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Monday, May 23, 2022
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
6:42am JD McPherson- "BLOODHOUND ROCK" - UNDIVIDED HEART & SOUL (MERLIN - New West Records)
6:42am Country Pie- "Cannonball Blues" - Greetings from Country Pie (iMD-countrypie)
6:41am Raymond Scott- "Peter Tambourine" - Celebration On The Planet Mars: A Tribute To Raymond Scott (Basta Audio-Visuals)
6:37am Wendy Rich- "Driver" - Driver (Wendy Rich)
6:33am Bonnie Whitmore- "Tin Man" - Embers to Ashes (Bonnie Whitmore)
6:30am Amy Rigby- "Til The Wheels Fall Off" - Til The Wheels Fall Off (MERLIN - Signature Sounds Recordings)
6:26am Kelly Hogan- "(It's a Mighty Thin Line) Between Love and Hate [Johnny Paycheck cover]" - Beneath the Country Underdog (Bloodshot,Ltd.)
6:23am Fast Heart Mart- "Hippie Valentine" - Germany in June (Mutant Mariachi Records)
6:21am Ricky Skaggs, Kentucky Thunder- "Get Up John" - Bluegrass Rules! (Skaggs Family Records, Inc)
6:17am Nervebreakers- "My Girlfriend Is a Rock" - Hijack the Radio (Get Hip)
6:14am Hayes Carll- "She Left Me For Jesus" - Trouble In Mind (UMG - Lost Highway Records)
6:10am Emmylou Harris- "Six White Cadillacs" - Six White Cadillacs (WMG - Nonesuch)
6:08am Wayne Hancock- "Your Love and His Blood" - Viper of Melody (Bloodshot Records)
6:06am Todd Snider- "Beer Run" - New Connection (Oh Boy Records)
6:02am Calafia- "25,000 Miles" - Calafia (Calafia Music/Floating Records Distribution)
5:59am DJ Sound Effect- "Hyper Voltage" - DJ Sound Effect (Master Hit)
5:50am Alex Latino- "Latin Lover" - The Glamorous Life, Eight - Glamorous House (BELIEVE - Automat)
5:45am Sun Ra and His Solar Arkestra- "Planet Earth" - Marshall Allen presents Sun Ra And His Arkestra: In The Orbit Of Ra (Strut)
5:36am Nucleus- "Sun Child" - Weu2019ll Talk About It Later (UMG - UMC (Universal Music Catalogue))
5:34am People Like Us- "The Sacred Erm" - Recyclopaedia Britannica (MERLIN - Sucata Tapes)
5:19am Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.- "From the Melting Paraiso U.F.O.1/The Top Head Pixies/Zen Feedbacker/Mach D is Bon-A-Roo/Coloaradoughnut/From the Melting Paraiso U.F.O 2" - Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. (Black Editions)
5:16am People Like Us- "Push the Clouds Away" - Welcome Abroad (MERLIN - Discrepant)
5:14am Plunderphonics- "black" - plunderphonics 69/96 (Fony Records)
5:10am Negativland- "Helter Stupid Prologue" - Helter Stupid (Seeland)
5:05am Mad Professor- "Afrocentric Dub Version 2" - Afrocentric Dub: Black Liberation Dub Chapter 5 (Ariwa Sounds)
4:58am Livingdog- "Contemplate the Life of a Fence Post" - CRO$$ (Constellation Tatsu)
4:56am Dax Pierson- "NTHNG FKS U HRDR THN TM" - Nerve Bumps (A Queer Divine Dissatisfaction) (Dark Entries Records)
4:50am Maxwell August Croy- "Caroline" - Terelan Canyon (Constellation Tatsu)
4:35am OCA- "FallnAngel" - Preset Music (Constellation Tatsu)
4:33am Ekolali- "Of Necessity to Each Animal" - Om Su00f6mn (Constellation Tatsu)
