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11:49pm Erica Dicker - "Sadr (Gamma Cygni)" - Taking Auspices (Tubapede)
11:43pm Tarantula Hawk - "Untitled" - Tarantula Hawk (Life Is Abuse)
11:28pm Yann Novak - "Radical Transparency" - The Future is a Forward Escape (Touch)
11:27pm Svarte Greiner - "tunnel of love" - Kappe (Type)
11:24pm Marcus Fischer - "Wave Atlas" - Monocoastal (12k)
11:13pm Nicole Mitchell - "otherness" - Maroon Cloud (For Practically Everyone)
11:10pm Porya Hatami & Arovane - "emn" - Kaziwa (n5MD)
11:05pm Sarah Neufeld - "Dirt" - Hero Brother (Constellation)
11:00pm Andrew Bernstein - "Broken Arc" - An Exploded View of Time (Hausu Mountain)
10:54pm Thor & Friends - "12 Ate" - Thor & Friends (LM Duplication)
10:48pm Shuta Hasunuma & U-zhaan - "I Like Peshkar" - 2 Tone (Commmons)
10:43pm Liturgy - "True Will" - Aesthetica (Thrill Jockey)
10:35pm Zomes - "Monk Bag" - Time Was (Thrill Jockey)
10:33pm LFZ - "These Crimes Occurred At Night" - Name Plus Focus (Castle Face)
10:26pm Poison Girls - "Hole In the Wall (Thisbe's Song)" - Chappaquiddick Bridge (Water Wing)
10:21pm Reeks and the Wrecks - "Nerf" - Knife Hits (tUMULt)
10:18pm Hamish Kilgour - "Strange Angel" - Finklestein (Ba Da Bing)
10:15pm The Make Up - "Don't Step On the Children" - Destination: Love, Live! at Cold Rice (Dischord)
10:10pm The Pretty Things - "Trust" - Real Pretty (Motown)
10:00pm Cul De Sac - "Death of the Sun" - Death of the Sun (Strange Attractors Audio House)
9:54pm Dead C - "Heat" - The Damned (Starlight)
9:47pm Six Organs of Admittance - "This Hand" - Dark Noontide (Holy Mountain)
9:41pm Anna Von Hausswolff - "Ocean" - Ceremony (Othermusic)
9:38pm Dead Can Dance - "Windfall" - Within the Realm of a Dying Sun (4AD)
9:35pm Julien Boulier - "Estuaire Ephemere" - A Film Not Yet Made (Time Released Sound)
9:33pm Adrian Dziewanski - "A Common Dust" - The Trail Loops Back (Invisible Birds)
12:00am Laurie Spiegel - "Full Album" - Unseen Worlds (Scarlet Records)
11:54pm LFZ - "Silence" - Name Plus Focus (Castle Face)
11:42pm Crawl Unit - "Going Extinct" - Everyone Gets What They Deserve (Crippled Intellect)
11:37pm Yarn/ Wire - "Vermillion Becomes Cobalt" - Images of Duration (In Homage to Ellsworth Kelly) (Northern Spy)
11:28pm The Crossing - "Ad Genua/ To the knees (Anna Thorvaldsdottir)" - Seven Responses (Innova)
11:14pm Alanis Obomsawin - "Bush Lady" - Bush Lady (Constellation)
11:10pm Mary Lattimore - "Hello From the Edge of the Earth" - Hundreds of Days (Ghostly International)
11:08pm Glenn Jones - "The Was and The Is" - The Giant Who Ate Himself (Thrill Jockey)
11:04pm Six Organs of Admittance - "Hold But Let Go" - Asleep On the Floodplain (Drag City)
11:00pm Roman Barten-Sherman - "Before I Leave This World" - Before I Leave This World (Self Released)
10:52pm Allen Ravenstine - "Spirits" - Waiting for the Bomb (ReR Megacorp)
10:49pm Motoko & Myers - "Glochid Tufts" - Basis Key (Open Hand Real Flames)
10:45pm Gary Numan - "Down In the Park" - The BBC Sessions (Fuel)
10:42pm Lumerians - "Clock Spell" - Call of the Void (Fuzz Club)
10:29pm Come Holy Spirit - "Human Animal" - Asters and Disasters (Water Wing)
10:24pm Malditos - "Le Passage" - Le Reve (Svart)
10:21pm Rind - "From the Singer" - Exhaust Yourself (Rotted Tooth)
10:18pm Rubella Ballet - "Slant and Slide" - Ballet Bag (Dark Entries)
10:13pm Piniol - "Kerberos" - Bran Coucou (Dur et Doux)
10:03pm Terry Riley - "Mosque/ Derveshum Carnivalis/ Wedding Song (Luc Martinez; Terry Riley; Martinez & Riley)" - Atlantis Nath (Terry Riley)
10:00pm Matthew Welch - "Song 2" - Blarvuster (Tzadik)
9:53pm Entourage Music & Theatre Ensemble - "Young Girl's Dance (From Cleopatra)" - Ceremony of Dreams (Tompkins Square)
9:45pm Jennifer Castle - "Rose Waterfalls" - Angles of Death (Paradise of Bachelors)
9:41pm The Incredible String Band - "Big Ted" - Relics of the Incredible String Band (Elektra)