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Saturday, January 25, 2014
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
11:32pm Moonshine Maybelline- "Interview" - xx (xx)
11:28pm Moonshine Maybelline- "Luxury Liner" - KALX (KALX)
11:10pm Moonshine Maybelline- "Interview" - xx (xx)
10:37pm Little Fuller Band- "Archive Continued" - xx (xx)
10:34pm Moonshine Mabelline- "Stand By Your Man" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX)
10:30pm Moonshine Maybelline- "Bang Bang" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX)
10:27pm Moonshine Maybelline- "Winston 100's" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX)
10:24pm Moonshine Maybelline- "Every Little Bit" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX)
10:20pm Moonshine Maybelline- "Champaign And Cocaine" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX)
10:16pm Moonshine Maybelline- "When Will I Be Loved" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX)
10:13pm Moonshine Maybelline- "Blue Tattoo" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX)
10:09pm Moonshine Maybelline- "Desperado" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX)
10:04pm Moonshine Maybelline- "End Of The Road" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX)
10:01pm Moonshine Maybelline- "Baby Ride Easy" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX)
9:55pm Moonshine Maybelline- "Best Actor" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX)
9:52pm Moonshine Maybelline- "You're No Good" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX)
9:49pm Moonshine Maybelline- "Whiskey If You Were A Woman" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX)
9:45pm Moonshine Maybelline- "Poor Poor Pitiful Me" - Live on Meatypaws (KALX)
9:21pm Little Fuller Band- "Archive 6-15-2013" - xx (xx)
9:17pm KALX Live- "xx" - xx (xx)
9:16pm Meatypaws- "End Of Show" - xx (Best of 2013)
9:13pm Josh Ritter- "Bonfire" - The Beast In It's Tracks (Pytheas)
9:09pm Lia Rose- "Trainwreck Tuesday" - Bricks And Bones (s/r)
9:06pm Lisa Leblanc- "Cerveau Ramoli" - s/t (Bonsound)
9:03pm Defibulators- "Pay For That Money" - Debt'll Get'Em (Pig Cow)
8:59pm Those Darlins- "Aint Afraid" - Blur The Lines (Oh Wow Dang)
8:55pm xx- "xx" - xx (xx)
8:48pm Mark Knopfler- "Privateering" - Privateering (Mercury)
8:45pm Kasey Musgraves- "Follow Your Arrow" - Same Trailer Different Park (Mercury)
8:37pm Mavericks- "Call Me When You Get To Heaven" - In Time (Valory)
8:35pm xx- "xx" - xx (xx)
8:31pm Camera Obscura- "Break It To You Gently" - Desire Lines (4AD)
8:29pm Brent Amaker And The Rodeo- "Death Is Always Near" - Year Of The Dragon (Fin)
8:26pm Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit- "The Very Best" - Old Excuses (Heckabad)
8:24pm Steve Earle- "Love's Gonna Blow My Way" - Low Highway (New West)
8:21pm Joan Jett- "Make It Back" - Unvarnished (Blackheart)
8:15pm xx- "xx" - Camp Cal (xx)
8:12pm Little Fuller Band- "When The Devil Sings" - Leftovers (s/r)
8:10pm Brothers Comatose- "Pie For Breakfast" - Respect The Van (s/r)
8:07pm Tim Timebomb- "She's Drunk All The Time" - Special Lunacy (Pirates Press)
8:03pm Fidlar- "Gimme Something" - s/t (Mom + Pop)
8:01pm News- "State Of the Day" - KANSAS (xx)
7:58pm She And Him- "I've Got Your Number Son" - Volume 3 (Merge)
7:56pm xx- "xx" - xx (xx)
7:52pm Camper Van Beethoven- "La Costa Perdida" - La Costa Perdida (429)
7:48pm Foxygen- "San Francisco" - Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic (Jagjaguwar)
