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2:52pm Akemi Naito - "Five Waka Poems by Saigyo" - Within My Soul (Ravello)
2:45pm Dan Fogelberg - "Another Auld Lang Syne" - The Innocnet Age (Epic)
2:44pm Sun Ra - "Happy New Years" - Singles (Evidence)
2:40pm Philip Jeck & Janek Schaefer - "Aegean Tea" - Songs for Europe (Asphodel)
2:35pm Scalpel - "Break In" - st (Ninja Tune)
2:29pm The Clash - "I'm So Bored with the USA" - The Clash (CBS Records)
2:19pm Wipers - "Youth of America" - Youth of America (Park Avenue)
2:10pm Stephan Basho_junghans - "Waters, part II" - Waters in Azure (Strange Attractors)
2:03pm Mark Zanter - "Tempo II" - Letters to a Yung Poet (Navona)
1:58pm Caretaker - "Request Dance" - Selected Memories of the Haunted Ballroom (V/VM)
1:50pm Crawl Unit - "I've Got You" - Compositions in D. Minor (genderl-less kibbutz)
1:50pm Sun Ra - "It's Christmas Time" - Singles (Evidence)
1:38pm Philip Corner - "Big Trombone" - More from the Judson Years (piana-C)
1:34pm Lana Del Rey - "Mariner's Apartment Complex" - Norman Fucking Rockwell! (Universal)
1:30pm Devendra Banhart - "My Boyfriend's in the Band" - MA (Nonesuch)
1:28pm Residents - "Santa Dog" - Meet the Residents (Ralph)
1:26pm Breeders - "Saints" - last Splash (4AD)
1:24pm Tortoise & Bonnie Prince Billy - "That's Pep!" - The Brave and the Bold (Overcoat)
1:10pm Advocates of das bang - "Re:Incarnate" - st (diVersion)
12:57pm J. Allen Williams - "Willie v.2" - Compositions in D. Minor (gender-less kibbutz)
12:50pm Love and Rockets - "Haunted Whenthe Minutes Drag" - Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven (Beggar's Banquet)
12:46pm Avishai Cohen/Yonathan Avishai - "Sir Duke" - Playing the Room (ECM)
12:43pm Japan - "Ghosts" - Ghosts (Epic)
12:34pm Robert Carl - "Splectra, part 2" - Splectra (Cold Blue)
12:25pm Pole - "Fahren" - st (Matador)
12:10pm Jon Hassel - "The Elephant and the Orchid" - Power Spot (ECM)
12:05pm AER - "[???]" - Antitrade: An Ash International compilation (Ash International)
12:50am Stephen Vitiello - "Oddysey Guitar solo (w/o guitar" - Bright and Dusty Things (New Albion)
12:48am Mario Lanza - "I'll Walk with God" - Student Prince sndtk (RCA)
12:45am Iona Fortune - "Xiáo chú" - Tao of I Volume 2 (Ecstatic)
12:40am Body without Organs - "Osiris Rises" - Isis and Thoth (Dark Entries)
12:31am Pharmakon - "Deprivation" - Devour (Sacred Bones)
12:15am Melvins - "Roll Another One" - Prick (Amphetamine Reptile)
12:08am Crawl Unit - "a hole in moving clouds" - Tucson Mon Amor (Drone)
12:03am MNortham - "the remains of the monument" - Condensation (Povertech)
11:47pm Alistair Galbraith - "Screaming E" - Morse (Digital Regress)
11:44pm Billie Eilish - "8" - When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? (Darkroom/Interscope)
11:43pm Bruce Haack - "Electrci to the Turn" - Electronic Lucifer (Columbia)
11:35pm Body Without Organs - "Vanishing Pentagram" - ISis And Thoth (Dark Entries)
11:27pm Spacemen 3 - "Big City" - Big City (RCA)
11:14pm Angeliq Kidjo - "LIstening WInd" - Remain in Light (Kravenworks)
11:08pm Thomas Dolby - "Wind Power" - Blinded by Science (Harvest)
11:07pm HEadboggle - "Marathon Man Dance" - Polyphonic Demo (Ratskin)
11:02pm U2 - "Electric Co." - UNder a Blood Red Sky (Island)
10:57pm Waterboys - "Church Not Made with Hands" - A Pagan Place (Island)
10:47pm Karen Dalton - "Take Me" - In My Own Time (Paramount)
10:35pm John Saint Pelvyn - "Yreka, Last Call" - A Clerical Error... (Electro Motive)
10:30pm Tom Beailieu - "Zambonis Was a Man" - Zombies on Zambonies (sr)
10:22pm Phillip Corner - "Ogive IV" - Satie Slowly (Unseen Worlds)
10:15pm Chris Brown - "tennis court, CNMAT,Berkeley" - Talking Drum (Sonore)