4:28am Fred Frith;Cenk Ergu00fcn;Sudhu Tewari- "Lock Me Up, Lock Me Down" - Lock Me Up, Lock Me Down (Carrier Records)
4:19am Grateful Dead- "Dark Matter Problem/Every Leaf Is Turning" - Grayfolded - Mirror Ashes (Fony Records)
4:07am Curved Light- "Flow and Return" - Flow and Return (Constellation Tatsu)
4:04am Moor Mother- "Creation Myth" - Fetish Bones (Don Giovanni Records)
3:52am Ashan- "Doeg" - Breathknow (Constellation Tatsu)
3:44am King Tubby- "Red Gold And Green Dub feat. Riley All Stars" - Concrete Jungle Dub (feat. Riley All Stars) feat. Riley All Stars (Dub Store Records)
3:25am Pentagon- "Heal" - Melody In The Mist (Ico OST) (Sony Music)
3:07am Joseu0301 Orozco Mora- "Organismos" - Formas Aparentes (Constellation Tatsu)
3:01am Atariame- "Fluffy Paws" - Fear Is the World (Constellation Tatsu)
2:05am Maggi Payne- "Arctic Winds" - Payne: Arctic Winds (Innova)
1:57am Sole & DJ Pain 1- "Welcome To The Future" - Welcome To The Future (Emergency Hearts)
1:52am Mopes- "A Parting Gift" - Unwound (Strange Famous Records)
1:49am Solarfive- "Fly Far" - Momento Mori (Filthe Analects Record Company LLC)
1:47am Da$H- "Serbian Red" - BETWEEN THE LINES (Hz GLOBAL / WEBUYGOLD records)
1:41am Wun.4.u- "nxflwrs" - jwls(giftofgod) (LMF Records)
1:40am SVEN LIBAEK AND HIS ORCHESTRA- "No Flowers On Venus" - Solar Flares (P-VINE RECORDS)
1:38am Tom Caruana- "Ole" - Strange Planet (BELIEVE - Tea Sea Records)
1:30am East Hampton Polo Boys- "Dope Dealer Kingpin Wheels" - Winter Catalogue (Zipsquad Music Group/Insubordinate Records)
1:24am Fly Anakin- "Black Be The Source" - Frank (Lex Records)
1:19am Victorian Deviant- "Hiatus" - Hiatus (1990229 Records DK)
1:19am ParanormL Beats- "The Dont Know (feat. Josh Martinez)" - The Dont Know (feat. Josh Martinez) (PM Records)
1:15am Steel Tipped Dove- "Buddy Ryan" - Call Me When You're Outside (Backwoodz Studioz)
1:13am Moses Rockwell- "Coffee Bitter, Scotch Neat" - Until You Run out of Cake (Dweeb Supreme)
1:10am Navy Blue- "Not a Lot to Fear" - Navy's Reprise (Freedom Sounds)
1:08am Duncecap- "Broccoli Cheddar Bread Bowl" - Go Climb a Tree (Backwoodz Studioz)
1:06am Fresh Daily- "Headwear Discount" - Vintage Thrift Score (Unique New York)
1:03am Oknice- "Snake Oil" - Have You Tried Being Happy? (Super Dope Records)
1:01am Brycon, Gahn- "Big City Jenkins (Instrumental)" - Gradskool - EP (Gurp City Digital)
12:08am Veryan- "The Shape of Land" - EBB & FLOW (Sticky Gecko Records)
Sunday, May 22, 2022
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
11:59pm John Bartmann- "Happy African Village" - Public Domain Soundtrack Music: Album One (MERLIN - John Bartmann)
11:38pm Heather Trost- "Let It In" - Petrichor (Third Man Records LLC)
11:37pm Red Astaire- "Follow Me" - Nuggets for the Needy (Groove Distribution)
11:32pm Brian Eno- "On Some Faraway Beach" - Eno Box II: Vocals (None)
11:27pm Sunroof- "1.8 - 2.3.19" - 1.8 - 2.3.19 (WMG - Parallel Series)
