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7:06am HRNS - "Swan Palace" - Naomi (Warm Winters Ltd)
7:00am Medicine Moon - "A Place To Begin" - Medicine Moon (Pesanta)
6:55am Amber Asylum - "Song of the Spider War" - The Natural Philosophy of Love (Release)
6:51am Amps For Christ - "Janitor of Lunacy" - Circuits (Turned Word)
6:49am Lau Nau - "Kuljen Halkin Kuutarhan" - Kuutarha (Locust Music)
6:43am Gong - "Radio Gnome Invisible" - Radio Gnome Invisible Part 1: Flying Teapot (Get Back)
6:38am Sarathy Korwar - "Mumbay (feat MC Mawali)" - More Arriving (Leaf)
6:34am Tinariwen + 10.1 - "Zawal" - Amadjar (Anti)
6:25am Land of Kush - "Safe Space" - Sand Enigma (Constellation)
6:17am Dire Wolves - "Crack In the Cosmic Axis" - Grow Towards the Light (Beyond Beyond Beyond)
6:15am Larkin Grimm - "How To Catch a Lizard" - Parplar (Young God)
6:13am Alvarius B - "A Mark Twain August" - A Mark Twain August Vol 2: With a Beaker on the Burner and an Otter in the Oven (Abduction)
6:00am Peter Grudzien - "Kentucky Candy" - The Unicorn (Parallel World)
8:52am Golden Retriever - "Winter Light" - Occupied With the Unspoken (Thrill Jockey)
8:44am Land of Kush - "Trema" - Sand Enigma (Constellation)
8:39am Ng Chun-hoi Daniel - "Prelude II (Wuxing Interaction)" - V/A: Hong Kong Composers Guild: Resonating Colours 5 (Navona)
8:36am Maps and Diagrams - "Unordinary People" - Get Lost (Time Released Sound)
8:28am Worm Ouroboros - "Failing Moon" - Worm Ouroboros (Profound Lore)
8:23am Grouper - "It Feels Allright" - Cover the Windows and the Walls (Root Strata)
8:18am Bill Orcutt - "Writhing Jar" - Odds Against Tomorrow (Palilalia)
8:15am Svarte Greiner - "Ocean Out of Wood" - Knive (Type)
8:07am Tinariwen +10:1 - "Wartilla" - Amadjar (Antilla)
8:03am Dire Wolves - "Water Bearing One" - Grow Towards the Light (Beyond Beyond Beyond)
7:56am Curanderos - "Putrefactio" - V/A: Wound: A Guitar-Centric Compilation (Carbon)
7:50am Object As Subject - "Sinner" - Permission (Lost Future)
7:46am Sonic Youth - "Shaking Hell" - Confusion is Sex (SST)
7:41am Dax Pierson - "Soulpsang" - Live In Oakland (Ratskin)
7:34am Oozing Wound - "Birth of a Flat Earther" - High Anxiety (Thrill Jockey)
7:26am The Residents - "Smack Your Lips (Clap Your Teeth)" - Tun of Two Cities (Ralph)
7:23am Alastair Galbraith - "Marcasite Lace" - Morse (Digital Regress)
7:17am Medina/ Walsh - "Muon Derision" - Vault of Angels (Debacle)
7:09am Pharmakon - "Self Regulating System" - Devour (Sacred Bones)
7:05am Ancestral Diet - "Imparted/ Departed" - Official Waste (Torrid Orb/ Saxwand)
7:01am Laurence Pike - "The Shock of Hope" - Holy Spring (Leaf)
6:56am Tadzio - "Defiance" - The Sick Room (Blight)
6:51am Jefre Cantu Ledesma - "Joy" - Tracing Back the Radiance (Mexican Summer)
6:44am Matana Roberts - "as far as eyes can see" - Coin Coin Chapter 4: Memphis (Constellation)
6:40am Khyrkhaas - "Light Water" - Songs of our Elders (Seven Star)
6:37am Breathe Blow Burn - "Holy Communion" - Breathe Blow Burn (Super Invincible)
6:33am Felicia Atkinson - "Shirley to Shirley" - The Flower and the Vessel (Shelter Press)
6:30am Andrew Livingston - "Pilot Light" - News From the Oort Cloud (Gold Bolus)
6:22am Stuart Dempster, Tom Heasley, Eric Glick Rieman - "Celestial" - Echoes of Syros (Full Bleed)
6:17am Daona - "Lush Life" - The Secret Assembly (Faustus)
6:13am Eyvind Kang - "Maybe I'll Kiss and Die a Fool" - Chirality (I Dischi Angelica)
6:00am Brent Gutzeit - "Piano Motor Skills" - Drug Money (Kranky)
8:56am Circuit Des Yeux - "Brainshift" - Reaching For Indigo (Thrill Jockey)
8:51am Village of Spaces - "Neighbor's Jam" - Shaped By Place (Feeding Tube)
8:47am Francis Bebey - "Di Saegi" - Psychedelic Sanza (Born Bad)
8:44am Ben LaMar Gay - "Swim Swim" - Downtown Castles Can Never Block the Sun (International Anthem)
8:39am Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - "Rare Things Grow" - Ears (Western Vinyl)