Amazing Grace

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All Sounds are created equal....but some are more amazingly so than others. Let Grace present all the best from here, there, and everywhere for all of you, all of the time.

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These times are shown in Pacific time

10:32am Gonjasufi - "Sheep" - A Sufi & a Killer (Warp)
10:28am Amazing Snakeheads - "Here it Comes Again" - Amphetamine Ballads (Domino Records)
10:25am The Movements - "Everybody needs Something" - Like Elephants 1 & 2 (Sunrise Ocean Bender)
10:14am Mo'Fone - "That & the Other" - Fonology (s/r)
10:09am Midnight Lab Band - "The Forgotten Chant" - Names You Can Trust (Names You Can Trust)
10:05am Tito Puente - "Bragada" - Top Percussion (Bear Family)
10:00am Old & New Dreams - "Togo" - s/t (ECM)
9:55am Bombadil - "Sad Birthday" - Tarpits & Canyonland (Ramseur)
9:50am Dominatrix - "Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight" - s/t (Streetwise)
11:53pm Watermelon Sugar - "Burning Bridges" - s/t (Swoon)
11:45pm Konono No. 1 - "T.P. Couleur Cafe" - Congotronics 2: Buzz 'n' Rumble in the Urb'n' Jungle (Crammed)
11:35pm Thee Oh Sees - "Savage Victory" - Drop (Castleface)
11:32pm Lance Herbstrong w/ Joan Jett - "Do You Wanna Touch/ TribalMash" - Meth Breakfast (s/r)
11:28pm Anvil - "School Love" - Hard 'n' Heavy (Attic)
11:20pm Andy Frasco & the U.N. - "Main Squeeze" - Half a Man (s/r)
11:15pm Nickodemus - "Peaceful Island Life" - Moon People (ESL)
11:11pm Gotan Project - "Epoca" - Hotel Costes vol 4 (MSI Music)
11:04pm Fahid Ballan - "Wain Armallah" - Songs for Belly dancing (Silwani)
11:00pm Old Time Relijun - "Johnny appleseed" - Uterus & Fire (K)
10:59pm SBTRKT - "Tales of the Past" - s/t (Young Turks)
10:50pm Chet Baker - "Night on Bop Mountain" - Deep in a Dream (Pacific Jazz/ Capitol)
10:44pm Zoyres Eastern European Wild Ferment - "Manea" - Bizerka! (s/r)
10:40pm Farfina Tirana/ Traqnglobal Underground - "Shtojzovalle" - Kabotronics (Wold Village/ Harmonia Mundi s.a.)
10:35pm noaccordian - "Stellar Transmission" - Community (s/r)
10:30pm Sonogram - "Beta Tester" - LED Melodies (Simulacra)
10:24pm Fire Retarded - "Tsking Advsntage of Me" - Scroggz Manor (Big Neck)
10:18pm Faust - "Party 2" - Munic & Elsewhere (ReR)
10:17pm Tom Bowers - "mental health matters" - Mental Health Matters (Adamah)
10:14pm Joe King Carrasco - "Nervoused Out" - s/t (Hwsnnibal)
10:12pm Little Richie - "Just Another Heartache" - Wigan Casino Soul (Charnel)
10:09pm Wild Bill Kennedy & the Twiliters - "Shakin' All Over" - Heart so cold: the North Country 60's Scene (Dionysus)
10:06pm The Progressives - "Hurtin' Inside" - Rare & Raw Beat from the Sixties: vol 1 (Gee Dee)
10:00pm Meat Market - "Too Tired" - Forever ()
9:55pm George Coleman - "IO" - at Yoshi's (Evidence)
9:52pm Hazel Scott Trio - "Body & Soul" - Hollywood Swing & Jazz (Rhino)
9:49pm George Coleman - "I Wish I Knew How to Sing" - Bongo Joe (Arhoolie)
9:47pm Klaxon Mutant Allstars - "Robot invasion" - Robot Invasion (s/r)
9:39pm Rainbow Bleeding - "Awaking Dream" - Walking Dream (Kanine)
9:36pm Viento Callejero - "Carinito" - s/t (s/r)
9:34pm The Movements - "Icecold" - Like Elephants 1 & 2 (Sunrise Ocean Bender)
9:29pm Muluqen Mellesse - "Hedetch alu (They Say She has Gone)" - Ethiopiques 10: Tezeta (Buda)
9:25pm Bettye LaVette - "Sleep to Dream" - I've got my own Hell to Raise (Anti-)
9:16pm Fred McDowell - "Levee Camp Moan" - Keep Your Lamp Wick Trimmed & Burning (Arhoolie)
9:10pm Blue Sausage Infant - "Locust of Control" - Flight of the Solstice Queens (Zero Moon)
9:07pm Amazing Snakeheads - "Nighttime" - Amphetamine Ballads (Domino)
9:03pm Dead Kennedys - "Saturday Night Holocaust" - Halloween (Alternative Tentacles)
11:56pm Hauschka - "Pripat" - Abandoned City (Temporary Residence)
11:50pm Bombadil - "Kuala Lampur" - Tarpits & Canyonland (Rsmseur)
11:48pm Cowsills - "The Fantasy World of Harvey Haversham" - captain Sad & His Ship of Fools (MGM)
11:46pm Tijuana Panthers - "Reaction" - Wayne Interest (Innovative Leisure)