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Tuesday, October 27, 2020
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
4:54am Quakers- "Lifeu2019s Highway" - Supa K: Heavy Tremors (Stones Throw Records)
4:47am Suff Daddy- "Flakey" - Suff Sells (Melting Pot Music)
4:39am Sault- "I Just Want to Dance" - Untitled (Rise) (Forever Living Originals)
4:37am Quakers- "A Few Dollars More" - Supa K: Heavy Tremors (Stones Throw Records)
4:30am J.B. De Carvalho E Seu Terreiro- "Fui u00e0 Umbanda" - Mr. Bongo Record Club, Vol. 3 (Mr Bongo)
4:28am Los Belkingu2019s- "Su00e9tima Patrulla" - Peruvian Psychedelic Rock & Roll (Instrumental) (MGP)
4:26am Kaj Kadence- "Ballad of Bullets" - Flat Tops and Flows (The ONO Group, LLC)
4:24am Suff Daddy- "Just a Lil Bit" - Remix Boy (Danger Ca$h Records)
4:22am Hammond Classics- "Ritmo De Las Muertes" - Gartagena (Spring Loaded)
4:16am Jon Phonics- "The One" - Brownswood Bubblers Seven (Brownswood Recordings)
4:06am Cumbia en Moog- "Cumbia de Sal" - Cumbias Sabrosonas Fuentes 2 (2016 Discos Fuentes)
3:59am DCM- "Junin" - Moore Street (Back Door Records)
3:50am Vanessa Bling- "Frontline" - Frontline (BELIEVE - Heat Wax)
3:27am Kraak & Smaak- "Pleasure Centre" - Pleasure Centre (Boogie Angst)
3:09am The Heptones- "Baby" - Studio One Showcase, Vol. 1 (MERLIN - Studio One)
3:04am Jazz Spastiks- "Special Feature" - Unkut Fresh Instrumentals (Self-Released)
3:00am Quakers- "Sleep Talker" - Supa K: Heavy Tremors (Stones Throw Records)
2:55am Thelonious Monk- "Five Spot Blues" - Monk's Dream (Compulsion)
2:52am Carmen Mcrae- "Listen To Monk" - Carmen Sings Monk (RCA Bluebird)
2:46am Abbey Lincoln- "Blue Monk" - African Lady (Filton)
2:35am Charlie Haden & Jim Hall- "Body And Soul" - Charlie Haden - Jim Hall (Universal Music Ireland Ltd.)
2:31am Ella Fitzgerald- "I Remember You" - Best Of The Songbooks - The Collection (Verve Reissues)
2:19am Cal Tjader- "Ginza Samba" - Big Bear (Move)
2:16am Anita O'day- "To Keep My Love Alive" - Yesterdays (Jazz Music Social Club)
2:06am Dave Douglas- "Pacific" - Dizzy Atmosphere (MERLIN - Greenleaf Music)
2:00am Karrin Allyson- "'Round Midnight" - 'Round Midnight (UMG - Concord Jazz)
1:48am Trio Mediaeval- "Credo (2008)" - A Worcester Ladymass (ECM New Series)
1:01am Zehetmair Quartett- "Bartu00f3k: String Quartet No.5, Sz. 102 - 1. Allegro" - Bartu00f3k: Streichquartett No. 5 / Hindemith: Streichquartett No. 4 (UMG - ECM New Series)
1:00am Coil- "Corybantic Ennui" - Stolen & Contaminated Songs (Cold Spring)
12:56am Ahmad Zahir- "Laili Laili Jan" - Radio Album Five (Rishad Zahir)
12:48am Ahmad Zahir- "Emshab Az Bada Kharabam Kon" - Afghan Album Fourteen (Lollo Records)
12:46am Ahmad Zahir- "Tu Ba Yak Dasht" - Ahmad Zahir Laily, Vol. 11 (Rishad Zahir)
