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All Sounds are created equal....but some are more amazingly so than others. Let Grace present all the best from here, there, and everywhere for all of you, all of the time.

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5:46pm Orchestra Poly-Rythmo du Cotoneu - "Kourougninda Wedne" - The Voudun Effect (Analog Africa)
5:42pm Flying Saucer Attack - "Standing Stone" - Distance (VHF)
5:39pm Matmos - "Thermoplastic Riot Shield" - Plastic Anniversary (Thrill Jockey)
5:31pm Great Society - "White Rabbit" - Conspicuous in its Abscence (Columbia)
5:27pm DJ Female Convict Scorpion - "Shoot Me, I'm the Piano Player" - Frosoblomster (s/r)
5:24pm Trench City - "U R My Chocolate" - Comin' with the Force (Gwyndryn Cymunedel)
5:19pm Fantastic Negrito - "A Letter to Fear" - Please Don't be Dead (BlackBall Universe)
5:14pm Urkimsher - "Eat Your Cake" - Urkimsher (Emol Recordings)
5:09pm Hound Dog Tayler - "Blue Guitar" - Genuine Houserocking Music (Alligator)
5:04pm Wooden Shjips - "In the Fall" - V. (Thrill Jockey)
5:00pm Wasp - "The Flame" - Wasp (Capitol/ EMI)
4:54pm Blue Cheer - "Second Time Around" - The '67 Demos (Modern Harmonic)
4:47pm Ibibio Sound Machine - "She Work Very Hard" - Doko Mien (Merge)
4:42pm Mdou Moctar - "Wiwasharnine" - Ilana: The Creator (Sahel Sounds)
4:40pm Les Freres Megri - "El Harib" - Les Freres Megri (Sudiphone)
4:35pm Marios Group - "Borungku Si Derita" - Folk & Pop Sounds of Sumatra Vol 1 (Sublime Frequencies)
4:29pm Jon Camp - "Also Ran" - Headwinds & Tailwinds (s/r r)
4:16pm New Moon Duo - "Yo orio una Mosca" - MNew Moon (s/r r)
4:09pm Musical Art Quintet - "Un baja de Magia" - Un baja de Magia (s/r r)
3:57pm Musical Art Quintet - "From Within" - Chamber con Alma (s/r)
3:48pm NOMO - "MA" - Invisible Cities (Ubiquity)
3:44pm DeVochKa - "Let Me Sleep" - This Night Falls Forever (Concord)
3:37pm Alex Skolnick - "Dream On" - Goodbye to Romance (s/r)
3:30pm Ron Carter - "M.S.R.P." - Mr. Bow-Tie (Somethin' Else)
3:25pm Space Lady - "Radar Love" - Greatest Hits (Night School)
3:17pm Lake Millions - "Demondance" - Threnodius Daevideus (s/r)
3:12pm Shlohmo - "Rock Music" - The End (Freinds of Friends)
3:07pm Beruit - "Gauze Fur Zah" - Gallipolli (4Ad)
3:03pm Bombino - "I Greet My Country" - Agadez (Cumbancha)
5:17pm Sons of Kemet - "My Queen is Nanny of the Maroons" - Your Queen is a Reptile (Impulse!)
5:13pm Plaster - "Would you...?" - First Aid Kit (Adisq)
5:11pm Red Kross - "Heaven Only Knows" - Teen Babes from Monsanto- Version Especial (Merge)
5:06pm Andres Jimenez - "Vengo Cantando Allegre" - El Jibaro (Nueva Arte)
5:00pm Beruit - "Varieties of Exile" - Gallipolli (4AD)
4:54pm Say Hi - "Outside, Lookin' In" - Caterpillar Centipede (Euphobia)
4:52pm Dolly Mixture - "Welcome to the Perfect Day" - Demonstration Tapes (s/r)
4:48pm Pylon Reenactment Society - "Messanger" - Messanger (PRS)
4:45pm Acapulco Lips - "Wake Me" - Acapulco Lips (Killroom)
4:42pm Kohinoorgasm - "Chalo" - Chalo (s/r)
4:36pm Tabla Beat Science - "Don't" - Tabla Matrix (Axiom)
4:00pm Zakir Hussein interview - "" - ()
3:54pm Brian Auger/ Julie Driscoll & the Trinity - "Break It Up" - Ooen (Atco)
3:45pm Julie Tippetts - "Oceans & Sky" - Sunset Glow (Utopia)
3:37pm New Zombies - "Special Character" - New Zombies (s/r)
3:30pm Roy Ayres - "In the Limelight" - Daddy Bug & Friends (Atlantic)
3:27pm Action 13 - "More Bread to the People" - Nigeria Rock Special! (Soundway)
3:21pm Betty Davis - "He was a Big Freak" - They Say I'm Different (MPC)
3:18pm Nick Waterhouse - "Wherever She Goes (She is Wanted)" - Nick Waterhouse (Innovative Leisure)
3:08pm Realistic Orchestra - "Venus as a Boy" - Recorded Live at Brunos (s/r)
3:06pm Leah Avraham - "Oh Lemon Tree" - B'Midbar (Beit Hatufusot)