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5:28pm Voicehandler - "mi falible mano" - Song Cycle (Humbler)
5:22pm Asha Bhosle - "Teri Meri Yaari Badi Purani" - Bough Guide to Bollywood Legends (Rough Guides)
5:15pm Trad Gras Och Stenar - "All Along the Watchtower" - The Green One (Silence)
5:11pm Fairport Convention - "Autopsy" - Unhalfbricking (Water)
4:58pm Oneohtrix Point Never - "Animals" - Garden of Delete (Warp)
4:55pm C418 - "Cat" - Minecraft Volume Alpha (Ghostly)
4:50pm Ryan Huber - "Tribunal" - Aleksandr (Inam)
4:42pm Marissa Nadler - "Famous Blue Raincoat" - Songs III: Bird ON the Water (Peacefrog)
4:38pm Jerusalem In My Heart - "Qala Li Kafa Kafa Kafa Kafa kafa kafa" - If He Dies, If If If If If If (Constellation)
4:33pm Derek Monypenny - "Taqsim" - Don't Bring Me Down Bruce (Raheem)
4:27pm Esmerine - "A River Runs Through This City" - Lost Voices (Constellation)
4:23pm Bridget Saint John - "Hello Again (of course)" - Ask Me No Questions (Cherry Red)
4:19pm Tom Beaulieu - "Space Queen" - The Laughing Vase (S/R)
4:14pm Eyes Like Saucers - "Wrangle Part II" - Parmalee, Tribute to a Dog (Ikiusuus)
4:11pm Dave Heumann - "Morning Remnants" - Here In the Deep (Thrill Jockey)
4:05pm John Fahey - "The Singing Bridge of Memphis, Tenessee" - The Yellow Princess (Vanguard)
4:02pm Hansan Durkun - "Saray yollari (The Castle Roads)" - Folk Music of Turkey (Topic)
4:01pm Adam Sliwinski - "Marbles" - Nostalgic Synchronic (New Amserdam)
4:00pm Midwinter - "Maids and Gentlemen" - v/a folk is not a four letter word 2 (Finders Keepers)
3:55pm Faun Fables - "Lightning Rods" - Mother Twilight (Earthlight)
3:48pm Common Eider King Eider - "Ukser" - Taaleg Ukser (Pesanta)
3:39pm Sun Ra - "Lanquidity" - Lanquidity (Evidence)
3:33pm Koji Asano - "drip" - monsoon (Solstice)
3:30pm Jackson C Frank - "Blues Run the Game" - The Complete Recordings (Ba Da Bing)
3:00pm Laurie Spiegel - "The Expanding Universe" - The Expanding Universe (Unseen World)
5:49pm Wrekmeister Harmonies - "Run Priest Run" - Night of Your Ascension (Thrill Jockey)
5:43pm Jandek - "Unconditional Authority" - Chair Beside a Window (Corwood)
5:40pm Daisuke Tobari - "#7" - Till the End of the Dream (s/r)
5:33pm Guilio Aldinucci - "Sator" - Spazio Sacro (Time Released Sound)
5:27pm Nick Drake - "Things Behind the Sun" - Pink Moon (Rykodisc)
5:24pm Joanna Newsom - "Same Old Man" - Divers (Drag City)
5:22pm Linda Perhacs - "Sandy Toes" - Parallelograms (The Wild Places)
5:18pm Boogarins - "Benzin" - Manual (Other Music)
5:15pm C418 - "Moog City" - Minecraft Volume Alpha (Ghostly International)
5:09pm Mike Hurley - "Eyes Eyes" - Wolf Ways (Koch)
5:06pm Sun City Girls - "The Shining Path" - Torch of the Mystic (Majora)
4:59pm Primitive Language - "Frozen" - Primitive Language (S/R)
4:55pm Chihei Hatakeyama - "A Narrow Path of the Sacred Forest" - Moon Light Reflecting Over Mountains (Room 40)
4:50pm Voicehandler - "mi falible mano" - song cycle (Humbler)
4:41pm Worm Ouroboros - "Release Your Days" - Come the Thaw (Profound Lore)
4:36pm Common Eider Kind Eider - "Caribou People" - Taaleg Uksor (Pesanta)
4:33pm Eyvind Kang - "Mineralia" - theatre of mineral NADEs (Tzadik)
4:27pm Moebius & Plank - "Rastakraut Pasta" - Rastakraut Pasta (Water)
4:22pm Naytronix - "Dream" - Mister Divine (City Slang)
4:18pm Secret Cheifs 3 - "Dolorous Stroke" - Book M (Web of Mimicry)
4:12pm Six Organs of Admittance - "Even If You Knew" - Ascent (Drag City)
4:10pm Fuzz - "Sleestak" - II (In the Red)
4:02pm Ryan Huber - "Death of Institution" - Aleksandr (Inam)
3:56pm Olekranon - "Crooked Wheel" - Danaus (Inam)
3:46pm Tangerine Dream - "Journey Through a Burning Brain" - Sunrise In the Third System: The Pink Years Anthology 1970-1973 (Esoteric)