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Monday, May 17, 2021
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
10:44pm A Tribe Called Quest- "If Papes Come Home (With Baby Bam)" - Hip-Hop i R&B do biegania (UMG - UMG Recordings, Inc.)
10:41pm EPMD- "Please Listen To My Demo" - Unfinished Business (UMG - Priority Records)
10:39pm Lugo- "Baby" - Baby (Love Kiss Music)
10:38pm The Jones Girls- "Nights Over Egypt" - Magic Of Disco, Vol. 2 (UMG - Universal Music, a division of Universal International Music BV)
10:35pm Sylvia Striplin- "You Can't Turn Me Away" - Late Night Tales: Another Late Night - Zero 7 [Remastered] (Remastered) (Late Night Tales)
10:34pm Kuzzn Bank- "Get Money" - Acclimated (MERLIN - MataBlood)
10:31pm neutrino- "Syupaman" - Neutrino (Mush)
10:28pm Les Gypsies de Pu00e9tionville- "Francine" - Tanbou Toujou Lou: Meringue, Kompa Kreyol, Vodou Jazz & Electric Folklore from Haiti 1960 - 1981 (Ostinato Records LLC)
10:25pm Sault- "I Just Want to Dance" - Untitled (Rise) (Forever Living Originals)
10:17pm DJ Lengua- "Cumbia Squares Remix" - Juan Lennon Presents: 213 Cumbia Volume 1 (Triumphant Records)
10:12pm Soul II Soul- "Jazzie's Groove" - Classic Masters (UMG - Virgin Records)
10:05pm Renegades- "Knocking On My Door" - Knocking On My Door / Pick Yourself Up (Dub Store Records)
9:59pm Braxton Cook;Paul Grant- "Someday I'll Know" - Beginnings / Someday I'll Know (Paul Grant)
9:55pm Calibre- "Sunrise" - Sunrise (Signature)
9:50pm Alix Perez- "Slink (Original Mix)" - Slink (Original Mix) (MERLIN - 1985 Music)
9:44pm Pola & Bryson- "24 / 7" - Lost in Thought (BELIEVE - Shogun Audio)
9:40pm The Mouse Outfit- "Sunrise (feat. One Only) (Shift Ops remix)" - Sunrise (feat. One Only) (TMO Records)
9:28pm JITWAM- "Sun After Rain (Kaidi Tatham's After the Sun Remix)" - Sun After Rain (Kaidi Tatham's After the Sun Remix) (The Jazz Diaries)
9:24pm SAULT- "Why Why Why Why Why" - 5 (Forever Living Originals)
9:21pm Joy Crookes- "Mother May I Sleep With Danger?" - Influence (Joy Crookes)
9:17pm Jazz Spastiks & Spliff Hemingway- "Water (Remix) [Instrumental]" - Flighted (Jazz Plastik)
9:08pm Blu and Exile- "The Only One" - Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them Instrumentals (Fat Beats Records)
9:05pm 80's Babies- "I Digress" - Searching for Happy (80's Babies)
9:04pm Jazz Spastiks- "We Ain't Fadin'" - Unkut Fresh Instrumentals (Self-Released)
8:46pm Ju00f3hann Ju00f3hannsson- "Children of the New Dawn" - Children of the New Dawn (Single from the Mandy Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Lakeshore Records)
8:27pm Deformo- "East Coast" - The Queen Bazaar (Historical Fiction Records)
8:21pm Def FX- "No Time for Nowhere" - Light Speed Collision (The Orchard)
8:17pm The Body- "Master's Story" - Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light (Thrill Jockey)
8:13pm Helms Alee- "Play Dead" - Noctiluca (Sargent House)
8:12pm Tone Ranger- "Cheyenne" - Tone Ranger (Jumpsuit Records)