7:45pm Thao With the Get Down Stay Down- "The Feeling Kind" - We The Common (Ribbon Music)
7:41pm Mexican Dubwiser- "Trouble In My Soul" - Revolution Radio (Kool Arrow)
7:30pm xx- "xx" - Ent Cal (xx)
7:23pm Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark- "Metroland" - English Electric (BMG)
7:20pm Veronica Falls- "Waiting For Something To Happen" - Waiting for Something to Happen (Slumberland)
7:17pm Mayya- "Morning Time" - Tea And Chocolate (s/r)
7:14pm xx- "xx" - xx (xx)
7:10pm Of Montreal- "Fugitive Air" - Lousy With Sylvianbriar (Polyvinyl)
7:04pm Dwight Yoakum- "Close Up The Honky Tonks" - 21st Century South Bronx Rock Star (New West)
7:01pm Bleached- "Guy Like You" - Ride Your Heart (Dead Oceans)
6:58pm Four Bitchin' Babes- "The History Of Cheese" - Mid Life Vices (Hem and Haw)
6:54pm The Creak- "I'm Johnny Lee" - Here Hold This (s/r)
6:51pm Manu Chao- "Helno Est Mort" - Siberie M'etait Contee (Because)
6:48pm xx- "xx" - xx (xx)
6:45pm Devil Makes Three- "Worse Or Better" - I'm A Stranger Here (New West)
6:41pm Beso Negro- "Cest La Vie" - Burn It Down (s/r)
6:37pm Michelle Malone- "The Auditor" - Day 2 (SBS)
6:33pm Johnny Fritz- "Shut Up" - Dad Country (ATO)
6:30pm Meatypaws- "Ballad of the" - xx (Best of 2013)
5:25pm Mad Dukez and Fresh Kills- "Bootleg Bartenders" - Gettin' Gatsby (Deep Thinka)
5:20pm Jumpel- "Blue Ceiling" - Bloc 4 (Hidden Shoal)
5:15pm Jumpel- "Rook" - Bloc4 (Hidden Shoal)
5:13pm Electric Peanut Butter Company- "El Prudence" - Trans Atlantic Psych Classics Vol. 2 (Ubiquity)
5:10pm Boreal Sons- "Sparks" - Threadbare (S/R)
5:05pm Lonelyhearts- "Autumn Percussion" - Years in the Great Interior (Maximum Ames)
5:00pm Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark- "Night Cafe" - English Electric (BMG)
4:58pm Anoraak- "Guest Star" - Chronotropic (Grand Blanc)
4:55pm Gary Numan- "Love Hurt Bleed" - Love Hurt Bleed (Machine Music)
4:50pm Schonwald- "Mercurial" - Mercurial (Hozac)
4:45pm Cat Party- "A Thousand Shades of Gray" - A Thousand Shades of Gray (Yellow Number Five)
4:40pm Lenz- "Frozen Touch" - Frozen Touch
4:35pm Darkside- "Paper Trails" - Psychic (Matador)
4:30pm Shaheed & DJ Supreme- "Power Moves" - Knowledge Rhythm and Understanding (Communicating Vessels)
4:30pm Pink Noise- "Small Romance" - Greedy Heart (Skrot-Up)
4:25pm Pat Maine- "Cave Life" - Doomsday Charades (Alive And Well)
4:20pm Fuck Buttons- "Year of the Dog" - Slow Focus (ATP)
4:18pm Tricky- "Hey Love"
4:15pm Food Pyramid- "Marsh Bar" - Ecstasy And Refreshment (Intercoastal)
4:10pm Phosphorescent- "Ride On/Right On" - Muchacho (Dead Oceans)
4:06pm Kelley Stoltz- "Are You My Love" - Double Exposure (Third Man)
4:03pm The Weeks- "Wo Is I" - Dear Bo Jackson (Serpents and Snakes)
4:00pm Wire- "Doubles and Trebles" - Change Becomes Us (Pink Flag)
3:55pm Recondite- "Clouded" - Winterland (Ghostly)
3:50pm Sayknowledge- "Jawn Cue" - A Vibe Called Quest (Heavy Keys)
3:45pm Atropolis- "Adjust" - Transitions (Cumba Mela)
3:41pm Shad- "Fam Jam" - Flying Colors (Black Box)
3:38pm Lord Echo- "What Is That Feeling" - Curiosities (Bastard Jazz)
3:35pm Procussions- "The Fringe" - S/T (S/R)
3:28pm Soviet Soviet- "1990" - Fate (Felte)
3:25pm Scott and Charlene's Wedding- "Jackie Boy" - Any Port In a Storm (Fire)
3:20pm Bailterspace- "Open" - Trinine (Fire)
3:10pm No Bird Sing- "Heaven and Other Drugs" - Definition Sickness (Strange Famous)
3:00pm Spray Paint- "False Cowboy" - Rodeo Songs (12XU)
3:00pm Lonnie Holley- "Six Space Shuttles and" - Keeping a Record of it (Dust to Digital)