - "Vampire" - Songs of Sex and Death (Release)
9:30pm Repairs - "Decay" - Decay/ Cycle (Hozac)
9:22pm Guru Guru - "der elektrolurch" - Guru Guru (Brain)
9:16pm White Out with Nels Cline - "Winter Light" - Accidental Sky (Northern Spy)
9:14pm Carla Bozulich - "Aint No Grave" - Boy (Constellation)
9:02pm The Necks - "Vertigo" - Vertigo (Northern Spy)
11:40pm Chas Smith - "Twilight of the Dreamboats" - Twilight of the Dreamboats (Cold Blur)
11:28pm Steve Roden & Mem 1 - "The Uncertainties of Movement III" - A Floating Wave of Air (Estuary)
11:23pm Guapo - "Obscure Knowledge Part II" - Obscure Knowledge (Cuniform)
11:17pm Adam Sliwinski - "Points Among Lines (With Occasional Tantrums)" - Nostalgic Synchronic (New Amsterdam)
11:14pm German Army - "Showing Teeth" - In Transit (Dub Ditch)
11:10pm Todd Tobias - "Piraha" - Tristes Tropiques (Hidden Shoal)
11:02pm Julia Wolfe - "Four Marys (Cassatt String Quartet)" - The String Quartets (Cantaloupe)
10:50pm Voicehandler - "Empty and Without Pain" - Song Cycle (Humbler)
10:40pm Machine Shop - "Coefficient of Friction" - v/a Outsound New Music Summit (s/r)
10:30pm Padna - "Threatening Weather" - Alku Toinen (Aagoo)
10:24pm The Necks - "Vertigo" - Vertigo (Northern Spy)