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8:46am Purnima Sen - "Drut Bandish In Ektal" - Rag Khem Kalyan (India Archive)
8:34am Sir Stephen - "Flavored Beats" - House Of Regalia (100% Silk)
8:28am Policy - "Postscript 187" - Postscript (100% Silk)
8:18am Plastikman - "Exhale" - Ex (Mute)
8:12am Sektor 304 - "Final Transmission" - Soul Cleansing (Malignant)
7:59am E GONE - "Hazel Motes at the Plastic Vortex" - All The Suns of the Earth (Sunrise Ocean Bender)
7:49am Once And Future Band - "The Old Brain" - Brain (Mouth)
7:41am Negative Lovers - "Last Sex" - Faster Lovers (Picture In My Ear)
7:13am Inutili - "Fry Your Brain" - Music To Watch The Clouds On A Sunny Day (Aagoo)
4:04pm Professor Trance & The Energisers - "Energiser" - Shaman's Breath (Island)
3:58pm Dama/Libra - "Thine" - Claw (NSpy)
3:54pm Active Child - "Calling In The Name of Love" - Rapor EP (Vagrant)
3:49pm FKA Twigs - "Pendulum" - LP 1 (Young Turks)
3:42pm Dry Spells - "Sruti" - Too Soon For Flowers (Antenna Farm)
3:24pm Chicago Jazz Philharmonic Chamber Ensemble - "Concierto de Aranjuez" - Sketches of Spain (3Sixteen)
10:42am Lounge Lizards - "Yak" - Queen of All Ears (strange & beautiful music)
10:25am Nusrat Fatah Ali Khan - "Maki Madni" - The Last Prophet (Real World)
10:13am Deison & Mingle - "Settled Apathy (Hospital)" - Everything Collapsed (Aagoo)
10:07am Damon Albarn - "You and Me" - Everyday Robots (Warner Bros.)
9:57am Brace/Choir - "Fallmen" - Turning On Your Double (Tapete)
9:46am Miranda Sex Garden - "Iris" - Iris (Mute)
9:39am Miranda Sex Garden - "Blue Light" - Iris (Mute)
9:18am Accolade - "The Lady of Shallot" - Legends (S/R)
8:47am Tabla Beat Science - "Magnetic Dub" - Live in San Francisco at Stern Grove (Axiom)
8:18am Lubomyr Melnyk - "Cloud Passade No. 3" - Three Solo Pieces (Unseen Worlds)
7:54am Man - "C'mon" - All's Well That Ends Well (Esoteric)
7:37am Steve Gunn & Mike Gangloff - "Topeka AM" - Melodies for A Savage Fix (Imprec)
7:11am American Cream - "Shadow's Skin" - Nathan (Old Blackberry Way)
6:51am Metal Rouge - "White Cube Graffiti" - Soft Erase (Emerald Cocoon)
6:24am Accolade - "The Lady of Shalott" - Legends (S/R)
6:10am Julian Hemphill - "The Painter" - Dogon A.D. (Arista Freedom)
8:57am Foom - "Soon" - No Fidelity Audio (No Fidelity Audio)
8:33am Cookin' With Kurt - "Soup Du' Jour" - S/T (Internos)
8:24am Anne-James Chaton & Andy Moor - "Princess In A Rover P6 3500S V8/ Une HistoireDe L'aviation" - Transfer (Unsounds)
8:03am Pekka Pahjola - "The Consequences of Head Bending" - The Mathematician's Air Display (Esoteric)
7:42am Guardian Alien - "Spiritual Emergency" - Spiritual Emergency (Thrill Jockey)
7:15am Century Expanded - "Rhythmic Variations in E Major & Prelude" - Concerto for Wah Wah (Gear Fab)
6:47am DJ Shadow - "Camel Bobsled Race" - Pre-Emptive Strike (Mowax)
6:40am Jamaze - "Meant To Be Mine" - Around The World (S/R)
12:46am Bvdub - "Reach For Me (Awake For The First Time)" - Born In Tokyo (n5MD)
12:29am Foom - "Tieu" - Surface Noise and Imperfections (No Fidelity)
12:04am Philip Glass - "Movement II" - Symphony No. 9 (Orange Mountain Music)
11:44pm Kelvox 1 - "Hanged Man" - Glazed Red (Aagoo)
11:14pm Thomas Carnacki - "Elegant Things, Distressed Things," - Split (Alethiometer)
10:56pm Shoko Hikage - "Improvisation in Ohri Scale" - Inishie No (Women's Work)
10:11pm William Parker Quartet - "Alphaville/Daughter's Joy/The Golden Bell" - Wood Flute Songs: Anthology/Live 2006-2012 (AUM Fidelity)
9:46am Hamid Drake & Jesse Stewart - "D.U.O. (Do Unto Others)" - Timelines (Art Stew)
9:04am Dreamies - "Program 10" - S/T (GearFab)
8:42am Dreamfish - "School of Fish" - S/T (Rising High Productions)
8:20am Cian Nugent & The Cosmos - "The House of Parliament" - Born With The Caul (No Quarter)