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All Sounds are created equal....but some are more amazingly so than others. Let Grace present all the best from here, there, and everywhere for all of you, all of the time.

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Saturday, February 16, 2019 - 3:00pm to 5:00pm

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3:16pm Debutantes - "A New Love Today" - Debutantes (Beat Rocket)
3:09pm DEVO - "Gut Feeling" - Q: Are We Not Men? (Warner Music)
3:07pm Jaapanese Telecom - "Rising Sun" - Telecom (Intuit/ Solar)
3:07pm Japanther - "Happiness" - Master of Pigeons (Menlo Park)
3:07pm unknown - "Danse Sherpa" - Ladakh et Napal: Roof of the World Musics (Playa Sound)
3:05pm eX-Girl - "Tohu song" - Kero! Kero! Kero! (n/a)
3:01pm Japanese Engine - "Casino Youth Song" - Abandon in Place (s/r)
5:27pm Dungen - "Ta Det Lungt" - Ta Det Lungt (Kemodo)
5:24pm Duke Pearson - "Dad Digs Mom (and Mom Digs Dad)" - Now Hear This (Liberty)
5:21pm Charles Bradley - "Can't Fight the Feeling" - Black Velvet (Dunham)
5:17pm Aki Kumar - "Yeh Shaam Mustaani" - Hindi Man Blues (Little Village Foundation)
5:14pm Edwin Starr - "Time is Passin' By" - Soul Master (Gordy)
5:09pm Marta Brankovich - "Victory" - Black Swan of Piano (Navona)
5:05pm Las Rakas - "Camisetas Bords" - Chancletas y Camisetas Bordada (Soy Raka)
5:01pm El Radio Fantastique - "You Don't Know" - Outside of Space & Time (s/r)
4:54pm Mr. Twin Sister - "Deseo" - Salt (Twin Group)
4:46pm Kikagaku Moyo - "Dripping Sun" - Masana Temple (Guruguru Brain)
4:41pm Kool & the Gang - "Hollywood Swinging" - Wild and Peaceful (De-Lite)
4:37pm DJ Evo - "Mandingo Boogie" - Your Pants are Hot/ Mandingo (Adventures in Paradise)
4:25pm Kenge Kenge - "Owang Winyo" - Introducing (World Music Network)
4:21pm Doris Troy - "So Far" - Doris Troy (Appleseed)
4:18pm Sha La Das - "It's You" - Love in the Wind (Dunham)
4:11pm Klement Julienne - "Mannix" - Lounge Story Vol 2 (Dreyfus)
4:07pm Ali Mohammed Birra - "Imiman Jalaala" - Ethiopiques 28: Great Oromo Music (Buda)
3:59pm Blue Cheer - "Second Time Around" - The 67 Demos (Modern HHarmonic)
3:56pm Eugene Chabourne/ John Evan - "Desert Storm Chewing Gum" - Terror has Some strange Kinfolk (Alternative Tentacles)
3:54pm Jerry Solomon - "Oh Me Ah" - Virginity for All (Modern Harmonic)
3:52pm Yma Sumac - "Birds" - Voice of the Xtabay....and other exotic delights (Creation)
3:45pm A. R. Rahman/ Anipama - "Alyalyo Kanavaa" - Mondo India (Mondo Melodia)
3:40pm Mild High Club - "Chapel Perilous" - Skiptracing (Stones Throw)
3:30pm Paul Zukofsky/ Gilbert Kalish - "Ives: Sonata No 3-Adagio" - Sonatoas for Violin & Piano (Nonesuch)
3:27pm Joe Louis Walker - "Mean Old Train" - Journey to the Heart of the Blues (Alligator)
3:22pm Fairport Convention - "What is True?" - Rising for the Moon (Island)
3:20pm Jonathan Richman - "Sad Trumpets of Afternoon" - SA (Blue Arrow)
3:15pm Beak - "Birthday Suit" - >>> (Invada)
3:11pm Arctic Monkeys - "Golden Trunks" - Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino (Domino)
3:06pm Portishead - "It Could be Sweet" - Dummy (Gal Discs/ London)
3:01pm Barbiana Complex - "Graveyard Shift" - Glamour of Evil (Dr. Chill Bones)
9:27pm Dollar Brand (Abdullah Ibrahim) - "Moniebah" - African Marketplace (Elektra)
9:24pm Four Flour - "Magic Ball" - Dimension A (s/r)
9:20pm Insolito Universo - "Vuelve" - La Candel del Rio (Olindo)
9:16pm Aki Kumar - "Watermelon Man" - Hindi Man Blues (Little Village Foundation)
9:13pm Isley Brothers - "The Snake" - Soul Shout (Pickwick)
9:08pm New Zombies - "NZ 15: Not Said" - New Zombies (s/r)
9:03pm V Effect - "Feet First" - Stop Those Songs (Rift)
8:56pm Camilo y Los Robot Ninjas - "El Carretero Urbano" - El Carretero Urbano (Round Whirled)
8:54pm Dirty Denim - "Hit the Wall" - Dirty Denim ep (s/r)
8:50pm Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers - "Here Come the Martian Martians" - Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers (Bezerkley)
8:47pm Hot Club of Cowtown - "Avalon" - Rendezvous in Rhythm (Gold Strike)
8:43pm Sha La Das - "Thoe Years are Over" - Love in the Wild (Dunham)