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Saturday, February 11, 2023 - 3:00pm to 5:30pm

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4:41pm Delmonas - "I Feel Alright" - Do the Uncle Willy (Skyclad)
4:38pm Lady Killer - "Lightning Strikes Twice" - Metal is Real (Heaven and Hell Records)
4:33pm Killer - "Get Up, Get Down" - Ladykiller (Vertigo)
4:27pm Donovan - "Season of the Witch" - Sunshine Superman (Epic)
4:20pm Cameo - "She's Strange" - She's Strange (Atlanta Artists)
4:17pm Twinkeyz - "Strange Feeling" - Alpha Jerk (Plurex)
4:14pm Go-Gos - "He's So Strange" - Vacation (EMI)
4:10pm Blue Light Band - "Strange Woman" - Strange Woman (Blue Wave)
4:03pm Girl Band - "Couch Combover" - The Talkies (Rough Trade)
3:58pm Until December - "Until December" - Live Alone in Shame (415)
3:55pm Prince - "Make-Up" - Originals (NPG Records)
3:48pm Instant Funk - "Slap Slap Lickedy Lap" - Witch Doctor (Salsoul)
3:43pm Sea Urchin - "AHfoura" - Tahtib (Bokeh Versions)
3:40pm Diamond Head - "It's Electric" - Am I Evil? The Anthology (Castle)
3:36pm Skelator - "Agents of Power" - Agents of Power (Metal on Metal)
3:29pm Leech - "Amethyst" - Data Horde (Peak Oil)
3:23pm Spoonie G - "(You Ain't Just a Fool) You's an Old Fool" - (You Ain't Just a Fool) You's an Old Fool (Funky Delicacies)
3:20pm Honeydrippers - "Impeach the President" - Impeach the President (Alaga)
3:17pm Todd Rollins and his Orchestra - "The Boogie Man" - Halloween Stomp (Jass)
3:13pm Montana Taylor - "Detroit Rocks" - Montana's Blues (Oldie Blues)
3:09pm Shangs - "The Majick Love Machine" - Golden Hits of the Shangs (Judigee)
3:06pm Ros Serey Sothes - "Don't Be Angry" - Don't Think I've Forgotten: Cambodia's Lost Rock and Roll (Dust to Digital)
3:04pm Scuzzies - "Our Favorite D.J." - Dave Hull the Hullaballooer (CRS)
4:41pm Left Lane Cruiser - "Shake and Bake" - Shake and Bake (Alive)
4:36pm Bucks Danny - "Be My Girl" - Be My Girl (WEA)
4:30pm Quick - "Anybody" - The Quick (Mercury)
4:25pm Tank - "She Fell in Love with a Stormtrooper" - Filth Hounds of Hades (Metal Mind)
4:22pm Basstar Amber - "Look Out for Us" - Look Out for Us (Cluster)
4:16pm Muffs - "Funny Face" - Blonder & Blonder (Reprise)
4:13pm Dream Syndicate - "Space Age" - These Times (Anti-)
4:10pm Marcus Terry - "Jumpin' the Gates of Heaven" - Jumpin' the Gates of Heaven (Ribet)
4:07pm Johnny Stallion - "The Team Al Davis Gave Us" - The Team Al Davis Gave Us (RedRose)
4:01pm Bird and The Bee - "Runnin' with the Devil" - Interpreting the Masters Vol. 2: A Tribute to Van Halen (No Expectations)
3:57pm Thin Lizzy - "Jailbreak" - Jailbreak (Mercury)
3:54pm Giuda - "You've Got the Power" - E.V.A. (Burger)
3:52pm Rick Springfield - "I'm Your Superman" - Comic Book Heroes (Columbia)
3:45pm Satistik - "Saints" - Haunted Gardens (Clockwork Grey)
3:42pm Aceyalone & Abstract Rude - "B-Boy Real Mccoy" - Accepted Eclectic (Ground Control)
3:38pm Raticals - "Searching for a Better Way" - Rock Tonight (Survival)
3:35pm Pow! - "Scissors" - Shift (Castle Face)
3:30pm Bubbha Thomas & The Lightmen - "High Pockets" - Complete Works: Free as You Want to Be (Now-Again)
3:28pm Charger - "All Kings Must Die" - Charger (Pirate's Press)
3:25pm Celia & The Mutations - "You Better Believe Me" - You Better Believe Me (United Artists)
3:22pm Adam and the Ants - "A.N.T.S." - A.N.T.S.A ()
3:13pm Pucho & The Latin Soul Brothers - "Psychedelic Pucho" - Heat (Fantasy)
3:10pm Ebony Rhythm Band - "Drugs Ain't Cool" - Function Underground (Now-Again)
3:07pm Chubby Checker - "No Need to Get So Heavy" - Goes Psychedelic! (Underground Masters)
3:04pm Stevie Wonder - "Higher Ground" - Innervisions (Tamla)
5:28pm Eddie Money - "Baby Hold On" - Eddue Money (Columbia)
5:23pm Scary Women - "Baptized" - Scary Women (S/R)