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4:52pm Disemballerina - "Siren On the Rocks" - Undertaker (Graceless)
4:46pm Worm Ouroboros - "Failing Moon" - Worm Ouroboros (Profound Lore)
4:43pm Esmerine - "Our Love We Sing" - Lost Voices (Constellation)
4:39pm Fibulator - "Angelina" - Unhammerlike (Jim Wilbur)
4:27pm Fire! - "i am sucking for a bruise" - In the Mouth a Hand (Rune Grammofon)
4:25pm White Out with Nels Cline - "Winter Light" - Accidental Sky (Northern Spy)
4:20pm FiliaMotsa - "The Bus Is Late Again" - Like It Is (Aagoo)
4:14pm Bruce Haack - "Super Nova" - The Electric Lucifer (Columbia)
4:06pm Metal Rouge - "Ripe Century" - Trails (Emerald Cacoon)
4:02pm Tzur, Shye Ben, Jonny Greenwood & the Rajasthan Express - "Allah Elohim" - Junun (Nonesuch)
3:59pm Primitive Language - "Primitive Language" - Primitive Language (S/R)
3:54pm Auto Da Fe - "RoRoKoda" - Post-Asiatic Lost War Dream Music (URCKarm)
3:49pm Sonido Gallo Negro - "Tzantza Soul" - Sendero Mistico (T-Vox)
3:44pm Sun Ra - "New Day" - A Space Odyssey (Fantastic Voyage)
3:36pm Bardo Pond - "Kali Yuga Blues" - Peace On Venus (Fire)
3:25pm PJ Harvey - "The Wind" - Is This Desire? (Island)
3:18pm Steve Roden - "My Dog Is a Yufo" - My Cat Is An Alien/ Steve Roden Cosmic Debris vol II (A Silent Place)
3:10pm John Schott - "Hemophilia (for James Blood Ulmer)" - Actual Trio (Tzadik)
3:06pm Harmonia - "hausmusik" - Musik von Harmonie (Brain)
3:02pm Don Slepian - "Awakening (excerpt)" - v/a I am the Center (Light in the Attic)
5:46pm Chas Smith - "Twilight of the Dreamboats" - Twilight of the Dreamboats (Cold Blur)
5:38pm Crawl Unit - "HitParaTu" - v/a Elsie, Jack and Chair (Elsie & Jack)
5:34pm Ryan Huber - "Emerge" - Aleksandr (Inam)
5:31pm Slapp Happy - "I Got Evil" - Sort of (Blue Print)
5:24pm Joseph Daley/ William Smith/ Scott Robinson - "Sonorous" - The Tuba Chronicles (JoDa)
5:14pm Jerusalem In My Heart - "A Granular Buzuk" - If He Dies, If If If If If If (Constellation)
5:07pm Common Eider King Eider - "Caribou People" - Taaleg Uksur (Peasanta)
5:02pm Sir Richard Bishop - "Mirage" - Tangier Sessions (Drag City)
4:54pm A Minor Forest - "Dutch Fist" - Inindependence (Thrill Jockey)
4:50pm Ahleuchatistas - "Rincon Pio Sound" - Arrebato (International Anthem)
4:45pm Wilburn Burchette - "Witch's Will" - I am the Center: Private Issue New Age Music In America 1950-1990 (Light In the Attic)
4:36pm Robbie Basho - "Black Lotus (Hymn to Fugen)" - The Seal of the Blue Lotus (Takoma)
4:32pm Dave Heumann - "Holly King on a Hill" - Here in the Deep (Thrill Jockey)
4:22pm Esmerine - "My Mama Pinned a Rose On Me" - Lost Voices (Constellation)
4:18pm FiliaMotsa - "Blab/Blub" - Like It Is (Aagoo)
4:13pm Dan Friel - "Rattler" - Life (Thrill Jockey)
4:09pm Circle - "Fish Reflection" - Katapult (No Quarter)
3:56pm Magma - "Hortz Fur Dehn Stekehn West" - Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh (Seventh)
3:48pm Archie Shepp - "Fiesta" - The Way Ahead (Impulse!)
3:43pm The Whip - "Sheep and Goat Judgement" - Sheep and Goat Judgement (Wantage)
3:37pm Achette Akall - "Mdou Moctar" - V/A: CJSW 90.9FM Level Up Compilation (s/r)
3:30pm Hums and Haws - "Obliterated Space" - Wondering Home (1980)
3:25pm Jackson C Frank - "My Name Is Carnival" - The Complete Recordings (Ba Da Bing)
3:20pm The Incredible String Band - "Witch's Hat" - The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter (Elektra)
3:10pm Davenport - "Hash Belly Blues" - Davenport (S/R)
3:00pm Evan Miller - "Marvels of Creatures and Strange Things Existing" - Transfigurations on Lap Steel Guitar (Arbor)
5:49pm The Necks - "Vertigo" - Vertigo (Northern Spy)
5:38pm White Out with Nels Cline - "Imperative" - Accidental Sky (Northern Spy)
5:36pm Circle - "Saturnus Reality" - Katapult (No Quarter)
5:32pm myrmyr - "Jurata" - The Amber Sea (Digitalis)