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Saturday, November 27, 2021
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
3:57am Ergo Phizmiz, People Like Us- "Flanagan's Wake" - Perpetuum Mobile (ORCHARD - Soleilmoon Recordings)
3:52am Der Eisenrost- "Megatron" - Armored Weapon (None)
3:50am Ultimate Sound Effects Library- "Animal Sound Effects" - Sound Effects Library for Internet Videos, Vol. 1 (Stock Music Factory)
3:48am Ju00f3hann Ju00f3hannsson- "Children of the New Dawn" - Children of the New Dawn (Single from the Mandy Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Lakeshore Records)
3:38am The Gonks- "Hot Sick Vile and Fun" - Hot Sick Vile and Fun - New Sounds from San Francisco (Rocks In Your Head)
3:35am Joe Derrane- "Knocknagow/Contentment Is Wealth" - Give Us Another (Green Linnet)
3:31am Philip Glass- "Ave" - North Star (UMG - EMI Catalogue)
3:31am Brooklyn Rider- "O'Neill's March" - The Butterfly (In A Circle Records)
3:26am Alicia Terzian, Grupo Encuentros- "Argentino Hasta la Muerte" - Tangos Y Algo Mas (Navona)
3:16am Paul Desenne Ensemble- "Pizziquitiplas" - Desenne, P.: Chamber Music (Tocatas Galeonicas) (Sono Luminus)
3:10am Mattiel- "Moment Of Death" - Satis Factory (UMG - ATO Records)
3:07am Jackie DeShannon- "500 Miles" - The Complete Singles Vol. 1 (1960-1963) (UMG - Capitol Records (CAP))
3:04am Ju00f3hann Ju00f3hannsson- "Children of the New Dawn" - Children of the New Dawn (Single from the Mandy Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Lakeshore Records)
3:01am Sugar Pie DeSanto- "Do I Make Myself Clear" - Classic Northern Soul (UMG - UMC (Universal Music Catalogue))
2:58am Lizzy Mercier Descloux- "Jim On The Move" - Press Color (Ze Records)
2:56am The Vicious Cycles- "Motorcycho" - Motorcycho (Pirates Press Records)
2:53am Oceans of The Moon- "Hope Will Pass" - Oceans of the Moon (Castle Face)
2:48am Des Demonas- "There Are No Vampires in Africa" - Des Demonas (In The Red)
2:32am Der Plan- "Im Unterirdischen" - Die letzte Rache (Ata Tak)
2:26am Norihito Suda- "u65e5u5e38u306eu97fbu5f8b / Nichizyou no Inritsu" - Sansui (MERLIN - Home Normal)
2:25am Ju00f3hann Ju00f3hannsson- "Children of the New Dawn" - Children of the New Dawn (Single from the Mandy Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Lakeshore Records)
2:24am Anders Baldwin- "Words" - Acoustic - Commercial Background Music (Music Man)
2:19am Department of Eagles- "The Curious Butterfly Realizes He is Beautiful" - The Cold Nose (Ear Park Music)
2:08am Laura Cannell- "Untethered" - The Sky Untuned (Brawl Records)
1:54am Desolate Moon Phases- "Eleven Fingers to the Hand" - Heathenstones (Stickfigure Recordings)
1:47am Maria Jou00e3o- "Cor De Rosa" - Fabula (UMG - Universal Music Portugal SA)
1:45am Juan Wauters- "El Hombre de la Calle" - El Hombre de la Calle (Captured Tracks)
1:44am Tone Ranger- "Cheyenne" - Tone Ranger (Jumpsuit Records)
1:35am Den Fule- "Nordafjells" - Lugumleik (UMG - MNW Music AB)
1:32am Mary Coughlan- "Parade of Clowns" - Parade of Clowns (WMG - East West Records UK Ltd)
1:26am Daniel Denis- "Bulgarian Flying Spirit Dances" - Les Eaux Troubles (Warner Music)
1:19am Pachora- "Pitta" - Unn (Knitting Factory)
1:10am Barbara Dennerlein- "Nightowls" - Junkanoo (Universal Music GmbH)
1:00am EGON DOE- "Funky" - Robosapian the Beat Tape (BongJoviRecords)
1:00am Demon Fuzz- "Past, Present & Future" - Past, Present & Future (WMG - Sanctuary Records)
12:55am Miho Hazama- "Green" - Imaginary Visions (Edition Records)
12:48am Matthew Shipp- "Vector" - Reels (Burning Ambulance Music)
12:44am Francisco Mela- "Dark Light" - Dark Light (MERLIN - 577 Records)
12:36am Amir ElSaffar- "Lightning Flash" - The Other Shore (Outnote Records)
12:31am Barrett Martin Group- "Juan's Strait Swing" - Stillpoint (Sunyata Records)
12:29am Ohad Talmor Trio- "After the Rain" - Mise En Place (Intakt Records)
12:17am Eivind Aarset- "Pearl Hunter" - Phantasmagoria or a Different Kind of Journey (jazzland recordings)
12:01am Matthew Halsall- "A Far Away Place" - When the World Was One (Gondwana Records)
Friday, November 26, 2021
Time Artist - "Song" - Album (Record Label)
11:57pm Max Richter- "Richter: Space 17 (chains)" - Sleep (UMG - Deutsche Grammophon Classics)
11:52pm Laurence Pike- "Prophecy" - Prophecy (MERLIN - The Leaf Label)
11:45pm GDFX- "Repenting Extinguished" - Young Ox Restraint (MERLIN - Mondoj)