8:09pm Ju00f3hann Ju00f3hannsson- "Children of the New Dawn" - Children of the New Dawn (Single from the Mandy Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Lakeshore Records)
8:03pm Protomartyr- "10 feral cats" - No Passion All Technique (Urinal Cake)
8:00pm The Electric Cows- "Frenzy!" - Wheatfield Fuzz (Dub Ditch Picnic)
7:58pm Defiance Ohio- "Floodwaters" - Midwestern Minutes (No Idea Records)
7:53pm Efrim Manuel Menuck- "Fight the Good Fight" - are SING SINCK, SING (MERLIN - Constellation)
7:44pm KOMPROMAT- "Das Konterfei" - Traum und Existenz (Clivage)
7:38pm Catherine Sergent- "S'amour dont sui espris" - De Coincy: Les miracles de Nostre-Dame (nau00efve classique)
7:33pm Lara Sarkissian- "Greeted by Tir (u054fu056bu0580)" - Disruption (Club Chai)
7:26pm Mr. Ketsa- "Duplicates" - Ketsa, Vol. I (Sound of Music SD)
7:24pm Ju00f3hann Ju00f3hannsson- "Children of the New Dawn" - Children of the New Dawn (Single from the Mandy Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Lakeshore Records)
7:15pm Ekiti Sound- "Ase" - Abeg No Vex (Crammed Discs)
7:12pm The Coathangers- "Last Call" - The Devil You Know (MERLIN - Suicide Squeeze Records)
7:08pm Deep Sea Arcade- "Outlands" - Outlands (New Music Club)
6:57pm air cooled music- "12 Jam" - Dance Cartoon (air cooled music)
6:51pm Decoded Feedback- "Burn Europe Burn" - Shockwave (Metropolis Records)
6:46pm Xiu Xiu- "Into the Night" - Into the Night (WMG - Polyvinyl Records)
6:44pm Ju00f3hann Ju00f3hannsson- "Children of the New Dawn" - Children of the New Dawn (Single from the Mandy Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Lakeshore Records)
6:43pm Michael Jon Fink- "Cold Pastoral" - Celesta (Cold Blue Music)
6:37pm Kohinoorgasm- "Waiting for You" - Chalo - EP (Self-Released)
6:30pm William Hooker- "Magnets" - Cycle of Restoration (FPE Records)
6:25pm Shannon Shaw- "Coal on the Fire" - Shannon In Nashville (WMG - Easy Eye Sound)
6:20pm Decibully- "I'm Gonna Tell You" - I'm Gonna Tell You (WMG - Polyvinyl Records)
6:11pm Ju00f3hann Ju00f3hannsson- "Children of the New Dawn" - Children of the New Dawn (Single from the Mandy Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Lakeshore Records)
6:00pm The Black Tones- "The Key of Black (They Want Us Dead)" - Cobain & Cornbread (Reptar Records)
5:45pm Ringo Jack- "Gold Reserve" - Old Tombstone (West Valley Music)
5:39pm Robbie Nevil- "Dominoes" - The Best Of Robbie Neville (Capitol Records)
5:36pm Whale- "Kickin'" - We Care (UMG - Hut)
5:30pm The Cure- "Untitled" - Disintegration (UMG - UMC (Universal Music Catalogue))
5:26pm David Bowie- "Abdulmajid (2001 Remaster)" - Abdulmajid (2001 Remaster) (WMG - Jones/Tintoretto Entertainment Company LLC)
5:22pm Machines Of Loving Grace- "Butterfly Wings" - Concentration (UMG - Mammoth Records)
5:19pm Lucas- "Wau Wau Wau" - Wau Wau Wau (WMG - Warner Music UK)
5:18pm Anders Baldwin- "Words" - Acoustic - Commercial Background Music (Music Man)
5:02pm Deee-Lite- "What Is Love?" - What Is Love? (WMG - Elektra 0591)
4:59pm Howling Moss- "Pleasant Strol" - Down To The Silver Sea (Gecophonic)
