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4:53pm Karen Dalton - "Katie Cruel" - 1966 (Delmore)
4:47pm Richard Dawson - "Weaver" - Peasant (Weird World)
4:43pm Amps for Christ - "Prepared Hammond II" - Plains of the Alluvial (Water Wing)
4:37pm Current 93 - "This Carnival is Dead and Gone" - The Inmost Light (Durtro Jnana)
4:33pm Babes In Toyland - "Angel Hair" - Pain Killers (Reprise)
4:29pm Esses - "Sea of Red" - No Light In This Fire (Atakra)
4:24pm Lazertuth - "Akamian Death Formations for Desert Terrain" - The Akami (House of Watts)
4:12pm Drive Like Jehu - "Do You Compute" - Yank Crime (Swami)
4:10pm Karp - "13 Ways to a Cavity" - Moustaches Wild (K)
4:06pm Liars - "All In All a Careful Party" - Oneida/ Liars: Atheists/ Reconsider (Version City)
4:00pm Egrets on Ergot - "Sister, Please" - Surfeit of Gemutlich (Cleopatra)
3:55pm Snakefinger - "Man In the Dark Sedan" - The Man In the Dark Sedan (Ralph)
3:50pm Gary War - "For Cobra" - Horrible Parade (Sacred Bones)
3:44pm Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - "Who I am & Why I am Where I am" - The Kid (Western Vinyl)
3:38pm Colleen - "Captain of None" - Captain of None (Thrill Jockey)
3:35pm Brian Eno - "Saint Elmos Fire" - Another Green World (EG Editiona)
3:22pm Moebius & Plank - "Infiltration" - Material (Sky)
3:16pm Matmos - "Cloth Mother/ Wire Mother" - Quasi-Objects (vague terrain)
3:10pm More Eaze - "Spin the Knife" - bodiezNcode (Self Sabotage)
3:03pm Bruce Haack - "Incantation" - Farad (Stones Throw)
3:22pm Kristine Barrett - "for the beauty of the earth" - The Spirits In My Blood (S/R)
3:16pm Diamanda Galas - "Thrill Is Gone" - Malediction and Prayer (Asphodel)
3:09pm Amber Asylum - "Devotion" - Songs of Sex and Death (Release)
3:05pm Buffy Sainte Marie - "Lyke Wake Dirge" - Fire and Fleet and Candlelight (Vanguard)
3:00pm Robbie Basho - "Leaf In the Wind" - Visions of the Country (Windham Hills)
5:13pm Magma - "De Futura" - Udu Wudu (Charly)
5:09pm Wondrous Horse - "fuoco sacro" - Cavallo Meraviglioso (Fire Museum)
5:05pm Faun Fables - "Lucy Belle" - Family album (Drag City)
5:00pm Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - "To Follow & Lead" - The Kid (Western Vinyl)
4:56pm Secret Pyramid - "Lost" - Two Shadows Collide (Ba Da Bing)
4:51pm Chelsea Wolfe - "Particle Flux" - Hiss/ Spun (Sargent House)
4:47pm Collision Stories - "Those Missing Will Complete Us (3)" - Those Missing Will Complete Us (Public Eyesore)
4:44pm Caracoa - "End of Kings" - End of Kings (Inam)
4:37pm Z'ev - "The Sapphire Nature" - The Sapphire Nature (Tzadik)
4:29pm KK Null, Chris Watson, Z'ev - "climax" - Number One (Touch)
4:25pm Evangelista - "Winds of Saint Anne" - Hello Voyager (Constellation)
4:19pm Straight Crimes - "In uh Free Pile" - Jams, with Microphone (Fine Concepts)
4:15pm The Body/ Full of Hell - "Master's Story" - Ascending A Mountain of Light (Thrill Jockey)
4:13pm Nasti - "Slugs" - Big Achievements (Iron Lung)
4:10pm Preening - "Plaza Scare" - Beeters (Digital Regress)
4:06pm Gary War - "See Right Thru" - Horrible Parade (Sacred Bones)
3:57pm Wolf Eyes - "Chattering Lead" - No Answer: Lower Floors (Destijl)
3:50pm SeveredHeads - "Elephant Decibals" - Clifford Darling, Please Don't Live In the Past (Dark Entries)
3:44pm A Five and Dime Ship - "The Farthest Shore" - The Way It All Would End (Jacketweather)
3:39pm Omnibus - "Na Pochodu" - Israels (Endless Illusion)
3:29pm Kemialliset Ystavat - "Kuuma Tomu" - Kellari Junaversumi (Fonal)
3:22pm Eternal Tapestry - "The Currents at Space" - A World Out of Time (Thrill Jockey)
3:17pm Caethua - "Surface Waters and Underground Seas" - The Summer Is Over Before It's Begun (Turned Word)
3:11pm Abronia - "Smoke Fingers" - Obsidian Visions, Shadowed Lands (Water Wing)
3:05pm King Crimson - "21st Century Schizoid Man" - In the Court of the Crimson King (Atlantic)