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All Sounds are created equal....but some are more amazingly so than others. Let Grace present all the best from here, there, and everywhere for all of you, all of the time.

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Saturday, December 22, 2018 - 3:00pm to 5:30pm

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7:40pm Human League - "Being Boiled" - Being Boiled (EMI)
7:38pm Scardey Snake - "Ca Be Happy" - Typical Girls Vol 3 (Emotional Response)
7:29pm Spectrum - "Iannis Xenakis- Epei" - Palimpsest (Wergo)
7:27pm Cliia Black - "I've Been Wrong Before" - On Vine Street (Ace)
7:20pm Nels Cline 4 - "Furtive" - Currents, Constellations (Blue Note)
7:13pm Sun Ra - "Unmask the Batman" - Of Abstract Truth (Strut)
7:11pm Sprocket Ensemble - "Jaded Lady" - The Cockettes (GranDelusion)
7:03pm Kairos Sextet - "Transition" - Transition (Dafnison Sound)
11:50am Debaucherauntes - "Different Parade" - Different Parade (s/r)
11:46am Couch Jackets - "Tear Stained Floral Shirt" - Sayonara Oblongata (s/r)
11:41am Timothy McNealy - "Sagittarius Black" - Funky Movement (Now-Again)
11:34am Jambinai - "Naburak" - A Hermitage (Bella Union)
11:32am Spirit - "Nature’s Way" - Best of Spirit (Epic)
11:28am Gaye Su Akyol - "Uzt Sacini Istanbul" - Hologram Imparatorlugu (Glitterbeat)
11:25am Tune-Yards - "Now & Then" - I Can Feel You Creep into My Private Life (4AD)
11:22am Erma Franklin - "I Don;t Want No Mama’s Boy" - Honeybeat (Real Gone Music)
11:18am Bo Diddley - "Pollution" - Another Dimension (Chess)
11:10am Cure - "Push" - The Head on the Door (Elektra)
11:05am Ed Schrader’s Music Beat - "Seagull" - Riddles (Carpark)
11:00am X-Tal - "Apocalypservice" - Who Owns Our Dream (Ear Candle Recordings)
10:58am Sonny Smith - "Adventures" - For Your Love (Easy Eye Sound)
10:52am Mother Earth - "Mother Earth" - Living with the Animals (Mercury)
10:47am Sparks - "Never Turn Your Life on Mother Earth" - Propaganda (Island)
10:46am Beach Boys - "A Day in the life of a Tree" - Surf’s Up (Reprise)
10:39am Jonsi - "Around Us" - Go (XL Recordings)
10:37am Alan Feinberg - "Davidas" - Vocal & Piano music of Claudio Spies (Composers Recordings)
10:30am Martin Rosco/ Morae Welsh - "Ethel Smyth: Cello Sonato Opus 5" - Sonatas (Narada)
10:27am Michael Garofolo - "Surprisingly Deaf" - Bestiary (s/r)
10:23am Slits - "Earthbeat" - Return of the Giant Slits (Sony)
10:15am Charles Mingus - "Freedom" - Revaluations: The Impulse Years (Impulse!)
10:10am Kairos Sextet - "Sunspot" - Transition (Dafnison Music)
10:06am Cutlass Dance Band - "Sukuu Vede (School is Sweet)" - Ghana Funk (Hippo)
10:00am Actual Trio - "Actual Strut" - Act II (Smash the State)
9:57am Go! Team - "Chain Link Fence" - Semicircle (Memphis Industries)
9:44am Angel ’n Heavy Syrup - "Breath of Life" - III (Alchemy)
9:40am Ezra Furman - "Come Here Get Away from Me" - Transangelic Exodus (Bela Union)
9:37am Blue Sausage Infant - "How to Achieve Somnambulism" - Manitou (Alrelon)
9:31am Byrds - "Hungry Planet" - (untitled) (Columbia)
9:17am Veena Sahsdrabuddhe - "Raga Basant" - Bandish (BMG)
9:14am Shannon & the Clams - "Did You Love Me" - Onion (Easy Eye Sounds)
9:08am Palm - "Dog Milk" - Rock Island (Carpark)
9:02am Mumlers - "Shake That Medication" - Thickets & Stitches (Galazia)
2:23pm James Last - "Soul March" - The In-Kraut (Marina)
2:19pm Bette Smith - "Jetlagger" - Jetlagger (Big Legal Mess)
2:14pm Shocking Blue - "Blossom Lady" - Singles As & Bs (Popumentary)
2:11pm Orchestre Veve - "Venus" - Murder by Contract (Aziza)
2:08pm Los Pepes - "Por Favor" - Algo Salvate (Munster)
2:04pm Taashi Ueno - "#5 untitled" - Smoke Under the Water (Room 40)
2:00pm Electric Peanut Butter Co - "Tennis Elbow" - Trans-Atlantic Psych Classics Vol 1 (Ubiquity)
1:55pm Fred Frith - "Speechless" - Speechless (Ralph)