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5:15am Wynton Kelly Trio - "Blues On Purpose" - Undiluted (Verve)
5:12am Altun Gun - "Yolcu" - Gece (ATO)
5:05am Milt Jackson - "Rerev" - Olinga (CTI)
5:00am Earth Wind and Fire - "Yearnin Learnin" - That's The Way of the World (CBS)
5:00am Escape-ism - "Gonna Bite the Hand that Feeds" - The lost record (Merge)
4:56am Galaxo Babies - "Who Killed Bruce Lee" - Put Me on the Guest List (Superior Viaduct)
4:55am Monty Python - "I Bet You They Won't Play This Song On The Radio" - Contractual Obligation Sampler (Arista)
4:45am Ellery Eskelin - "Mary Jane" - Ellery Eskelin with Andrea Parkins (Eremite)
4:44am Ethers - "Empty Hours" - Ethers (Trouble In Mind)
4:40am Nots - "Floating Hand" - 3 (Goner)
4:32am Dick Gregory - "Moral Gap" - The Best of Dick Gregory (Tomato Records)
4:24am Bobby Hutcherson - "Don't Be Afraid" - Waiting (Blue Note)
4:20am Talking Heads - "Once in a Lifetime" - Remain in Light ()
4:15am Kai Rautenberg & Orchester Jurgen Ehlers - "Moon Mission" - The n-Kraut (Marina)
4:10am Carlos Fendeira - "Gimmi Moro" - The In-Kraut (Marina)
4:05am Earthen Sea - "A Blank Slate" - Grass and Trees (Kranky)
4:00am Barrett Martin Group - "Mantra Electronica" - Songs of the Firebird (Sunyata)
3:55am Violence Creeps - "Watching Me" - Soul Narc (Digital Regress)
3:53am Violence Creeps - "Sewer Baby" - Soul Narc (Digital Regress)
3:44am Fat White Family - "Serfs Up" - When I Leave (Domino)
3:39am Robert Glasper Experiment - "Gonna Be Alright" - Black Radio (Blue Note Records)
3:00am Mike Allen - "A Weaver of Dreams" - Just Like Magic (Music Cellar)
3:00am ET Explore Me - "Soulbleed" - Shine (Voodoo Rhythm Records)
3:00am ---- - "---" - --- (---)
9:00am Erkin Koray - "Ve" - Mechul (Sublime Frequencies)
8:35am Stereolab - "Ping Pong" - Ping Pong (RTM Records)
8:30am Alizadeh, Saba - "Scattered Memories" - Scattered Memories (Karlrecords)
8:21am Space Needle - "Bladewash" - The Moray Eels Eat the Space Needle (Zero Hour Records)
8:11am Loyin Loyin - "Babatunde Olatunji" - The African Variations (Rykodisk USA)
8:00am Mary Lou Wiliams - "Baby Man" - Free Spirits (Inner City Records)
8:00am Brutus - "Fire" - Nest (Voodoo)
8:00am JOhnnie Morisette - "I'm Hungry" - Keb Darge's Legendary Deep Funk Volume 3 ()
8:00am Altin Gun - "Yolcu" - Gece (ATO Records)
7:52am Deerhunter - "Nocturne" - Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared? (4AD)
7:40am Altin Gun - "Supergesi Yoncadan" - gece (ATO Records)
7:30am Stereolab - "Contronatura" - Dots and Loops (Elektra)