11:43pm Robot Koch- "Waves" - Sphere (BELIEVE - Trees & Cyborgs)
11:26pm Horse Lords- "Against Gravity" - The Common Task (MERLIN - Northern Spy Records)
11:22pm Robot Koch- "Waves" - Sphere (BELIEVE - Trees & Cyborgs)
11:18pm Ponga- "Ponga Amore" - Ponga (ORCHARD - Fast Atmosphere)
11:12pm HIM- "Many in High Places Are Not Well" - Many in High Places Are Not Well (Bubble Core Records)
11:08pm Dengue Dengue Dengue- "Yacuruna" - Fiebre (NAAFI)
11:03pm The Soft Pink Truth- "We" - We (Thrill Jockey)
10:59pm Robot Koch- "Waves" - Sphere (BELIEVE - Trees & Cyborgs)
10:56pm Brandon Nickell- "The Art of Memory" - The Art of Memory (ORCHARD - Tundra Dubs)
10:53pm Terror/Cactus- "Guanaco" - Confluencia (Terror/Cactus)
10:51pm Alejandro Jodorowsky- "Eye of the Beholder" - The Holy Mountain (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (UMG - ABKCO (US))
10:44pm F Ingers- "Time Passes" - Awkwardly Blissing Out (Blackest Ever Black)
10:42pm Robot Koch- "Waves" - Sphere (BELIEVE - Trees & Cyborgs)
10:30pm Emil Abramyan- "Sky" - YERAZ [Past, Present and Future Armenian Sounds From Los Angeles To Yerevan] (Critique)
10:25pm Dustin Wong- "The Garden Of Earthly Flanger" - Exit Future Heart (MERLIN - Umor-Rex)
10:21pm Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith/Emile Mosseri- "Blink Twice" - I Could Be Your Dog (Prequel) (Ghostly International)
10:16pm LEYA- "Wave" - Wave (MERLIN - NNA Tapes)
10:06pm Driftmachine- "Albatros Follows A Killer Whale" - Spume & Recollection (MERLIN - Umor-Rex)
10:05pm Robot Koch- "Waves" - Sphere (BELIEVE - Trees & Cyborgs)
10:04pm Mr. Ketsa- "Duplicates" - Ketsa, Vol. I (Sound of Music SD)
10:03pm Robot Koch- "Waves" - Sphere (BELIEVE - Trees & Cyborgs)
9:58pm Tom Waits- "Gun Street Girl" - Rain Dogs (UMG - Island Records)
9:53pm Phantom Horse- "Owl" - Mehr Null (MERLIN - Umor-Rex)
9:46pm Spires That In The Sunset Rise- "Geomantra" - Psychic Oscillations (FPE Records)
9:42pm Robot Koch- "Waves" - Sphere (BELIEVE - Trees & Cyborgs)
9:36pm Damiana- "Wrap the Sky" - Vines (MERLIN - Hausu Mountain)
9:29pm Anna von Hausswolff- "Persefone" - All Thoughts Fly ((RED) Southern Lord)
9:28pm Dan Gibson's Solitudes- "Windchimes" - Nature's Many Moods (Solitudes)
9:24pm Martina Bertoni- "Bits" - Music for Empty Flats (Karlrecords)
9:22pm Lofi Beats- "Lofi Iced Coffee" - Lofi Chill (Lofi Beats Alien)
9:20pm Robot Koch- "Waves" - Sphere (BELIEVE - Trees & Cyborgs)
9:09pm Mary Lattimore- "For Scott Kelly, Returned To Earth" - Collected Pieces: 2015-2020 (MERLIN - Ghostly International)
9:02pm Angu00e8le David-Guillou- "A Question of Angles" - A Question of Angles (MERLIN - Village Green Recordings)
9:00pm Robot Koch- "Waves" - Sphere (BELIEVE - Trees & Cyborgs)
8:52pm IDLES- "MTT 420 RR" - CRAWLER (Partisan Records)
8:47pm The Beths- "Jump Rope Gazers" - Auckland, New Zealand, 2020 (MERLIN - Carpark Records)
8:42pm Courtney Barnett- "Here's the Thing" - Things Take Time, Take Time (BELIEVE - Marathon Artists)
8:38pm Sufjan Stevens & Angelo De Augustine- "Cimmerian Shade" - Cimmerian Shade / You Give Death A Bad Name (MERLIN - Asthmatic Kitty)
8:34pm The Antlers- "G2G" - Losing Light (MERLIN - Anti/Epitaph)
8:29pm Bedouine- "I Don't Need the Light" - Waysides (Bedouine Music)
8:20pm Flight Facilities- "Wait & See" - FOREVER (MERLIN - Glassnote Entertainment Group LLC)
8:17pm Mitski- "The Only Heartbreaker" - The Only Heartbreaker (Dead Oceans)
8:13pm Hand Habits- "Gold/Rust" - Fun House (Milk! Records)
8:09pm Delta Sleep- "The Detail" - The Detail (Sofa Boy Records)
8:03pm Parcels- "Somethinggreater" - Day/Night (Because Music)
8:00pm NNAMDu00cf- "Barely Reason For A Smile" - Are You Happy (MERLIN - Sooper Records)
7:55pm Afrique- "Sleepwalk" - Soul Makossa (Mainstream Records)
7:49pm Nine Inch Nails- "The Downward Spiral" - The Downward Spiral (Universal Music Ireland Ltd.)
7:46pm Low- "Immune" - Secret Name (Chair Kicker's Union)
7:41pm Caribou- "Bees" - Matthew Williamson - The Collection For London Fashion Week (SME - Sony Music UK)
7:38pm The Velvet Underground- "It's All Right (The Way That You Live)" - Peel Slowly And See (Polydor)
7:34pm Stella Chiweshe- "Huvhimi" - Talking Mbira (Piranha)
4:50pm Cortex- "Nightmare No. 74" - Spinal Injuries Outtakes (Universal Music)
4:40pm Quincy Jones- "Dead End" - Walking in Space (UMG - Verve)