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4:00am Boyracer - "Thinning" - Positive x Infinity (Emotional Response)
3:59am Sonogram - "Has Anyone Seen Cornelius" - Heartbeat Submarines (Simulacra)
3:55am ---- - "-----" - --- (--)
3:55am Palm - "Swimmer" - Rock Island (Carpark)
3:45am Nico Georis - "Roberta in October" - Shirley Shirley Shirley! (Psychic Arts)
3:42am Squarepusher - "Dedicated Loop" - Selection Sixteen (nothing)
3:39am Oneohtrix Point Never - "Chrome Country" - R plus Seven (Warp)
3:37am -- - "--" - -- (--)
3:30am David Parker - "Kieth" - Textures (VID)
5:45am Parquet Courts - "Stoned and Starving" - Light Up Gold (What's Your Rapture)
5:39am Scott Hirsch - "When You Were Old" - Lost Time Behind the Moon (Scissor Tail)
5:35am Cherushii and Maria Minerva - "A Day Without You" - s/t (10% Silk)
5:32am Lorna Gee - "Sing a Long" - Ariwa Disco (Ariwa)
5:30am Patti Smith - "Distant Fingers" - Radio Ethiopia (Arista)
5:18am Tatsu Aoki - "Depressingly Happy '96" - Live at Blue Rider Theatre (iel)
5:13am Aphex Twin - "Donkey Rhubarb" - Donkey Rhubarb (Sire)
5:10am Roni Size - "Share the Fall" - Reprazent (Mercury UK)
5:07am Mikole E Kaar - "Dat Deer" - Turning East (No Sound)
4:50am Of Montreal - "Wraith Pinned to the mist and other games" - th sunlandic twins (Polyvinyl)
4:45am Steely Dan - "Peg" - Aja (QBC)
4:40am The Pogues - "A Pair of Brown eyes" - Rum Soomy and the Lash (Stiff)
4:36am Obits - "Two Headed Coin" - I Blame You (Sub Pop)
4:35am My Bloody Valentine - "No Place to Go" - Fever (Cartel)
4:27am Anavan - "Eel Air Camera" - s/t (Gold Standard)
4:24am Khyrkhass - "Hunters" - Songs of our Elders (Seven Star)
4:20am Khaki Blazer - "Sensei" - Coco Naro Deezer (Experimedia LTD)
4:12am Parliament - "Aqua Boogie" - Motor Booty Affair (Casablanca)
4:07am Van Dyke Parks - "Hominy Grove" - Jumpin at the Savoy (Warner Brothers)
4:00am Lust For Youth - "Insignificant" - Lust For Youth (Sacred Bones)
4:00am Tyrannosaurus Rex - "Lofty Skies" - A Beard of Stars (Blue Thumb)
3:55am Slint - "Breadcrumb Trail" - Spiderland (Touch and Go)
3:50am Guided By Voices - "Over the Neptune" - Vampire on Titus (Scat Records)
3:45am Pixies - "Caribou" - Come on Pilgrim (4AD)
3:41am Plan Nine - "I Like Girls" - Dealing With The Dead (Midnight)
3:39am Rudimentary Pen - "Pig in a Blanket" - Death Church (Corpus Christi)
3:35am Pere Ubu - "Non-Alignment Pact" - The Modern Dunce (Blank Records)
5:36am John Cale - "Damn Life" - Music fo a New Society (Domino)
5:31am Art Ensemble of Chicago - "Nfamoudou Boudougou" - Bap-Tizum (Atlantic)
5:24am the Gaturs - "Swivel Your Hips" - Funky Funky New Orleans (Tuff City Records)
5:21am Andrew Bassie Campbell - "Mr. Bass Man" - Mr. Bass Man (Young Tree)
5:20am Paul Winter - "Icarus" - Icarus (Epic)
5:10am Amanda Lear - "Fashion Pack" - DiscoDeutschlandDisco (Marina)
5:00am Reggie Watts - "So Good Yeah" - A Live at Central Park (Comedy Central)
5:00am Masahiko Satoh - "Acid Reaction" - ()
4:53am Vetiver - "Soft Glass" - The Errant Charm (SubPop)
4:50am Chick Corea and Bela Fleet - "Mountain" - Two (Stretch)
4:44am Devotchka - "Twenty Six Temptations" - How it Ends (Cicero)
4:40am Cap'n Jazz - "Ooh Do I Love You" - Analphabetapolothology (Jade Tree)
4:37am Tadzio - "Little Joys" - The Sick Room (Blight)
4:35am Alat Watts - "Zen Poems" - Zen & Senryu (Locust Music)