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4:55am Deradoorian - "Beautiful Woman" - The Expanding flower Planet (Anticon)
4:50am Gestalt - "Bad Math" - Music By Gestalt (Zero System Immersive Music)
4:47am Pepper Rabbit - "Allison" - Red Velvet Snow Ball (Kanine)
4:40am Julie Coker - "Gossiper Scandal Monger" - A life in the Limelight (Kalita)
4:35am Free Salamander Exhibit - "Unreliable Narrator" - Undestroyed (Mimicry)
4:30am Joel Phelps - "Blinding Light" - Gala (12xU)
4:27am Thom Yorke - "The Eraser" - The Eraser (XL)
4:24am Los Guapos Sesibles - "BIgoton" - Bigoton (Discosmas)
4:19am The Nomads - "Thoughts of a Madman" - Vile Vinyl Vol.1 (High Noon)
4:12am Dick Dale - "Third Stone from the Sun" - better shred than dead (Rhino)
4:10am Buckaroos - "Woman Truck Driving Fool" - Meanwhile Back at the Ranch (BMI)
4:06am Angelo De Augustine - "Crazy Stoned and Gone" - Swim Inside the Moon (Asthmatic Kitty)
4:04am PRIESTS - "Modern Love" - Bodies Control and Money and Power (Don Giovanni)
4:00am Gauche - "Flash" - A People's History of Gauche (Merge)
3:46am Elephant9 - "dodovoodoo" - Psychedelic Backfire 1 (Rune Grammofon)
3:43am Dehd - "Baby" - Water (Fire Talk)
3:40am Dehd - "Lucky" - Water (Fire Talk)
3:35am Protomartyr - "A Private Understanding" - Relatives in Descent (Domino)
3:30am Death Grips - "Get Got" - The Money Store (epic)
5:54am Bantu Continua Uhuru Consciouness - "The Journey with Mr Vander Merwe" - The Healing (Buda)
5:50am Layale Chaker and Sarafind - "Ushaq" - Inner Rhyme (In a Circle)
5:43am Souljazz Orchestra - "As the Crow Flies" - Inner Fire (Strut)
5:40am The Weather Report - "Confians" - Sportin' Life (7o)
5:38am -- - "--" - -- (--)
5:36am Spoon - "Well Alright" - Dark Was the Night (4ad)
5:34am Wierd Al Yankovic - "Girls Just Want to Have Lunch" - Dare to be Stupid (Scotti Brothers)
5:30am Crumb - "and it never ends" - Jinx (s/r)
5:25am The New York Bass Violin Choir - "House of the Rising Sun" - s/t (Strata-East)
5:22am Stereolab - "The Seeming and the Meaning" - Peng! (Too Pure)
5:20am The Free Design - "Kites Are Fun" - Kites are Fun (Enoch Light)
5:19am -- - "--" - -- (--)
5:15am Kingdom of Suicide Lovers - "Red Tent" - Distant Waves (Super Secret)
5:10am Hash Redactor - "Bad Advice" - Drecksound (Goner)
5:06am Boy Harsher - "Morphine" - Yr Body is Nothing (DKA)
5:03am Horror Inc. - "The Vanishing" - I Plead Guilty (Neuton)
4:59am Black Midi - "Of Schlagenheim" - Schlagenheim (Rough Trade)
4:58am -- - "--" - -- (--)
4:55am Kreamy 'Lectric Santa - "Workaholics Paradise lost and found" - Operation Spacetime Cynderblock (Starcleaner)
4:47am Snail Mail - "Heat Wave" - Lush (Matador)
4:43am Speedy Ortiz - "Shine Theory" - Real Hair (Carpark)
4:41am My Bloody Valentine - "You Made Me Realize" - You Made Me Realize (Creation)
4:39am ---- - "--" - -- (--)
4:33am Calexico/Iron&Wine - "Father Mountain" - Years to Burn (Sub Pop)
4:30am Aymee Nuviola - "Dale Tumba" - A Journey through Cuban Music (Top Stop Music)
4:25am Nai Palm - "Crossfire/So into You" - Needle Paw (Masterworks)
4:21am Hearing Things - "Hotel Prison" - here's Hearing Things (Yeggs)
4:17am Oddisee - "Hold it Back" - The Iceberg (Mad Music Group)
4:11am Bill Callahan - "The Ballad of the Hulk" - Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest (Drag City)
4:08am Bill Callahan - "Angela" - Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest (Drag City)
4:03am Outkast - "Aquemini" - Aquemini (La Face)