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The Soundtrack to your life story, with a twist ending. From new wave to post-apocalypse, from garage punk to garage sale.


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Thursday, February 9, 2023 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

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8:22pm Dick Dale - "Del Tone Rock" - Better Shred than Dead (Rhino)
8:19pm The Fatimas - "Sandstorm" - Bagdad Daddy: A Carpet Ride into Middle Eastern Exotica (Sin-Seer)
8:17pm Playdate - "Tape VII AM" - Manitoulin Tapes (Seance Centre)
8:12pm Tuluum Shimmering - "Track 1" - Where the Turquoise Spring Sings Among Pebbles (Tuluum Shimmering)
8:09pm Steven R. Smith - "The Pale Tree" - A Sketchbook of Endings (Soft Abuse)
8:06pm Penelope Houston - "Full of Wonder" - Birdboys (Subterranean)
8:04pm Muskrats - "There's A Meetin' Here Tonight" - Fat From The Pie of Life (Woodgrain)
8:00pm Destroy - "Stop Thinking and Follow" - Necropolis (Sound Pollution)
7:58pm Plasmatics - "Corruption" - New Hope for the Wretched (Stiff)
7:53pm Nancy Sinatra - "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'" - These Boots Are Made For Walkin (Sundazed)
7:51pm The Phantom - "Love Me" - Songs the Cramps Taught Us (STCTU)
7:49pm Vince Taylor & His Playboys - "Brand New Cadillac" - Born Wild (Not Now)
7:46pm Clash - "London Calling" - London Calling (Legacy)
7:43pm Roy & Millie - "We'll Meet" - Scandal Ska (Mango)
7:40pm Aggrolites - "Pound For Pound" - Reggae Now! (Pirates Press)
7:38pm Jerks - "Get Your Woofing Dog off Me" - Killed by Death (Redrum)
7:34pm George Clinton - "Atomic Dog" - Atomic Dog (Capitol)
7:28pm Galore - "Lemon Tea" - Hot Sick Vile & Fun New Sounds From San Francisco Volume 1 (Rocks in Your Head)
7:24pm Oi Polloi - "Boot Down The Doors" - Rot Records Punk Collection (Amagram)
7:22pm Bad Breeding - "Brave New Church" - Exiled (Iron Lung)
7:20pm Rashomon - "Track 1" - Pathogen X (Iron Lung)
7:08pm SunnO))) - "Troubled Air" - Life Metal (Southern Lord)
7:03pm Stomachmouths - "Waiting" - Something Weird (Got to Hurry)
7:00pm Electric Prunes - "I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night" - Nuggets (Rhino)
6:57pm Strawberry Alarm Clock - "Pretty Song From Psych-Out" - The Best Of (Back-Trac)
6:53pm Pengo - "Bumper Stickers" - File Under WTF??? (Carbon)
6:47pm Fall - "New Face in Hell" - Grotesque (Rough Trade)
6:40pm Cucina Povera - "Zoom0010" - Zoom (Night School)
6:37pm Laurence Pike - "Dance of the Earth" - Holy Spring (Leaf)
6:32pm Brian Eno & David Byrne - "Mea Culpa" - My Life in the Bush of Ghosts (Nonesuch)
6:25pm Crash Worship - "Catatonic Dance" - Asesinos (Cold Spring)
6:18pm Grouper - "Stuck" - Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill (Type)
6:15pm Marissa Nadler & Stephen Brodsky - "Buried in Love" - Droneflower (Sacred Bones)
6:10pm Moira Scar - "Psychic Vampires" - Wound World Part 1 (Near Dark)
6:03pm Rakta - "Fim Do Mundo" - Falha Comum (Iron Lung)
8:58pm Gary Pacific Orchestra - "Soft Wind" - Unusual Sounds (Kemadoo)
8:43pm John Coltrane - "My Favorite Things" - My Favorite Things (Atlantic)
8:39pm Celibate Rifles - "Kent's Theme" - platters du jour (Hot)
8:34pm Black Velvet Flag - "Institutionalized" - Come Recline With (Go Kart)
8:31pm Adolescents - "Amoeba" - Adolescents (Frontier)
8:30pm Minutemen - "Party With Me Punker" - Post-Mersh, Vol. 3 (SST)
8:28pm Social Distortion - "1945" - 1945 (13th Floor)
8:23pm Membranes - "Black is the Colour" - What Nature Gives...Nature Takes Away (Cherry Red)
8:19pm Wire - "Eardrum Buzz" - Eardrum Buzz 12" (Mute)
8:15pm Chris Spheeris & Paul Voudouris - "Prism" - Passage (Emotional Response/Mountains in the Sea)
8:10pm Lust For Youth - "New Balance Point" - Lust For Youth (Sacred Bones)
8:07pm Pow! - "Dream Decay" - Shift (Castle Face)
8:04pm Epoxies - "Need More Time" - Epoxies (Dirtnap)
8:00pm 20/20 - "Yellow Pills" - DIY-American Power Pop II (Rhino)
7:49pm Suicide - "Frankie Teardrop" - Suicide (Mute)