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All Sounds are created equal....but some are more amazingly so than others. Let Grace present all the best from here, there, and everywhere for all of you, all of the time.

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9:39am Bevel Emboss - "I Like Movies" - I Like Movies (BMRD Entertainment)
9:35am Beats Antique - "The Approach" - A Thousand Faces Act 1 (s/r)
9:30am Spoon - "Knock Knock Knock" - They Want My Soul (Republic)
9:24am Ali Muhammed, Sonam Dadul, Tsering Tondup - "Da tese Yang (archery Music)" - Ladakh: Songs & Dances from the highlands of Western Tibet (Nonesuch Explorer)
9:17am Veena Sahasrabuddhe - "Raga Hamsadhwani" - Bandish (BMG/ Cresendo)
9:10am Helene Renaut - "The Way You Looked at Me" - The Deer Convention (s'r)
9:07am Superhuman Happiness - "GMYL" - 101 Things to Do in Bongolia (Electric Cowbell)
9:03am Tobacco - "Good Complexion" - Ultima II Massage (Ghostly International)
9:00am Thomas Barfod w/ Jeppe Kjelberg - "Blue Matter" - Love Me (Secretly Canadian)
9:00am Harpoonist & the Axe Murderer - "Black & Blue" - A REal Fine Mess (Tonic)
12:56pm Red Barat - "Tunak Tunak Tun" - Chaal Baby (Sinj)
12:53pm Master Saphi Band - "Chechiri Waltz" - s/t (s/r)
12:50pm Banda Ionich - "Espiritu" - Shantel/ Bocovina Club (Schauspiel)
12:45pm Prakash Band - "Disco Bhangra" - Disco Bhangra (Disk Union)
12:40pm Boban i Marko Markovic Orkestar - "Ederleyi" - Golden Horns (Pirhana)
12:36pm Demiran Cerimovic & His Orkestar Vranski Biseri - "rehersal for the Guca Festival" - s/t (s/r)
12:34pm n/a - "Dance of the Kulu Valley" - Festival of the Himalayas (Nonesuch Explorer)
12:30pm Banku Meluli Arcis - "Oh Hapiku (Oh Dear Friend)" - s/t (s/t)
12:27pm Shree Ganesh Brass Band - "Bonkode" - s/t (s/r)
12:22pm Fanfare Ciocarlia - "Born to be Wild" - Devil's Tale (Asphalt Tango)
12:18pm 40 Theives Orkestar - "The Man who Drinks" - Electric Gypseyland 2 (Crammed)
12:15pm Tambunan Musik Balige - "Lagu Daerah Tapanuli" - Frozen Brass Asia (Pan)
12:12pm Dip Sea Chok Ling monks - "Shakpa II" - Sacred Ceremonies 3 (Celestial Harmonies)
12:07pm Prasant Radhakrishnan - "Toliyleru Rama" - Duality (s/r)
12:02pm Hindu Jea Band - "wedding music Japur" - s/t (s/r)
12:00pm Hindulum Ensamble - "Bugal Calls" - Frozen Brass- Asia (Pan)
11:58pm Little Richard - "I Can't Believe You Wanna Leave" - Keep a Knockin' (Specialty)
11:54pm Electric Mess - "She's Got Fangs" - House on Fire (Sound Flat)
11:51pm Tomas Barfod feat. Nina K. - "Waiting for Us" - Love Me (Secretly Canadian)
11:46pm Ice Cream Cathedral - "An Armful of Rubies" - The Drowsy Kingdom (s/r)
11:40pm Mamadou Kelly - "Nansongo" - Adibar (Clermnont)
11:36pm Eccodek w/ Jah Youssouf - "Singing in Tongues" - Singing in Tongues (Big Mind/ Black Swan Sounds)
11:32pm Amadou et Miriam - "Dogons" - Sou ni Tile (Tinder)
11:22pm Mark Izu - "Stick Song" - Circle of fire (Asian Improv)
11:16pm Dan Melchior und das Menace - "Her Incredible Shoes" - Hunger (Castle Face)
11:13pm Malaria - "Eifersuscht" - Emotion (Les Disques des Crepuscule)
11:10pm Ferocious Few - "As the Days Go By" - Juices (Birdman)
11:07pm Onuma Singsiri - "Lam Plearn Toe Lhong Tong" - The Sound of Siam vol 2 (Soundway)
11:05pm Bad Daddies - "I Don't" - You Ain't Right (Negative Fun)
11:03pm n/a - "Tritonnic Music of the NW" - Music of Argentina (auvidis/ UNESCO)
11:00pm Gulab Punjab Band - "Mere Rang mem Rangnevaki" - Disco Bhangra (Disc Union)
10:51pm Sun Ra Arkestra - "Dance of the Language Barrier" - Mayan Temples (Black Saint)
10:46pm Snowboy & the Latin Section - "Where's the One" - Acid Jazz Collection two (Scott Brothers)
10:41pm Bobby Hughes Experience - "B and S" - Fusa Riot (Ultimate Dilemma)
10:38pm Anna Calvi - "Ghost Rider" - Strange Weather (Domino)
10:34pm Ballboy - "Where do the nights of sleep go when they do not come to me" - A Guide for the Daylight Hours (SL)
10:26pm Amazing Snakeheads - "Where is My Knife" - Amphetamine Ballads (Domnino)
10:24pm Okey Dokey - "Power" - s/t (Aagoo)
10:20pm Fire Retarded - "Locks & Looks" - Scroggz Manor (Big Neck)
10:17pm Wild Flag - "Endless Talk" - s/t (Merge)