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11:03pm Fushitsusha - "magic v" - Allegorical Misunderstandings (Avan)
11:00pm Eris 136199 - "Therianthropy I" - Eris 136199 (Buster & Friends)
10:57pm Sekhon Baljinder - "Death Is an Adviser: I: any time any place" - Places & Times (Innova)
10:47pm Hawthonn - "In Mighty Revelation" - Red Goddess (Of this Men Shall Know Nothing) (Ba Da Bing)
10:40pm Notus - "In Flight IV: Flying Inside Your Own Body" - of radiance & refraction (Innova)
10:35pm Svarte Greiner + Anduin - "Black River Live Part 1" - Black River Live 7" (SMTG Limited)
10:33pm Yoko Ono - "Why?" - Warzone (Chimera Music)
10:31pm Dream Weapon Ritual - "Mating Call" - The Uncanny Little Sparrows (Boring Machines)
10:25pm Diamanda Galas - "L'Heautontimoroumenos" - Saint In the Pit (Stumm 33)
10:17pm Nico - "Mutterlein" - Desertshore (Reprise)
10:13pm Spires That In the Sunset Rise - "Smoke" - Ancient Patience Wills It Again Vol II (Hairy Spider Legs)
10:07pm Evangelista - "In Animal Tongue" - In Animal Tongue (Constellation)
10:03pm Adriano Zanni - "disappearing (the last trip)" - Disappearing (Boring Machines)
9:55pm Uke of Spaces Corners Counties - "Today the Mirror" - So Far On the Way (Corleone)
9:51pm Oakland Elementary School Arkestra - "We Travel the Spaceways" - The Saga of Padani (Modern Harmonic)
9:48pm Grex - "Saints" - Electric Ghost Parade (s/r)
9:43pm Amps for Christ - "Bonnie Greenwoodside" - Circuits (Turned Word)
9:39pm Six Ways To Avoid the Evil Eye - "Orange Sky (slight Return)" - Six Ways To Avoid the Evil Eye (S/R)
9:35pm Larkin Grimm - "Ride That Cyclone" - Parplar (Young God)
9:33pm Slapp Happy - "I Got Evil" - Sort of (Blueprint)
9:30pm Amon Duul II - "She Came In Through the Chimney" - Yeti (ReR)
11:55pm Yann Novak - "The Inertia of Time" - The Future is a Forward Escape (Touch)
11:48pm Sarah Davachi - "Waking" - Gave in Rest (Ba Da Bing)
11:44pm Robbie Basho - "Blue Crystal Fire" - Visions of the Country (Windham Hill)
11:40pm Gwenifer Raymond - "Idumea" - You Never Were Much of a Dancer (Tompkins Square)
11:36pm Bill Orcutt - "America Abridged" - Orcutt/ Bishop: Road Stories (Unrock)
11:32pm The Necks - "Body" - Body (Northern Spy)
11:28pm Motoko & Myers - "Seed Cycling" - Basis Key (Open Hand Real Flames)
11:24pm Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - "I Am Learning" - The Kid (Western Vinyl)
11:18pm Marc Barreca - "Shapes Falling Down" - Subterrane (Palace of Lights)
11:12pm Diane Cluck - "Wild Deer At Dawn" - Oh Vanille/ Ova Nil (Important Records)
11:07pm Julianna Barwick - "One Half" - Nepenthe (Dead Oceans)
10:58pm Julien Boulier - "Arcane Septime" - A Film Not Yet Made (Time Released Sound)
10:50pm RV Paintings - "As Far As We Could See" - Samoa Highway (Helen Scarsdale Agency)
10:44pm Low - "Dancing and Blood" - Double Negative (Sub Pop)
10:40pm Barbiana Complex - "Byron" - Glamour Evil (Dr Chill Bones)
10:31pm Spires That In the Sunset Rise - "Well Tempered" - Ancient Patience Wills It Again (Hairy Spider Legs)
10:28pm Porya Hatami & Arovane - "emn" - Kaziwa (n5MD)
10:22pm Less Bells - "Forest Ghosts" - Solifuge (Kranky)
10:15pm Buffy Sainte Marie - "Lyke Wake Dirge" - Fire and Fleet and Candlelight (Vanguard)
10:13pm Inca Ore - "Stay Wild Child" - Brute Nature Vs Wild Magic (Weird Forest)
10:05pm Eric Chenaux - "An Abandoned Rose" - Slowly Paradise (Constellation)
9:58pm Kevin Ayers - "All This Crazy Gift of Time" - Joy of a Toy (BGO)
9:54pm Kikagaku Moyo - "Blanket Song" - Masana Temples (GuruGuru Brain)
9:50pm Amps For Christ - "Yamasuka" - Circuits (Turned Word)
9:46pm Phainopepla - "Atmosphere" - Wolf at My Door/ Atmosphere (Aria)
9:32pm Thor and Friends - "Grassfire!" - The Subversive Nature of Kindness (LM Duplication)
11:54pm Marcus Fischer - "Monocoastal (Part I)" - Monocoastal (12K)
11:41pm Ashan - "To All That Is" - To Return To (Inner Islands)
11:32pm Spires That In the Sunset Rise - "This aint for Mama" - Four Winds the Walker (Secret Eye)