4:58pm Mark Pritchard- "Mn-an-Tol" - The Four Worlds (Warp Records)
4:52pm 1 Plus 1- "Coming up for Air (Instrumental)" - Night City Life (Compiled by Ilan Pdahtzur) (Spacetalk)
4:48pm Lugo- "Baby" - Baby (Love Kiss Music)
4:45pm Vince DiCola- "Death of Optimus Prime" - Transformers (SME - Volcano)
4:18pm LA Synthesis- "Agraphobia (Original Mix/2015 Remastered Version )" - FABRICLIVE 96: Skream (MERLIN - Fabric Records)
4:17pm Steve Murphy- "They Are Controlled Pt.1" - FABRICLIVE 96: Skream (MERLIN - Fabric Records)
4:15pm Nitro Fun- "Hidden Level" - Hidden Level (Monstercat)
4:10pm Neutron 9000- "Butterfly Holocaust" - Amberdelic Space Volume 1 (Lumi OMP)
3:54pm The KLF- "Justified and Ancient (feat. Tammy Wynette)" - Tears Of Fire: The 25th Anniversary Collection (Epic/Nashville)
3:49pm Was (Not Was)- "I Feel Better Than James Brown" - Hello Dad...I'm In Jail (UMG - Virgin EMI)
3:40pm Lion- "The Transformers (Theme)" - Dangerous Attraction (SME - Volcano/Legacy)
3:36pm Stepdad- "My Leather, My Fur, My Nails" - Ordinaire EP (Quite Scientific Records)
3:32pm Lemon Demon- "Jaws" - Nature Tapes EP (None)
3:31pm Donald Miclette- "Soldiers Letters" - Red Hot Country (Red Room Records)
3:30pm 91Violet- "Reasons to Smile" - Reasons to Smile (91violet)
3:23pm Linda Taylor- "Move Over Darling (Dean's Delicious Mix)" - Absolute Almighty, Vol. 1 (Almighty Records)
3:22pm Zak Voyager- "A Classic Deep Tune (Original Mix)" - Berlin (WayOn)
3:20pm Circus- "The Wandering Eye (Circus & Zodiac)" - The Wandering Eye (Circus & Zodiac) (1472860 Records DK)
3:19pm DJ HEIGHTOLE- "Space Travels (Original)" - Circle of the Hell E.P. (Bresaola Records)
3:01pm Kenny Dope- "The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind) - Radio Edit" - House Every Weekend, Vol. 2 (Central Station Records)
2:58pm Air Max '97- "Bruxis" - Ice Bridge (Timedance)
2:53pm Tornische- "Fotodesintegracion" - Interiorismo (Cititrax)
2:50pm Inertia- "The Screen" - Dark Matters Too (None)
2:47pm Patrick Cowley- "Sensitivity" - Mechanical Fantasy Box (Dark Entries Records)
2:43pm Cindy Lee- "Plastic Raincoat" - What's Tonight to Eternity (W.25TH / Superior Viaduct)
2:40pm Mount Eerie- "Emptiness" - Sauna (P.W. Elverum & Sun)
2:36pm The Mallard- "Crystals & Candles" - Finding Meaning In Deference (Castleface)
2:34pm Lucille Furs- "Karaoke Trials" - Another Land (Requiem pour un Twister)
2:31pm The Inverted Orange- "Last Summer" - PA007 - The Inverted Orange (None)
2:26pm Patrick Cowley- "Hot Beach" - Afternooners (Dark Entries Records)
2:26pm Jack Name- "Lowly Ants" - Weird Moons (Castle Face)
2:20pm Turbotronic- "Get Up (Workout Mix 128 bpm)" - Flames (Workout Mix Edit 140 bpm) (MERLIN - Workout Music Records)
2:20pm Liars- "Can't Hear Well" - Can't Hear Well (WMG - Mute Artists)
2:17pm PTU- "Copper Mines, New Machines and the Future Conspiracy" - Am I Who I Am (Trip)
2:11pm Paulinho e seu Conjunto- "Sorongo" - Batucada (Imports)
2:07pm Juca Chaves- "Take Me Back To Paiuu00ed" - 25 Years of Mr. Bongo: 1989-2014 (BELIEVE - Mr Bongo)