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Saturday, February 11, 2023 - 3:00pm to 5:30pm

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11:53pm Alan Hawkshaw - "Hawkwind and Fire" - Mo'Hawk: The Essential Vibes & Grooves 1967-1975 (RPM)
11:49pm Unknown Artist - "Slip it In" - Inside Deep Note: Music of 1970's Adult Cinema (O.S.T. Grammafonpladen )
11:45pm Lake Mary & The Ranch Family Band - "Watermelon" - Sun Dogs (Full Spectrum)
11:39pm Angel Witch - "Angel of Light" - Angel of Light (Metal Blade)
11:35pm Buck - "Your Left Eye" - Just for You (Rat Records)
11:32pm Savannah - "Night Life" - Night Life (Savannah)
11:28pm Troyka - "Natural" - Troyka (Cotillion)
11:24pm Baritone Madness - "Turbulant Trane" - Baritone Madness (Chronograph)
11:21pm Joe King Carrasco & The Crowns - "Party Weekend" - New Wave Hits of the 80's (Rhino)
11:18pm Devo - "Come Back Jonee" - Q: Are We Not Men A: We Are Devo (Warner Bros.)
11:14pm Giuda - "Space Go" - E.V.A. (Rise Above)
11:12pm Corporation - "Wild Time" - Wild Time (Negram)
11:07pm Ikebe Shakedown - "Hammer into Anvil" - Kings Left Behind (Colemine)
11:04pm Iron Cemetery - "Hostile Drone" - Iron Cemetery (S/R)
11:02pm O'Jays - "Christmas Ain't Christmas New Year's Ain't New Years Without the One You Love" - Christmas Ain't Christmas New Year's Ain't New Years Without the One You Love (Philadelphia International)
10:59pm Prime Movers Blues Band - "I'm a Man" - Prime Movers Blues (Modern Harmonic)
10:53pm Flamin' Groovies - "Shakin' All Over" - Still Shakin' (Buddha)
10:51pm Collin Sherman - "Outfatuation" - Liberties and Delights (Extol)
10:48pm O Terco - "Iagoa Das Lontras" - Love, Peace & Poetry: Brazil (BGP)
10:46pm Fatty Nautty - "Tumba Pt. 2" - Wizzz French Psychodrama Vol. 3 (Born Bad)
10:43pm Ace Cannon - "Drunk" - Chicken Fried Soul (Hi Records)
10:41pm Nervous Norvus - "Transfusion" - Transfusion (Big Beat)
10:37pm Auto Da Fe - "The Sun Never Sets in the East" - Hither & Then (S/R)
10:31pm Slough Feg - "Headhunter" - New Organon (Cruz del Sur)
10:29pm Motorhead - "Stay Clean" - 1979 (BMG)
10:26pm Rufus Thomas - "Do the Push 'n' Pull Pt. 1" - Do the Push 'n' Pull Pt. 1 (Stax)
10:22pm Crime - "Murder By Guitar" - Live 1978 (Superior Viaduct)
10:14pm Pioneers - "Jackpot" - Jackpot (Label Amalgamated Records)
10:11pm Desmond Dekker & The Aces - "Rude Boy Train" - Rudies All Around (Trojan)
10:07pm AC/DC - "Crabsody in Blue" - Let There Be Rock (Albert)
10:04pm Feather - "Girl Trouble" - Girl Trouble (CBS Records)
10:01pm Matthew Barnson - "Air (Toward the End)" - Vanitas (Innova)
9:56pm Psychic Hit - "The Whip" - Psychic Hit E.P. (S/R)
9:53pm Hard Knox - "Midnight Celebration" - Backstreet Life (Sunspot)
9:50pm Stepmothers - "Guardian Angel" - Guardian Angel (Posh Boy)
9:47pm Bunk Tilt & Steve Mackay - "1970" - Dig the Stooges (Ouch!)
9:44pm Jaime Branch - "Prayer for AmeriKKKa" - Fly or Die II: Bird Dogs of Paradise (International Anthem)
9:42pm Rip Offs - "What's in It for Me" - Get a Record (Rip Off Records)
9:40pm Ramones - "Loudmouth" - Ramones (Sire Records)
9:36pm Fat Tony - "Hood Party" - Smart Ass Black Boy (Young Ones)
9:32pm Grand Rapmasters - "Jingle Bells" - Jingle Bells (Essex)
9:27pm Sudan Archives - "House of Open Tuning II" - Athena (Stones Throw)
9:25pm Sanhedrin - "For the Wicked" - The Poisoner (Cruz del Sur)
9:23pm Half-Life - "Get Down" - A-Square (Of Course) (Big Beats)
9:20pm Startoon - "Summer Volcano" - Summer Volcano (Anamaz)
9:18pm Coloured Balls - "Heavy Metal Kid" - Heavy Metal Kid (Just Add Water)
9:15pm Jason Becker - "Fantasy Weaver" - Triumphant Hearts (Music Theories)
9:12pm Valentines - "That's It Man" - R&B Hipshakers: Teach Me to Monkey (Vampi Soul)
9:08pm Toppers - "Let Me Bang Your Box" - Risque Rhythm: Nasty 50's R&B (Rhino)
9:05pm Zox - "Star" - Strange Love (Pyramis)