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All Sounds are created equal....but some are more amazingly so than others. Let Grace present all the best from here, there, and everywhere for all of you, all of the time.

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3:40pm Mild High Club - "Chapel Perilous" - Skiptracing (Stones Throw)
3:30pm Paul Zukofsky/ Gilbert Kalish - "Ives: Sonata No 3-Adagio" - Sonatoas for Violin & Piano (Nonesuch)
3:27pm Joe Louis Walker - "Mean Old Train" - Journey to the Heart of the Blues (Alligator)
3:22pm Fairport Convention - "What is True?" - Rising for the Moon (Island)
3:20pm Jonathan Richman - "Sad Trumpets of Afternoon" - SA (Blue Arrow)
3:15pm Beak - "Birthday Suit" - >>> (Invada)
3:11pm Arctic Monkeys - "Golden Trunks" - Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino (Domino)
3:06pm Portishead - "It Could be Sweet" - Dummy (Gal Discs/ London)
3:01pm Barbiana Complex - "Graveyard Shift" - Glamour of Evil (Dr. Chill Bones)
9:27pm Dollar Brand (Abdullah Ibrahim) - "Moniebah" - African Marketplace (Elektra)
9:24pm Four Flour - "Magic Ball" - Dimension A (s/r)
9:20pm Insolito Universo - "Vuelve" - La Candel del Rio (Olindo)
9:16pm Aki Kumar - "Watermelon Man" - Hindi Man Blues (Little Village Foundation)
9:13pm Isley Brothers - "The Snake" - Soul Shout (Pickwick)
9:08pm New Zombies - "NZ 15: Not Said" - New Zombies (s/r)
9:03pm V Effect - "Feet First" - Stop Those Songs (Rift)
8:56pm Camilo y Los Robot Ninjas - "El Carretero Urbano" - El Carretero Urbano (Round Whirled)
8:54pm Dirty Denim - "Hit the Wall" - Dirty Denim ep (s/r)
8:50pm Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers - "Here Come the Martian Martians" - Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers (Bezerkley)
8:47pm Hot Club of Cowtown - "Avalon" - Rendezvous in Rhythm (Gold Strike)
8:43pm Sha La Das - "Thoe Years are Over" - Love in the Wild (Dunham)
8:36pm The Thyme - "Very Last Day" - A-Square (of Course) (Big Beat)
8:32pm DJ Female Covict Scorpion - "The Pope of Manhattan" - WWZ (s/r)
8:30pm Dr J. Gordon McPherson - "This Old World's in a Hell of a Fix" - This Old World's in a Hell of a Fix (Biograph)
8:27pm Dr John Furbay - "Wing over the world" - Countdown to Tomorrow (Lecture Recordings)
8:20pm Cathy Berberian - "Berio: Visage" - Electronic Music (Turnabout)
8:19pm Oakland Elementary School Arkestra - "No Words to Describe It" - Saga of Padani (Modern Harmonic)
8:13pm Natalie Cortez & the Ultraioloets - "New Year" - Sac Pop (Pop Rockit )
8:09pm eX-Girl - "Luna Rose" - Luna Rose (s/r)
8:05pm Laddio Boloko - "A Passing State of Well Being" - The Life & Times of Laddio Boloko (No Quarter)
8:01pm Alemayehu Eshtete - "Come Let's Do the Weleba" - Ethiopiques 22: Alemayeh Eshete 1972- 1975 (Buda Music)
7:58pm Yoko Ono - "Hell in Paradise" - Warzone (Chimera Music)
7:53pm Dog Faced Hermans - "New Year" - The Dignity of Human Being is Vulnarable (Konkurrant)
7:46pm Arboretum - "The Highwayman" - The Gathering (Thrill Jockey)
7:42pm Tinarwen - "Imidiwan Winakalin" - Aman Iman: Water is Life ()
7:39pm Waxahachee - "You're Welcome" - Great Thunder (Merge)
7:38pm Kikagaku Moyo - "Amayadori" - Masana Temple (Guruguru Brain)
7:30pm Jan Gabarek - "Dis" - Dis (ECM)
7:28pm Gong - "Flute Salad" - Angels Egg (Decca)
7:24pm Bjollukor Tonlistarskal Reykjunesbaejar - "Floravik" - Klukk: Sigur Ros in Bells (Krunk)
7:20pm Mr Twin Sister - "Taste in Movies" - Salt (Twin Group)
7:17pm Jerry Paper - "Something's Not Right" - Like a Baby (Stones Throw)
7:12pm Moses Cadillac - "Spin Right Round" - Spin Right Round (Long Road Society)
7:08pm Bee vs. Moth - "Now More than Ever" - Acronyms (s/r)
7:01pm Rebirth Brass Band - "We Came to Party" - The Main Event (Louisiana Red Hot Records)
8:57pm Holy Fuck - "Frenchy's" - LP (Domino)
8:52pm Gangbe Brass Band - "Jahodo" - Whendo (World Village)
8:48pm DJ Smash - "Your Pants are Hot" - Your Pants are Hot/ Mandingo Boogie (Adventures in Paradise)
8:41pm Yello - "Move Dance Be Born" - Zebra (4th & Broadway)
8:34pm Supergrass - "Strange Ones" - I Should Coco (Parlophone)