11:26pm Don Preston- "On The Throne Of Saturn" - Music From The 21st Century (GNP Crescendo)
11:26pm Don Preston- "Loki (The Thrones Of Saturn)" - Vile Foamy Ectoplasm (Crossfire Publications)
11:15pm Pauline Oliveros- "Bye Bye Butterfly" - New Music for Electronic and Recorded Media: Women In Electronic Music - 1977 (New World Records)
11:13pm DJ Blaqstarr- "Check Me Out Like" - Supastarr - EP (Mad Decent)
11:07pm Rent Romus,Heikki Koskinen,Life's Blood Ensemble- "Ilman Llintu (The Bee)" - Manala (Edgetone Records)
11:06pm Arlo Parks- "Collapsed In Sunbeams" - Collapsed In Sunbeams (Deluxe) (Transgressive)
10:57pm Empress- "Vodka and the verlaines" - Sounds They Made (Pehr)
10:50pm Neutrals- "Bus Stop Nights" - Bus Stop Nights EP (Static Shock)
10:41pm The Ex- "White liberals" - 30 (Ex. Records)
10:39pm Ethers- "Running Through the Night" - Ethers (Trouble In Mind Records)
10:36pm Soursob- "Shoegaze" - Soursob (ORCHARD - Hozac)
10:33pm The Pink Noise- "Nowadays" - Greedy Heart (Skrot Up)
10:28pm Montplaisir- "All for You" - All for You (iM Electronica)
10:23pm Eureka California- "Back to Washington" - Big Cats Can Swim (HHBTM)
10:16pm Electrocutes- "Jasmean" - Steal Yer Lunch Money (ORCHARD - Sympathy for the Record Industry)
10:13pm Manufacture- "As the End Draws Near" - Nettwerk Sound Sampler Volume Two - Food for Thought (Nettwerk)
10:08pm Sightless Pit- "The Ocean of Mercy" - Grave of a Dog (Thrill Jockey)
9:49pm Roy & The Devil's Motorcycle- "Tears on My Pillow" - Im Reich der wilden Tiere (No Milk No Sugar) (MERLIN - Voodoo Rhythm)
9:28pm Robin Hatch- "Inspector" - Inspector (ROBIN Records)
9:22pm Elevator To Hell- "Sink Into The Sea - Remastered" - Parts 1-3 - Expanded (Sub Pop Records)
9:14pm The Gorls- "Bongo Beat" - Fall in Love: 1992-93 (Hozac)
9:06pm New Model Army- "Small Town England" - Vengeance - The Whole Story 1980-84 (Attack Attack)
9:03pm Bauhaus- "Kick in the Eye" - Kick in the Eye (MERLIN - Beggars Banquet)
8:57pm Tower of Power- "Back On The Streets Again" - East Bay Grease (US Release) (Rhino)
8:50pm Split Enz- "I Got You" - True Colours (Interscope)
8:48pm The Jam- "Boy About Town" - Extras (UMG - Polydor Records)
8:46pm John Shuttleworth- "500 Bus Stops" - The Yamaha Years (MERLIN - Chic Ken)
8:44pm Neutrals- "Gary Borthwick Says" - Gary Borthwick Says (Static Shock)
8:40pm I, Ludicrous- "Preposterous Tales" - It's Like Everything Else (2607513 Records DK)
8:35pm Tru00e9 Burt- "Know Your Demons" - Know Your Demons (Oh Boy Records)
8:32pm Sierra Ferrell- "In Dreams" - In Dreams (UMG - New Rounder)
8:28pm Kaitlin Butts- "It Won't Always Be This Way" - It Won't Always Be This Way (Kaitlin Butts)
8:25pm Midland- "Electric Rodeo" - On The Rocks (UMG - Big Machine Records, LLC)
8:21pm Dedicated Men of Zion- "A Change is Gonna Come" - The Devil Don't Like It (Bible & Tire Recording Co.)
8:16pm Tigarah E Laura- "Funky Wonderland" - This World Is My Playground (UMG - Universal Music LLC)
8:13pm Santigold- "High Priestess" - High Priestess (MERLIN - Little Jerk Records)