12:41am Ahmad Zahir- "Delat Mekhast Ba Tu" - Afghan Album Eleven (Lollo Records)
12:36am Ahmad Zahir- "Tang Ast Dilam" - Rangarang (Vampisoul)
12:30am Ahmad Zahir- "Shadi Kunaid Aye Dosotan" - Afghan Album Eleven (Lollo Records)
12:24am Ahmad Zahir- "Ba Asuman Begoyaid" - Afghan Album Seven (Lollo Records)
12:18am Ahmad Zahir- "Gule Sangam Gule Sangam" - Afghan Album Eleven (Lollo Records)
12:14am Ahmad Zahir- "Khodet Medaani" - Ahmad Zahir Majlisi Enhanced Collection Vol. 1 (Rishad Zahir)
12:10am Ahmad Zahir- "Zim Zim Zim" - Ahmad Zahir Radio Vol. 5 (Rishad Zahir)
12:07am Ahmad Zahir- "Guftum Ka Naro Mada Azaram" - Afghan Album Eight (Lollo Records)
12:03am Ahmad Zahir- "Sultan Qalbam Tu Asti" - Afghan Album Seven (Lollo Records)
Monday, October 26, 2020
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
11:55pm Tankard- "Try Again" - The Morning After / Alien (Universal Music GmbH)
11:47pm Styx- "The Grand Illusion" - Greatest Hits (Universal Music)
11:35pm Emerald Web- "Ice Caves" - Whispered Visions (Finders Keepers Records)
11:28pm Seefeel- "More Like Space" - Polyfusia (Astralwerks)
11:24pm Gardener- "Outside Looking In" - Outside Looking In (WMG - Subpop Record Group)
11:19pm Wilco- "War on war" - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (Nonesuch)
11:09pm Black Knight- "Warlord's Wrath" - Black Knight (Cult Metal Classics Records)
11:06pm The Hidden Hand- "Sunblood" - Divine Propaganda (MeteorCity)
11:01pm Black Sabbath- "Looking for Today" - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Remastered) (Sanctuary)
10:54pm Emerald Web- "Ice Caves" - Whispered Visions (Finders Keepers Records)
10:48pm Screaming Trees- "Winter Song" - Original Album Classics (EPIC/LEGACY)
10:21pm Sonic's Rendezvous Band- "Sweet Nothin' (Instrumental)" - Sonic's Rendezvous Band (Easy Action)
10:18pm Witchfinder General- "Music" - Friends of Hell (Heavy Metal Records)
10:13pm Triumph- "Mind Games" - Stages (TML Entertainment)
10:10pm Roxy Music- "Angel Eyes" - The Best Of Roxy Music (EG Records)
10:05pm Emerald Web- "Ice Caves" - Whispered Visions (Finders Keepers Records)
10:02pm Propinquity- "And I A Fairy Tale Lady" - Propinquity (Numero Group)
9:58pm Butthole Surfers- "Rocky" - Hairway To Steven (Latino Buggeveil)
9:52pm Bundle of Hiss- "Ash Wednesday" - Sessions: 1986 - 1988 (Loveless Records)
9:47pm The Damned- "Under the Floor Again" - Strawberries (Deluxe Edition) (Sanctuary)
9:32pm Hammer- "Contract With Hell" - Contract With Hell (Friendly Fire Distro)
9:26pm Earthless- "Gifted by the Wind (Live)" - Gifted by the Wind (Live) (WMG - Nuclear Blast)
9:17pm Emerald Web- "Ice Caves" - Whispered Visions (Finders Keepers Records)
9:13pm Van Halen- "I'll Wait" - 1984 (Rhino/Warner Bros.)
