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4:55pm The Stranglers - "Walk On By" - B-Sides (EMI)
4:50pm Richard Dawson - "Black Triangle" - 2020 (Weird World)
4:41pm Laurice - "Black Beauty" - Bad Boy (Mighty Mouth Music)
4:30pm Gong - "Squeezing Sponges Over Policemen's Heads/ Foghat Digs Holes in Space --1971" - jazzactuel: a collection of avant garde/ free jazz psychedelia from BYG Actuel catalogue of 1969-1971 (actuel)
4:25pm The Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 - "Change Your Mind" - Tangle (Enabler Music)
4:22pm Anoushirvan Rohani - "Molla Mammad Jaan" - Intercontinental Transmissions Vol 1 (Kala Bandar)
4:15pm T Rex - "Ride A White Swan" - T Rex (Reprise)
4:12pm Fountainsun - "Many Miles/ Minor Woodland Diety" - Sweep the Temple (Gnome Life)
4:09pm Devendra Banhart - "Kantori Ongaku" - MA (Nonesuch)
4:07pm David Novick - "Common Tern" - v/a Hot Sick Vile & Fun (Shine On)
3:56pm Hollow Deck - "Lover's Lane" - All the Roots ()
3:53pm County Z - "Brick" - Graveyards and Grocery Carts (Turned W/D)
3:50pm Liimanarina - "Muutama Fuck You Limudiskossa" - Supermarket (Bad Vugum)
3:43pm Circle - "Skeletor Highway" - Katapult (No Quarter)
3:36pm Six Organs of Admittance - "Wax Chance" - Hexadic (Drag City)
3:32pm Leather Nun - "Slow Death" - Slow Death EP (Industrial Records)
3:18pm Pharmakon - "Spit It Out" - Devour (Sacred Bones)
3:14pm Hide - "Hell Is Here" - Hell Is Here (Dais)
3:10pm Zonal - "Body of Wire" - Wrecked (Relapse)
3:00pm Yann Novak - "Again and Again Until We Feel Nothing" - Slowly Dismantling (Room 40)
4:36pm Anais Maviel - "In the Garden" - In the Garden (Gold Bolus)
4:26pm Stag Hare - "Island" - Wld Wyzrds/ Stag Hare 7" (Inner Islands)
4:22pm Auto Da Fe - "The Sun Never Sets In the East" - Hither and Thon (Self Released)
4:10pm Gowns - "cherylee" - Red State (Cardboard)
4:00pm Excavacations - "Porter" - Object Permanence (Weird Forest)
3:57pm TransFX - "Rat n' Molly" - Gaslit (Joker's Got a Posse)
3:52pm Carl with People - "Elevator Girls In Bondage" - Carl with People ()
3:48pm Cube - "Alkaline" - Decoy Street ()
3:45pm Cluster - "Caramel" - Zuckerzeit (SPV/ Brain)
3:41pm Buck Young - "Reclusive Kingdom" - Buck II: Where Do You Want It? (No Rent)
3:36pm Sophie Birch - "Loph" - Island Alchemy (Constellation Tatsu)
3:31pm Harmonia - "veterano" - Musik Von Harmonia (Metronome)
3:26pm Idyll Swords - "portals to a land" - Idyll Swords (the Communion Label)
3:22pm Lungfish - "Fill the Days" - Indivisible (Dischord)
3:18pm Steven R. Smith - "a bird that is all birds" - A Sketchbook of Endings (Soft Abuse)
3:02pm Jefre Cantu Ledesma - "Tracing Back the Radiance" - Tracing Back the Radiance (Mexican Summer)
5:50pm Land of Kush - "Broken Maqams" - Sand Enigma (Constellation)
5:43pm Elena Setien - "Another Kind of Revolution" - Another Kind of Revolution (Thrill Jockey)
5:40pm Thee Silver Mountain Zion Memorial Orchestra - "Little Ones Run" - Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light On Everything (Constellation)
5:36pm Matana Roberts - "Her Mighty Waters Run" - Coin Coin Chapter 4: Memphis (Constellation)
5:30pm Suss - "Mojave" - High Line (Northern Spy)
5:25pm MV & EE and the Bummer Road - "Mine All Troubled Blues" - Green Blues (Ecstatic Peace)
5:21pm Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band - "The Clouds Are Full of Wine (Not Whiskey Or Rye)" - Lick My Decals Off, Baby (Reprise)
5:17pm Charlie Parr - "On Stealing a Sailboat" - Charlie Parr (Red House)
5:11pm My Invisible - "Innocence" - My Invisible (S/R)
5:09pm Blaine Todd - "Reach Into the Red Sky" - Every Road Is a Good Road (Debacle)
5:05pm Dawn Riding - "Trouble" - Last Spring (Long Road Society)
5:00pm Neil Young - "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" - After the Gold Rush (Reprise)
4:55pm Livingdog & Mike Johnson - "heart the size of a ____" - Cro$$ (Constellation Tatsu)
4:52pm Myrmyr - "Hot Snow II" - Fire Star (Under the Spire)