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9:32pm Sarah Davachi - "Evensong" - Gave In Rest (Ba Da Bing)
12:55pm Yarn/ Wire - "Oblique" - Images of Duration (In Homage to Ellsworth Kelly)
1:47am Lead - "Untitled B" - Lead (Radical documents)
1:33am Steve Reich - "Come Out" - Phases--A Nonesuch Retrospective (Nonesuch)
1:30am Andrew Bernstein - "Round Up" - An Exploded View of Time (Hausu Mountain)
1:23am Chad Oliver - "when your sun warms my window" - Pathetique (Carbon)
1:10am Yann Novak - "Nothing Ever Transcends its Immediate Environment" - The Future is a Forward Escape Into the Past (Touch)
12:43am Nurse with Wound - "I am the Poison" - Sugar Fish Drink (a Layman's Guide to Cod Surrealism) (United Dairies)
12:35am Voicehandler - "empty and without pain" - song cycle (Humbler)
12:25am Baljinder Sekhon - "Death Is an Adviser II: Maybe today, maybe tomorrow" - Places & Times (Innova)
12:15am Alvin Lucier - "Fidelitrio" - The Barton Worship: Wind Shadows (New World)
12:10am Chris Watson & Marus Davidson - "Midnight at the Oasis" - Cross Pollination (Touch)
12:03am Angus Maclise - "Loft Collage" - Brain Damage In Oklahoma City (Siltbreeze)
12:00am Joyfultalk - "Real Life VII" - Plurality Trip (Constellation)
11:10pm Erica Dicker - "Bone Atlas" - Taking Auspices (Tubapede)
11:07pm Pauline Oliveros & Randy Raine Reusch - "In the Shadow of the Phoenix" - In the Shadow of the Pheonix (Big Cat)
11:06pm Wondrous Horse - "omentre ci vediamo misti a foglie" - Cavallo Meraviglioso (Fire Museum)
11:39pm Peter Brotzmann & Keiji Haino - "Houston 09 X 2013" - Houston 09 X 2013 (Black Editions)
11:30pm Free Salamander Exhibit - "The Keep" - Undestroyed (Mimicry)
11:25pm Sandy Bull - "Gotta Be Juicy (Or It Ain't Love)" - Demolition Derby (Vanguard)
11:21pm Bombino - "Midiwan" - Deran (Partisan)
11:17pm Ellen Fullman/ Konrad Sprenger - "No Home" - Ort (Choose)
11:14pm Fursaxa - "Lumaria Enters the Blue Lodge" - Alone In a Dark Wood (ATP)
11:06pm Joyfultalk - "Future Energy Fields" - Plurality Trip (Constellation)
10:56pm The Residents - "Edweena" - Not Available (Ralph)
10:50pm LFZ - "Naturalistic" - Name Plus Focus (Castle Face)
10:45pm Dean Spunt - "Grill" - EE Head (Radical Documents)
10:39pm Jerusalme in My Heart - "Thahab, Mish Roujou, Thahab ((The Act of) Departing, Not Returning, Departing)" - Daqa'iq Tudaiq (Constellation)
10:36pm Black Moth Super Rainbow - "Baby's In the Void" - Panic Blooms (Badcult)
10:33pm Cube - "Commercial for Toothpaste" - My Cube (Left Hand Path)
10:30pm Beak> - "Birthday Suit" - >>> (Invada)
10:25pm Michael Beharie & Teddy Rankin-Parker - "Paper Tiger" - A Heart From Your Shadow (Mondo)
10:19pm Dan Friel - "Velocipede" - Total Folklore (Thrill Jockey)
10:17pm Ben LaMar Gay - "Music For 18 Hairdressers: Braids & Fractals" - Downtown Castles Can Never Block the Sun (International Anthem)
10:12pm Tim Walters - "When the Flock Eats, I Eat" - Austerity Measures (VauxFlores)
10:08pm Ben Frost - "Secant" - AURORA (Mute)
10:00pm Yuka & Chronoship - "The Ship Argos" - Ship (Cherry Red)
9:55pm Motrik - "Ride the Lion" - Safety Copy (Jealous Butcher)
9:53pm The Fucking Champs - "Nebula Ball Rests In a Fantasy Claw" - V (Drag City)
9:49pm Free Kitten - "Surf's Up" - Inherit (Ecstatic Peace)
9:48pm Friends Forever - "Charge!!!" - Killball (Load)
9:38pm Kikagaku Moyo - "Dripping Sun" - Masana Temples (GuruGuru Brain)
9:35pm Espace-ism - "What Sign(Was Frankenstein?)" - The Lost Record (Merge)
9:33pm Make Up - "R U a Believer" - After Dark (Dischord)
11:45pm Godspeed You! Black Emperor - "Piss Crowns Are Trebled" - Asunder Sweet and Other Distress (Constellation)
11:39pm Allen Ravenstine - "Spirits" - Waiting for the Bomb (ReR)
11:31pm Golden Retriever - "Canopy" - Occupied with the Unspoken (Thrill Jockey)
11:24pm Jenny Olivia Johnson - "Boston" - Sylvia Songs (Innova)
11:15pm Jane Antonia Cornish - "Beyond the Sky" - Constellations (Innova)
11:13pm Marta Brankovich - "Trois Gnossiennes" - Black Swan of Piano (Navona)