9:03pm Chrome- "In A Dream" - No Humans Allowed (Cleopatra Records)
9:00pm TAD- "Wood Goblins (Remastered)" - Wood Goblins (Remastered) (Sub Pop)
8:57pm Big Star- "Thank You Friends (Demo)" - Complete Third (WMG - Omnivore Recordings)
8:54pm O.A.R.- "Give Me Something (Bonus Track)" - King (Deluxe Version) (Wind-Up)
8:51pm Melvin Sparks- "Get Ya Some" - Everything Is Gonna Be Alright - 50 Years Of Westbound Soul & Funk (Ace Records)
8:45pm Los Lobos- "Our Last Night" - How Will the Wolf Survive? (Rhino/Warner Bros.)
8:40pm Broken Social Scene- "Passport Radio" - Feel Good Lost (Arts & Crafts)
8:37pm The Flaming Lips- "Virgo Self-Esteem Broadcast" - Embryonic (Warner Bros.)
8:33pm Dar Williams- "FM Radio" - Emerald (Bread and Butter Music)
8:32pm Agallah- "Propane Piff" - Propane Piff (Koch)
8:29pm Son Volt- "Picking Up The Signal (Album Version)" - Straightaways (Warner Music)
8:26pm Lee Ranaldo Band- "Albatross" - Just Tell Me That You Want Me: A Tribute To Fleetwood Mac (Hear Music)
8:19pm Jon Secada;Jaci Velasquez;Sandi Patty;Vanessa Williams;Jim Brickman;Lee Greenwood;The Cowsills;Micky Dolenz;Kellie Pickler;Marilyn McCoo;Billy Davis Jr.;Rita Wilson;Tom Bergeron- "Thank You for Being You" - Thank You, Mister Rogers: Music & Memories (BFD)
8:16pm Kat Edmonson- "What a Wonderful World" - Dreamers Do (MRI)
8:12pm Stereolab- "The Ecstatic Static" - Chemical Chords (4AD)
8:10pm Wye Oak- "My Signal" - The Louder I Call, the Faster It Runs (Merge Records)
8:04pm Graham Parker- "There's Nothing On the Radio" - Songs Of No Consequence (Bloodshot,Ltd.)
7:58pm The Dead 60s- "Riot Radio(Soundtrack Version)" - Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist - Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack(International) (Deltasonic Records Ltd)
7:52pm Kathleen Edwards- "One More Song The Radio Won't Like" - Failer (Universal Music)
7:49pm Harry Nilsson- "Turn on Your Radio" - Everybody's Talkin': The Very Best of Harry Nilsson (RCA/Legacy)
7:46pm Gentle Giant- "Give It Back" - Interview (MERLIN - Chrysalis Records)
7:38pm They Might Be Giants- "Hello Radio" - Miscellaneous T (Idlewild Recordings)
7:33pm Frank Zappa- "The Air" - Uncle Meat (Universal Music Ireland Ltd.)
7:29pm The Haden Triplets- "What Would You Give" - The Family Songbook (Trimeter Records)
7:28pm Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark- "Swiss Radio International" - Dazzle Ships (Virgin Catalogue)
7:23pm Bruce Cockburn- "Last Night Of The World" - Breakfast In New Orleans Dinner In Timbuktu (True North)
7:21pm John Bartmann- "Happy African Village" - Public Domain Soundtrack Music: Album One (John Bartmann)
7:15pm Yo La Tengo- "Big Day Coming" - Big Day Coming (MERLIN - Matador)
7:12pm Weezer- "Turning Up The Radio" - Death to False Metal (Universal Music Ireland Ltd.)
7:04pm Supertramp- "Give A Little Bit" - Even In The Quietest Moments (Universal Music)
6:56pm The Strokes- "Last Nite" - Is This It (RCA Records Label)
6:55pm Yoko Ono- "Give Me Something" - Double Fantasy Stripped Down (Capitol Records)
6:51pm Greg Brown- "Late Night Radio" - Bathtub Blues (Red House Records)
6:48pm Lesley & the Flying Foxes- "Thank You for Singing With Me" - A Day in the Life of a Boogaleeboo (Lesley & the Flying Foxes)
6:44pm The Pop Ups- "On Air" - Great Pretenders Club (Pop Up City Records)