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All Sounds are created equal....but some are more amazingly so than others. Let Grace present all the best from here, there, and everywhere for all of you, all of the time.

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Saturday, January 19, 2019 - 3:00pm to 5:30pm

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12:55pm Ferrante & Teicher - "African Echoes" - Pianos in Paradise (United Artists)
12:52pm Mall Walk - "Sex Negative" - Funny Papers (Mt St Mtn)
12:50pm Gaye Su Akyol - "Kendimin Efendiseyem Ben" - Hologram Impratorlugu (Glitterbeat)
12:42pm Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor - "Cat Lovers Skull" - Lavender Blood (Sapce Camp)
12:36pm Peter Vukmirovic Stevens - "Stateless: Movement 2" - Panacea: Three String Quartets (ApraViva)
12:32pm Tom Rapp - "Space" - A Journal of the Plague Year (Rubic)
12:31pm Hy Maya - "Reverse Rationalization" - The Mysticism of Sound & Cosmic Language (Smog Veil)
12:23pm Mdou Moctar - "Ilmouloud" - Sousoume Tamachek (Sahel Sounds)
12:16pm Feels - "Close My Eyes" - Feels (Castle Face)
12:13pm Death Valley Girls - "Disco" - Glow in the Dark (B=urger)
12:07pm Dodos - "Troll Nacht" - Time to Die (French Kiss)
12:03pm Coathangers - "I Don't Think So" - Nosebleed Weekend (Suicide Squeeze)
2:58pm Lotus Moon - "Candy" - Summer sun (Acid Dream)
2:53pm Metalllica - "Phantom Lord" - Kill em' All (Blackened)
2:46pm Ariwo - "Gahambar" - Ariwo (Manana)
2:40pm Wrong Notes - "Verequoi" - Murder by Contract (Aziza)
2:39pm La Misa Negra - "Tierra" - La Misa Negra (nam Entertainment)
2:37pm Ali Beletic - "Brilliant White Heat" - Legends of these Lands left to Live (Lightening)
2:30pm Mocean Worker - "My Own Little World" - Candygram for Mowo (Mowo!)
2:27pm Paul the Trombonist - "Time Traveler" - Journey to the World (s/r)
2:24pm Let's Talk About Space ft. Silver Apples - "Laika" - Lunar Ossicilations (Kingfisher Bluez)
2:21pm Evolution Control Committee - "Spanish Fea" - The Whipped Creme Mixes (Eerie Materials)
2:18pm Pollens - "Close" - Mister Manufacture (s/r)
2:08pm Fall - "Gross Chapell" - Bend Sinister (Beggars Banquest)
2:05pm Vasas - "Oh No" - Dving Bells (Bearded Beauty)
2:01pm Secret Channel - "Over & Over" - Over & Over (s/r)
1:53pm Bombay Royale - "Khubsoorat Bewafa" - The Island of Doctor Electro (Hope Street)
1:46pm Rebirth Brass Band - "Let Me Do My Thing" - Hot Venom (Mardi Grs)
1:40pm Ventures - "Don't Give in to Him" - Hawaii Five-O (Liberty)
1:36pm Sheperd - "Whispering Pines" - Follow the Sun (Kemado)
1:33pm Basharan - "Sedanin-Denizi" - Folk & Traditional Music of Turkey (Folkways)
1:30pm Gaye Su Akyol - "Mona Lisa" - Hologram Imparatiorlugu (Glitterbeat)
1:25pm NOMO - "Ghost Rock" - Ghost Rock (/ubiquity)
1:21pm Hans Fjellestad - "Don Garlica" - 33 (Accretions)
1:15pm Modern Jazz Quartet - "It Don't Mean a Thing" - For Ellington (East-West)
1:10pm Gangbe Brass Band - "G'bedji" - Whendo (World Village)
1:08pm Zilla Mayes - "All I Want is You" - New Orleans Funk vol 4 (Soul Jazz)
1:04pm Rockin' Dopise & the Zydeco Twisters - "That's All Right" - Louisiana Music (Atlantic)
1:00pm Dengue Fever - "Sui Bong" - Escape from Dragon House (M80)
12:56pm Jon Hassell - "Villa Narco" - Dressing for Pleasure (Warner Brothers)
12:52pm Talking Heads - "Houses in Motion" - Remain in Light (Sire)
12:48pm TokiMonsta - "Bibimbap" - Lune Rouge (Young Art)
12:45pm Sundome - "Auger" - Felt it Lapse (Max Built)
12:41pm Jean Baptiste Favory - "Anistropic Garden" - Things Under (Feeding Tube)
12:36pm Tune-Yards - "Honesty" - I Can Feel You Creep into My Private Life (4AD)
12:29pm Rufus Reid - "Dona Maria" - Out Front (Motema)
12:24pm Herbie Hancock - "Oh! Oh! Here He Comes" - Fat Albert Rotunda (Warner Brothers)
12:19pm Roberta Flack - "Compared to What" - First Take (Atlantic)
12:13pm Acid Tongue - "Talking in Your Sleep" - Babies (Freakout)
12:10pm Bushi Shgesa - "Song of Shegesa" - Traditional Folk songs of Japan (Folkways)