Amazing Grace

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All Sounds are created equal....but some are more amazingly so than others. Let Grace present all the best from here, there, and everywhere for all of you, all of the time.

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These times are shown in Pacific time

8:45pm Lungbutter - "Henry Darger" - Honey (Constellation)
8:41pm Spiral Electric - "The Final Moment" - The Spiral Electric (s/r)
8:35pm Rakta - "Warai Warai" - Falha Comum (Iron Lung)
8:27pm Googoosh - "Talagh" - Pomegranates (Finders Keepers)
8:17pm Faramarz Payvar & Ensemble - "Dastgah Shur" - A Persian Heritage: Classical Music from Iran (Nonesuch)
8:13pm Saba Alizadeh - "Blood City" - Scattered Memories (Karlrecords)
8:06pm Imelda May - "Wicked Way" - Tribal (Decca)
8:02pm Ibibio Sound Machine - "Wanna Come Down" - Doko Mien (Merge)
7:58pm Lee Fields & The Expressions - "Wake Up" - It Rains Love (Big Crown)
7:52pm Nancy Sinatra - "Hutchinson Jail" - Nancy in London (Reprise)
7:45pm Dr. John - "Broke, Raggedy & Hungry" - Strike a Deep Chord (Justice)
7:45pm Nick Waterhouse - "By Heart" - Nick Waterhouse (Innovative Leisure)
7:40pm Ganbe Brass Band - "Johodo (Avoid Arguments)" - Whendo (World Village)
7:36pm Novalima - "Luna Ciega" - Karimba (ESL)
7:30pm Barett Martin - "Mantra Electronica" - Song of the Firebird (Sunyata)
7:28pm Twink - "Slingshot" - Wide Eyed Wild Ride (Twink Tones)
7:25pm Pikefruit - "Free" - Sprig (s/r)
7:21pm Dobre Contantin - "Hai Buzau/ Ciocirlia" - Reflections of Romania (Nonesuch Explorer Series)
7:14pm Roksonaki - "Quangurt" - Dala (s/r)
7:10pm Budos Bnd - "Ghost Talk" - V (Daptone)
7:05pm Ex Hex - "Rainbow Shiner" - It's Real (Merge)
7:00pm Uriah Heep - "Hot Night in a Cold Town" - Abominog (Polygram)
6:53pm Funkadelic - "Music for My Mother" - Music for Your Mother: Funkadelic 45s (Westbound)
6:49pm Fantastic Negrito - "The Duffler" - Please Don't Be Dead (BlackBall Universe)
6:43pm Maurice Louca - "Laika" - Elephantine (Northern Spy)
6:38pm Cheikh Mwizo - "Ya Moughzula" - Shir Moazn (Koliphone)
6:33pm Tim "Love" Lee - "Exit 747" - Just Call Me Lone Lee (Tummy Touch)
5:27pm Wand - "Evening Star" - Laughing Mater (Drag City)
5:21pm Turning Jewels into water - "Warm Winds of Jaipur" - Map of Absences (For Practically Everyone)
5:12pm Feqadu Amde - "My Asmara" - Ethiopiques 4: Ethio Jazz (Buda)
5:10pm Nicholas Charras - "My Little Shasta" - Mr. Peters' Pets (Modern Harmonic)
5:04pm Oumou Sangare - "Woula Bara Diagna (Cruel Nostalgia)" - Moussolou (World Circuit)
5:00pm Foday Musa Suso - "Mba Ndin Seedy" - The Dreamtime (CMP)
4:49pm Cure - "The Kiss" - Kiss Me Kis Me Kiss ME (Elektra)
4:48pm Baus - "Interlude" - Songs to Snake To (Digital Regress)
4:44pm Old Time Relijun - "I Know I'm Alive" - See Now and Know (K)
4:39pm Spiral Electric - "Drown my Sorrows" - The Spiral Electric (s/r)
4:35pm Skid Row - "Big Guns" - Skid Row (Atlantic)
4:27pm Roky Erikson & the Aliens - "Stand for the Fire Demon" - Te Evil One (Pink Dust)
4:24pm Los Straightjackets - "The Fishin' Hole" - Channel Surfing (Yep Roc)
4:21pm Art Brut - "Demons Out!" - Art Brut vs. Satan (Downtown)
4:18pm Bad Sounds - "Wages" - Get Better (Insanity)
4:16pm Leon Redbone - "Sheik of Araby" - Double Time (Warner Bros.)
4:05pm Senyawa - "Hadrilah Suci" - Menjadi (Morphine)
4:02pm Kodo - "Yuyani" - Kaden (Otudaiku)
3:58pm Igor Koshkendey - "Ariskanning Duu-oi Bahrinda" - Music from Tuva (Amiata)
3:56pm Ibibio Sound Machine - "Kuka" - Doko Mien (Mege)
3:49pm IE - "Amulet" - Pome (Moon Glyph)
3:44pm Matmos - "Breaking Bread" - Plastic Anniversary (Thrill Jockey)
3:31pm Miriodor - "Suspicion" - Miriodor (Cuniform)